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Many people who have difficulty eating due to their stress or anxiety can use CBD to get rid of that sick feeling in their chest or stomach, allowing them to eat again once their anxiety subsides. Have your endocrinologist check it out. While calcium has been shown to be more effective at binding oxalate in the gut, my own experience has taught me that my body likes to use magnesium for binding oxalate once it is in the bloodstream. In the summer the ambient heat brings up my temperature a little, lately into the 98s. Heavy Metal Cleanse Detox 3: I bet your regular doctor has some ideas.


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Please create and activate a new account for Mayo Clinic online services by following these steps:. Please subscribe or contact customer service. Carpal tunnel syndrome In the past few months, waking up in the morning has required waking your hand up too. Vaccinations The need for vaccinations doesn't end after childhood. Each year people die or are injured by diseases that could Macular degeneration You visited an eye doctor because it's gradually become more difficult for you to read smaller print.

Radiation from imaging tests There are wide-ranging benefits to the use of modern X-ray imaging technology, which uses radiation to generate images of Top Stories Wrist fracture Is surgery right for you?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver The new face of metabolic syndrome. Chronic pain medications Targeted use works best. Shingles More common with age. Advances in medical technology A 3-D view. Sciatica Lower back and radiating leg pain. Pleural effusion Water on the lung. Stress incontinence Taking the next step.

Rotator cuff injury Steps for shoulder pain. Restless legs syndrome Unwanted urge to move. My third day today I developed a terrible migraine and had to lay in a dark room and I have buzzing in my ears. I am however determined to eat healthy now and loose weight. I have gained around 60lbs since moving to Canada yep 60lbs but I am determined to loose it all and regain my health.

So three days into my new life. The good thing is I am finally able to shop more healthy and have worked out the system here. So wish me luck. Pepper drinker for about years now. And I definitely suffer from aspartame poisoning. And i only just realized my symptoms: I would catch myself mid thought and forget was I was tasking about.

For no reason at all. No good reason at least. Lamenting over my stressful, but good life. That was my big aha…something is NOT right and I thought it was more than jsut regular depression. Today I had a couple cans…I guess tomorrow starts the detox. So not looking forward to it: Day three off Diet Coke for me. I have been consuming diet coke for over ten years at about oz a day am trying to make it thru third day cold turkey and the headaches dont stop im to the point of tears didnt think i would notice the caffiene withdraw but i cant seem to stay awake much outside work hating myself and should have listened to ppl along time ago.

For years I have been hearing terrible things about aspartame and diet sodas, and unfortunately, did not give it a lot of thought.

I so wish that I had been paying attention because over the last 15 years I have developed arthritis and it has gotten worse. It started in my left knee, then my fingers have started swelling.

I have gone to doctors about my joint pain, and have asked if diet soda was a factor, and I was told no. It may be because they do not realize how much of it I drink. I am going to stop drinking Diet Coke. I drink two to four 12oz. I should probably reduce to maybe one per day, so that I can wean away from it. I will miss the carbonation the most. I can switch to iced tea with lemon. I do on occasion get headaches, and it probably is from the aspartame. I also get frequent flare ups with my arthritis.

The pain has gone to arms. It is sometimes hard to move when I want to turn over when I sleep. I drank some diet coke with splenda. Besides not tasting that good, it gave me a bad migraine for three days. I am happy to read on some posts that some of you have said that since quitting aspartame that symptoms have diminished. I hope that the aspartame did not do so much permanent damage that the effects can be reversed.

That would be an incentive to use aspartame anymore. Hi Guys, I was very worried when I saw these comments but just recently I had to visit our imminent Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia, I was lucky enough to be treated by one of our best specialist in Australia. He told me not to worry and that I should continue to drink it, that there are many theories re Aspartame as far as he was concerned it was A OK..

Doctors typically have very little training on diet. Not sure why this is, but it is a bad place to get food related advice my researched opinion. Doctors get very little class time on nutrition. Keep in mind the FDA was the one that approved aspartame despite all the evidence against it, and if you research how it was approved it will surpise and appall you.

Keep in mind the FDA pushes through drugs every year, that after enough people die, they take it off the market. When it comes to things like this, listen to your body. I did wean myself off of it slowly, slowly reducing it from 6 cans down to one can a day for the last five days before quitting for good. I drink plain seltzer water for the carbonation.

Wow, it is actually very good news to see someone else has experienced anxiety as a result of withdrawing from Aspartame! I quit cold turkey after a 1. Thanks for having such a blog for this substance! I told a few people about having to quit aspertame. Going through the withdrawels during work has been tough. I have to push myself to work. Going through being so tired that all I want to do is sleep.

