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Despite diet changes etc, I had to go on insulin at 18 weeks since my fasting sugar levels wouldn't come down. Chiropractors in Lincoln park. Permenant Naturial Diabetes Cure. I wish everyone the best of luck in their pregnancies. A very difficult birth story; the baby and mother turned out fine in the long run, but getting there was very traumatic for them both. He is strong and beautiful, and despite the dire warnings, he does love his mother. Fortunately, there were other choices in her community, and rather than being forced into unnecessary surgery against her will, Franny gave birth at home with a good midwife.

A mums experience of using donated breast milk for her premature baby Harry.

A list of contact details are supplied on this leaflet. Ten Facts about breast milk and expressing. Breast milk provides health benefits for your baby, it helps to protect your baby from infections and diseases. If you are stressed you will pump less. Try to relax as much as you can, rest and eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids.

One recent study showed that the mothers of hospitalized babies who listened to relaxation or soothing music while pumping had an increased pumping output. If you wake up each morning and your breasts feel full, then you are sleeping too long through the night, this fullness can actually diminish your milk production. Mothers of premature babies frequently take a longer time to go from a few drops to an ounce or more at a pumping.

This condition is referred to as a delayed onset of lactation, and is related more to pregnancy complications-such as bed rest, medications for high blood pressure and premature labour, and Caesarean deliveries-rather than to premature birth itself. The premature milk is higher in protein and minerals, such as salt, and contains different types of fat that they can more easily digest and absorb.

Breast massage during pumping sessions has been proven to dramatically increase milk supply. Massage breasts before you pump and while you're pumping for maximum benefit. The last droplets of milk released during pumping contain very high levels of fat, which provides most of the calories in your milk.

If you stop pumping after 10 or 15 minutes while your milk is still flowing, your baby may not receive these valuable fat calories. Feeding Issues Feeding Issues. Feeding Issues Feeding as all of us know is a major milestone in your premature babies development. We are focusing a section of the site on feeding because it's an area that there can be problematic for parents and our babies. Our aim to to try support parents in whateverfeeding choice they want for their baby, whether its your expressed breastmilk, donated breastmilk, breastfeeding or bottle feeding with formula.

As we are a parent focus group, we have a number of parents sharing their experience of expressing, breastfeeding and bottle feeding. We also have a number of very relevant links to help support parents who want to try breastfeed their baby and have some articles from members of the medical profession who actively encourage and support mothers to breastfeed their premature babies. If you are going to hire a hospital grade breast pump, please check out our section on expressing, as we have lists of where you can hire them.

Medicare and Neurotech have kindly agreed to give parents of premature babies in Ireland a discount when hiring a breast pump.

Please quote Irish Premature Babies when hiring your breast pump. Dianne Maroney, has graciously given us at Irish Premature Babies her very helpful insights as a mum of a prem and a NICU nurse with the following very good articles on feeding issues. Maroney RN Holding and feeding your premature infant should be one of the most precious moments you spend with your baby.

Feeding is a symbol of parenting, an opportunity to make your child feel good and one where you can communicate with your child. But when a child is born premature, having these intimate feeding times can be challenging. Learning to suck, swallow, and coordinate breathing while eating is a major milestone for any infant, but for a premature infant whose brain function and muscle strength is immature, it can be even more difficult.

Typically a preemie is not developmentally ready to suck until 24 weeks, suck and swallow at 28 weeks, and coordinate both sucking and swallowing until weeks. If there are any medical complications such as lung disease or reflux, these abilities can be delayed even further. Preemie parents are often surprised at the difficulty in getting their child to eat and many times they feel lost as to how to help their infants.

Preemies will give certain cues as to when they are ready to eat such as being quiet and alert with their eyes open. They may not be ready to eat if they are sleepy and turning their heads away. Feeding supports a child through developmental milestones and helps with important growth, but it also gives your preemie positive attitudes about him or herself and the world around him.

Maroney, RN A premature infant has come into the world with a different beginning. In his first few weeks or months he often faces many challenging obstacles that can take weeks, months, or even years to overcome. Learning to coordinating sucking, swallowing, and breathing is one of those important first obstacles. Accomplishing the difficult task of taking solids is next, and then taking solids with a variety of textures.

There are many types of problems that can develop when a preemieattempts to learn these otherwise basic skills for many different reasons. Many of these problems are fairly common in former preemies. Some common cause might be: Some feeding problems are directly related to medical problems such as Gastroesophageal Reflux. There are some things parents can do to help their former preemies when they are at risk for developing feeding problems. Second, concentrate on the feeding relationship between you and your baby or child.

So often, parents learn in the NICU that feeding is all about how much a preemie can consume at each feeding. Parents learn to parent through feeding their baby and babies learn about life initially through feeding. Ask your pediatrician or your local county early education programs about finding a therapist if you need one.

Because your preemie has had a different beginning he may need extra time to heal and grow. He may reflect this by having difficultly with eating. Be patient and support him nutritionally, physically, and psychologically so in time he candevelop typical eating habits and you both can enjoy mealtimes together.

Location to be announced. Nicola O' Byrne will be running the workshop for the charity again. Have a picture or item of clothing belonging to your baby to hold when pumping 8. There is a milk bank in Ireland that donates breast milk for premature babies while in the NICU if you are unable to express any milk. Please ask the neonatal staff about donor milk.

Ten Facts about breast milk and expressing 1. Expressing Before you hire a breast pump we recommend that you contact your Public Health Nurse first to see if they can provide you with a breast pump. It has come to our attention that in some areas of Ireland, the Public Health Nurse can provide a mum with a breast pump. We are in the process of contacting the HSE and will report back as soon as possible. When expressing you can either buy a breast pump or hire a hospital grade type. In light of this kind offer we would recommend that parents avail of this opportunity.

On behalf of Irish Premature Babies we would like to thank both these companies for wanting to help parents who have premature babies in Ireland.

See the following links for contact details: A few mums have kindly offered to share their experience. Please quote our organisation Irish Premature Babies with their sales staff when renting your breast pump.

Medicare also provides an extensive range of breastfeeding and baby accessories, as well as respiratory monitors. For further information, check out the link to their website www. Wicklow The opening hours are: Neurotech are based in Galway and deliver nationwide to your home. They don't charge for delivery and they can also arrange a collection service from your home when you return your pump standard fee applicable for this Contact their freephone number for more details. Mothers' milk provides important health benefits for premature infants, so whether you've decided to express milk for a short time or to breastfeed for several months, your milk is an important part of your baby's treatment plan.

Many people think that giving birth prematurely limits a mother's ability to make enough milk, but this is not true. The extra stress, discomfort, and fatigue that go along with the birth of a premature baby can cause a slow start with milk production. In the first few days after giving birth, mothers may make just drops of milk each time they use the breast pump, so it is easy to get discouraged.

Remember, these drops are like a medicine for your baby, because they provide protection from infection. And this slow start usually gives way to an adequate milk supply by the fifth or sixth day after birth.

Answers to the following common questions will help you get started with milk expression for your premature baby. Studies have evaluated the different kinds of breast pumps available to new mothers. The findings show that mothers who are expressing milk for premature babies should use a hospital-grade electric breast pump-ideally with a double collection kit, so that both breasts can be emptied at the same time.

This type of pump is the most effective in stimulating release of the milk-making hormone, prolactin, which results in the greatest amount of milk. Mothers sometimes report that they have received a battery-operated or a less-powerful electric pump as a "baby shower" gift, and want to use it to express milk for their premature baby. While this type of pump is suitable for a mother who uses it only once or twice a day and breastfeeds a full-term baby the rest of the time, it does not provide enough stimulation to establish and maintain a good milk supply for a mother who is pumping for a premature baby.

If you have received one of these pumps as a gift, you will be able to use it later-after your baby comes home and is feeding.

But, in the first few weeks after premature delivery, you should plan to rent a hospital-grade electric pump. During your first week or two of milk expression you should use the pump as frequently as times daily-about as often as a healthy, full-term baby would feed at the breast in the early days after birth.

The purpose of this frequent pumping is to stimulate prolactin during the time that your body is beginning to make milk in plentiful amounts.

While you may get only drops of milk at first, frequent pumping is important in building an abundant, long-lasting milk supply. You may not see the results of your pumping immediately, but your efforts should pay off toward the end of the first week of milk expression. Do not set a clock to wake up at night to pump. However, if you wake up on your own-as many mothers do-an extra night-time pumping may help boost your milk supply.