Going through the headaches, body aches, and trying to stay focused to do my job has been tough. Although a lot of the symptoms has have not come on as strong. The numbess in my fingers and legs is gone. I am not as tired.

I still get the little rush that feels like a shock is going through my brain, if that makes sense. My gums would tingle and feel numb at times when I was drinking soda. It has almost stopped now. My ears are still ringing. But time will tell. I hope it gets better soon. My ears ring also and I have been asked by doc if I drink a lot of caffeine. Ringing of the ears, anxiety and my body fat probably being mostly from the effects of caffeine, aspartame and sodium in the diet coke should give me more then enough reason to quit.

Not to mention that I would probably be in much better health over all. My body is so very sensitive to any change so I try the weaning but once I can down to just say a can a day the cravings start hitting hard again.

I also can relate to someone else saying that their self confidence takes a hit. I have been a diet Dr. Pepper addict for ten years. I consumed at least a liter a day. I have kicked the habit for over a month and yes the withdrawals were terrible! I now have noticed a decrease in the severe fibro pain I suffered from daily but sadly I know this drug, and it is a drug in so many ways, has caused permanent damage.

It has now been cleared to be used in non diet products as well so be careful…this includes gum and lower fat coffee creamer. I will never willingly consume this product again or any other that has the one of aspartames many aliases. A month out and I can say I am thrilled to be free of something more addictive for me than even smoking was! Hang in there because it is so worth detoxifying! Also the water flavoring products contain artificial sweeteners as well….

Good luck and I wish you all the best of life and health! On a side note my sugar cravings sky rocketed at first but only for the first two weeks and now I am swollen far less often and have begun to lose weight. I can also actually taste food again…this was the first thing I noticed! It altered my ability to truly taste all food!

I have quit Diet Soda and Sweet n Low for iced tea and just a few days ago chewing gum. I had major headaches for a week, still have some but not as painful. My high blood pressure has come down a great deal.

This web site has been most helpful for me! Thank you so much for all the comments and encouragement. I am determined to keep up the determination to better my health. Good luck to those just starting your journey of omitting this bad poison. Giving up diet dr pepper for lent thus today is day two and hopefully giving it up forever. Have given it up before, but have always slowly picked it back up. It has way too much control over me, when I want to be free instead to follow God, to be at my best, and to do what is right!

And now the withdrawl…I was completely exhausted last night, turned in early something I very rarely do and then overslept. A friend suggested trying L-Tryptophan to help with withdrawl. This has caught me off guard, and demonstrates how badly I needed to cut it out of my life.

Thanks for your helpful site. I went to an ear throat and nose specialist. I went to see him because my ears have been ringing for a few months. Also have had the same symptoms as Gwenda I started googling Tinnitus and saw that it might have a link with Aspertame.

I drank so much Coke Zero. Put Aspertame sweetener in my coffee everyday. The specialist didn;t mention Aspertame. I also have stopped using Aspertame. But everytime i eat something of drink juice. I am trying to find out what ingredience are in the food I eat. It has been a week since I stopped soda, Aspertame and coffee and suger..

Little anxiety at times. But I have faith that i will get better. Hi Giuseppe, I hope this post finds you free from the addiction of this aspartame and caffeine. Have you had any luck with your ears? I work through each day, and actually feel ok some days. Any light work has me feeling like I built the pyramids! To everyone going through withdrawal … hang in there. Quit this stuff permanently. And my eyesight in my best eye, which had been getting blurry has improved dramatically verified by my eye doctor , since i quit.

I posted back in early January , after I had quit 3 weeks earlier, after using diet Pepsi, and Equal for about 30 years.

I finally got rid of the pinchy withdrawal headaches after about 6 weeks. But, here I am about 10 weeks later, and it still seems to be in my sinus tissue. My sinus is the weak spot in my body so it makes sense that the aspartame poisoning settled there. Any insights out there? The thing that helped me get past the cravings is that I juice.

It helps me tremendously. This may sound odd, but ask your body what it wants to help it feel better and see what answer comes to mind. I am going through detox for drinking huge amounts of diet coke and more recently coke zero.

I feel awful, but my will to get better is stronger. My symptoms are headaches, fatigue, joint pain, stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, confusion and I feel really slow!

I went through the same type withdrawals you are experiencing. The stomach cramping and nausea went about within 14 hours of taking.

It will make you feel so much better! If you stick with it through all the pain and tiredness, it will be well worth it. I can sympathize with you. I went through the same withdrawal for 4 weeks. My best friend was orange juice … As odd as that might sound. I recently was diagnosed with low white blood cell count, I have been drinking, Tab, Diet Coke and Coke Zero for over 25 years maybe more.