You may want to call the nursery, check in on your baby, and use the pump before going back to sleep. How Long Should a Pumping Last? In the first few days after birth, most mothers express very small amounts of milk-from a few drops to a few teaspoons-at each pumping.

During this time, a pumping session should last from minutes, which is enough time to stimulate the release of prolactin. However, after the milk has "come in" several days later, and you produce more than half an ounce at each expression, you should use the pump until your milk has stopped flowing for at least minutes. Also, your breasts need to be emptied as much as possible--meaning that milk flow has stopped-otherwise your body thinks that the milk left in the breasts isn't needed, and less will be produced.

A few mothers say that the milk never "stops" flowing while they pump. As a general rule, you should not pump for more than 30 minutes, even if milk continues to flow. Also, if you pump for this long at each milk expression, you do not need to pump as frequently as a mother who can express her breasts in less time. What is a "Normal" Amount of Milk? Nearly all mothers of premature babies worry about whether they are producing a "normal" amount of milk.

Many things affect the amount of milk a mother produces-especially in the first few days after giving birth. A mother of a full-term breastfeeding baby produces only about an ounce of milk during the first 24 hours after birth, but by the 3rd or 4th day is making several times that amount.

Mothers of prematures frequently take a longer time to go from a few drops to an ounce or more at a pumping. This condition is referred to as a delayed onset of lactation, and is related more to pregnancy complications-such as bedrest, medications for high blood pressure and premature labor, and Cesarean deliveries-rather than to premature birth itself. No one knows exactly why this is the case, but researchers think that the milk-making hormones or tissues in the breast may be affected temporarily by these complications and medications.

A slower onset of milk production does not necessarily mean that a mother will not make enough milk for her baby-only that it may take her a few extra days in the beginning to catch up with mothers who have had uncomplicated deliveries. Ideally, by the end of the second week of pumping, you'll be producing at least ml about two cups of milk each day. This is the amount of milk that your baby will need at the time of hospital discharge.

Thereafter, you will want to maintain or even increase this amount so that you have enough milk to feed your baby after discharge hospital discharge. Fatigue, pain, and stress-all of which are common among mothers of prematures-cause the body to release a substance that interferes with prolactin.

While it may be difficult for you to overcome all of these barriers, most of these do diminish or become more manageable over time. Some things have been shown to increase the milk supply. First, try to spend as much time in the nursery with your baby as possible during these early days, if that is where you are the most relaxed. Family members often feel that mothers should stay at home and rest after giving birth prematurely, but mothers report that being separated from their babies causes even greater stress.

When you are in the nursery, request a comfortable chair, and use the breast pump at your baby's bedside where you can see and touch your baby. When you are not in the nursery, pump where you can see your baby's picture. If your baby's condition permits, ask to hold your baby in Kangaroo--or skin-to-skin-Care. Don't be afraid to take pain medications that your doctor has prescribed. These medications can be used safely with breastfeeding, and pain relief is important to milk production.

In some instances, prescription medications may be used to stimulate prolactin and increase the milk supply. Typically these medications are used after the second week of lactation, and require a prescription from your obstetrical care provider. Written by Paula P. Permission granted to distribute for non-commercial purposes For additional questions and for help in transitioning your baby to the breast when the baby is ready, talk to your doctor, the NICU nurse at your hospital, and your IBCLC lactation consultant.

For help in in finding a breastpump rental location or breastfeeding professional where you live, visit www. My story of expressing My daughter was born 8 weeks premature. For her age she was a healthy weight of 2kgs, but to us she was tiny!

The day after she was born, a lovely nurse called Jade came along with the hospital pump. She showed me how to use the machine and so the process began. We started off slow, 10 minutes each breast every four hours and working up to 20 minutes each breast. A day later nothing had come!

On the second day, a few drops, and I mean a few appeared! Well the nurse, obviously humouring me, got a syringe and tried to suck up literally 4 drops of milk! And proudly up I went to ICU with my produce! It was labeled and put in the freezer! They started tube feeding her very slowly at 2mls a feed. Thankfully the milk started coming in faster and I kept up the routine of pumping every 4 hours around the clock. I wish a nurse would have told me then to keep going!

In the hospital I felt like my care and the babies care were very separated as she was in ICU. I believe if she'd been in the ward with me, that the one nurse would have been looking after us both and I think it would have been easier. For me, this was definitely a gap in the system. When I left the hospital, I purchased the Medula Swing and kept pumping away.

I struggled to keep up with her demand. It seemed no matter how much I expressed I could get no more then 40ml a go. It was difficult to fit in pumping too. I spoke to the nurse and my mam, and both convinced me it that the baby getting 7 EBM feeds and 1 formula feed a day was still great. When the baby started with the bottle to get her suck reflex to work, we saw great results. In my hurry to get her home, I left her to her bottles. When our daughter came home, I decided to hire out a hospital grade pump for a couple of months.

I kept going until she was 14 weeks old. At this point she was doing great and I decided to stop expressing as I was exhausted. I'm happy to have been able to provide expressed milk for my daughter at the beginning of her life, yes I would have loved to have kept going but thankfully today she is a happy healthy one year old and absolutely thriving. Deirde has kindly shared her experience of how she managed to express for 19 months for her son I have always been very pro-breastfeeding and always knew that if I ever had children that I would breastfeed.

Right through my pregnancy with my son Gearoid I never ever thought that I would have any problems. We were landed on the postnatal ward and my husband was asked to leave as it was in the middle of the night. By the time morning came Gearoid was in such distress, he was disturbing the other babies, he was hungry, I was exhausted as it was my third night without sleep and I asked for a bottle of formula, it arrived straight away- no problems getting help there!

I cried bitter tears giving it to him, but he was much happier. At 5pm and after a few more bottles of formula the female doctor who delivered Gearoid came to see me. I told her that I was getting no support with BF Gearoid, that I was fine, but exhausted, and wanted to go home.

She granted my early discharge. I rang my husband and asked him to collect us. On the way home we stopped at an all night chemist, where a bought the only pump they had- a hand pump, and a steriliser and bottles. That night I tried latching Gearoid, and pumping- neither successful.

The next day I rang a friend in New York, who recommended a double electric pump- I went out and got it.

Oh the absolute relief when I was able to express colostrum. Gearoid got his last formula bottle at 2 days old and got a colostrum bottle that evening. He never received formula again. Despite seeing a lactation consultant I was not successful in getting him to latch and I exclusively expressed for him for 19 months. He is the light of my life and I still feel very sad that I could not breastfeed him in the normal natural way, but I did my best.

I often look of photos of me smiling with him in that hospital, but beneath that smile was a very worried and unhappy first time mom. My very special daughter Eilis was born in February this year, and I prepared well by attending breastfeeding classes before the birth and making sure I got some support in the hospital. My husband also posted on the breastfeeding board with my questions from the maternity bed and that was a huge help.

My daughter is now 12 months and I love love love breastfeeding her. The health benefits are brilliant obviously, but so is the experience. How I exclusively expressed: This is for anyone who is currently exclusively pumping.

I managed to pump exclusively for son for 19 months and never used formula, apart from the first few feeds. My daughter is currently on a nursing strike, she's 12 months and I am exclusively pumping for her too now, though hopefully she'll decide to like her mams boobs again, we have had the most wonderful 11 months of BF ever! I live in hope. My knowledge in a nutshell: Until baby is 6 weeks they take around 15 oz a day, after this from oz a day, but every baby is different. Baby will take less if premature.

Until baby is 12 weeks you should express every hours at least and for minutes, to a total of pumps in 24 hours. Also one pump should be overnight, although I stopped that once DS started sleeping through the night. Once your supply is established at around 12 weeks you can slowly reduce the number of times you express so long as you are still producing enough milk.

Keep the stock rotated so that you use the oldest milk first. Heat, in a cup of warm water, only to take the cold out of the milk as if you overheat it you destroy some of the antibodies.

Any traces of milk then stays fresh there. They are fine then for around 12 hours- this saves so much time and work. Finally you need a good professional grade double electric pump - I found the medela pump in style great, the ameda Lactina is a fab pump too and cheaper than the pump in style advanced.

Shop around - the prices of the above vary hugely. Several companies also rent professional grade pumps, from 75ee a month - so it works out cheaper to buy one of the above if you intend to exclusively pump for a while.

PHNs quite often will lend a pump. This link though was invaluable to me at the time: I got most of this info over the months of pumping from kellymom. Also if you find you are not producing enough porridge, fenugreek tablets from the health food store, fennel tea, non alcoholic beer, and Motilium tablets are all very good for supply. Motilium is recognised as being very safe to use, but again get your paediatrician's approval. You can get more information on this by looking up domperidone on Kellymom.

I strongly recommend though that you see a lactation consultant or go to a BF support group, esp. The course was paid for by the charity and open to the public and medical professionals. Nicola O' Byrne from breastfeeding support ran the course for us. Due to the success of the course we will be running it again in a few months. We are in the middle of setting up breastfeeding buddies so parents can talk to other mums who have successfully breastfeed or expressed for their preterm baby.

We are also working on producing a booklet on breastfeeding. If you have any expressing or breastfeeding problems and would like to talk to either an experienced mother or a professional lactational consultant, please contact the helpline and we will put you in touch with somebody.

Our charity works with the help of a wonderful lactation specialist who has ample experience of helping prem mums. If you are not in a position to finance this, we will try to cover the costs of one visit and some follow up phone calls. We hope it will help any mums who are in a position to consider breastfeeding their baby.

Debra's experience of breastfeeding her son. It explores the development of breastfeeding capacity in very preterm infants, as an immature sucking behaviour is often mentioned as a barrier in the establishment of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding a premie baby takes time and patience. It may be easier if you know why your baby acts the way he does. When will my premature baby be ready for breastfeeding?

Your premie is ready to breastfeed when he can suck, swallow, and breathe on his own. Your premie will have a good heart beat,easy breathing, and good skin color. Babies have 6 different ways of acting,from deep sleep to crying. No eye movement, no bodymovement, steady breathing 2. Some eye and body movement 3.

Heavy eyelids that open andclose, some body movement 4. Wide open eyes that look around. Eyes open, more body move- ment, fussing 6. Awake and upset Watch your premie when he is just waking up drowsy. Smack his lips 2. Stick out his tongue 3.

Put his hands up to his mouth. How do I know that my baby is getting enough milk? While your baby is in the hospital, you can weigh him before and after breastfeeding to see how much he drank. After your baby is 1 week old, look for: Six or more wet diapers each day 3. He will start out sucking 1 or 2 times, then stop to rest. He may need to practice over many feeds to get strong and use a nice pattern to suck, swallow, and breathe. Babies love to practice!

Good sucking means your baby can keep sucking for more than 10 seconds before pausing. Some premies may be home before they can suck well. You can stop 1 or 2 of your pumps at first. Continue to change the feedings slowly. You can find more information on their website http: Nils Bergman for allowing us to share their expert experience and research with us on our website. Breastfeeding the Premature Baby by Dr. Jack Newman Research by Dr.

Jack Newman Introduction Mothers too often have preventable problems with breastfeeding. Many hospital routines make it difficult for mothers and babies to breastfeed successfully.

When the baby is born prematurely, mothers have even more difficulty with breastfeeding, and this is unfortunate because premature babies need breastmilk and breastfeeding even more than healthy full term babies. Even worse, some techniques have been adopted that make the situation even more difficult. Premature babies need to be in incubators Actually premature babies, even very small ones, often do better skin to skin with the mother or father than they do in incubators.

Evidence shows that premature babies and term babies too for that matter are more stable metabolically when they are skin to skin with the mother. Their breathing may be more stable and less distressed, their blood pressures are more normal, they maintain their blood sugars better and their skin temperatures better in Kangaroo Mother Care skin to skin care for most of the day than they do in incubators.

Furthermore, mothers and babies in Kangaroo Mother Care will more likely produce more milk, she will get the baby to the breast earlier and the baby will breastfeed better.

A document from the WHO discusses this at length with many references. You can get it at the website http: If the mother is expressing enough milk, babies over about grams usually about 32 weeks gestation babies weigh this much, though there are exceptions can grow just fine with breastmilk only, perhaps with the addition of vitamin D or phosphorus, maybe.

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