Does anyone know if this can contribute to low white blood cell count? I have gone cold turkey for the last 2. I am having tests to see why my white cells are low.. Good luck to you all, Gwenda. Please let us know what you find out. May you keep feeling better and better. I gave up all aspartame products back in September and lasted almost 4 months then my parents visited end of December and I was back on it! All was going ok til about a month ago and now I am back to an odd feeling in my ears, my allergies are worsened, my stomach is ultra sensitive, my legs ache and have weird bruises, my fingers ache, I get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, depression and anxiety.

This time I need to quit for good!! Sarah I have had swelling in the legs, headaches, ringing in the ears,aching joints, bad skin, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, depression, anxiety at times.. Hi Gwenda, your post has inspired me.

I am totally addicted to diet coke and I want so badly to be able to quit and trying to prepare myself to try again. I know I am unhealthy and I know I am probably slowly killing myself. I am wondering if you were able to continue being free from the addiction and how your symptoms are now. Did the ringing in the ears stop? But, unfortunately it never lasts longer than 6 weeks. I started taking progesterone to help. But, then I remembered someone mentioning aspartame to me about five years ago and I blew off the warning.

So, I looked it up and sure enough, I found it causes miscarriage and birth defects. I was drinking diet caffeine free Dr Pepper. I have been drinking purely soda as my only fluid since high school at the latest. So, since at least , when I was I miss the sharp carbonation on my throat, but my future baby is more than worth it.

If you know that, please email me. Thanks for all this info. I want to see the long list of the complications of aspartame too. I just quit Diet Coke, after a friend telling me about aspartame. I was telling him how bad my finger joints had gotten in the past few weeks.

I had gotten to where I had to quit my business because I could not use my fingers. Swollen joints, high pain from joint movement, and excruciating pain when I would even just move my fingers. Many things just got impossible to do.

After him telling me about aspartame I quit in 2 days, from several a day to one a day, for the next 2 days, and then none. I was amazed, but not sure if it was true or not. As I got up and started moving my fingers, I noticed the extreme joint movement pain was not happening. I still have a stiffness in my hands, and finger joints, but also, I only took about 4 Tylenol yesterday,, I was taking 4 Tylenol- about times a day. My wife quit too, she was only drinking about one a day, but feels better too.

I am working on finding other drinks and waiting to see if the swelling in my fingers goes down, and the stiffness goes away!

Thank God for this site and Spell check. I had shooting pains in my head for probably the first month or two. Within in the first month my brain fog really lifted and I had some computer issues at the time and it necessitated checking all my files to my backup.

I was stunned to find where things were filed. I realized how much my thinking has improved since I got off aspartame. During the flush the part of my head — only where my hair is, and especially in front where my hair had thinned, was like a spinkler system of sweat during the detox — must have kicked out a lot of aspartame. I believe in time all these things can be reversed back to good health.

Clean the filter and your back in business. I noticed that because I was juicing daily it really cut down my symptoms and stopped my cravings.

It really surprised me how much easier it was to quit because it calmed my nerves. Figure out what substitutes help you. I drink seltzer water when I want bubbles, and I have a regular Coke once every or every other week, and that works for me. Thanks for your website, and comment section. I must admit that this is tougher than I thought it would be.

After getting many of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning, I finally realized that it was the aspartame doing it to me. I also used about packets of equal a day for sweetening coffee, tea, and other things. I had no idea how addicted I was am. One niece who drank Diet Pepsi heavily throughout her pregnancy refuses to consider the possibility that it caused her son to be autistic. Now she has lupus, but of course, the aspartame is not the reason. Has anyone else been as addicted as me, and if so, how long did it take for the headaches to go away?

My headaches went away after weeks. Cold chills and sweats after weeks. Sounds like your almost there. I was drinking Diet Dr. Peppers a day for at least 15 years. Yesterday, I got the headache between my eyes that came and went a few times throughout the day and I was grumpy, so I googled aspartame withdrawals.

Anyway, I am hoping this mild headache is the only withdrawal symptom I have. How long does it take before these other possible symptoms to occur? If I were going to have other symptoms would they have already started? Everyone reacts differently to the withdrawal.

For example, my Mother had almost no side effects from the withdrawal other than the constant craving for Diet Coke. I am looking for comments from people who have successfully quit and the noticeable positive differences they have experienced.

Like, they no longer have anxiety, depression, brain fog and etc. I am wondering if those things go away or if the damage is done?

I started drinking diet drinks when I was about 25 and never had any anxiety issues. At 26 or 27, I developed issues with anxiety and I am thinking this could be why and I am hoping the end result will be no more anxiety. Are their success stories anywhere? Yes…I quit diet coke almost 3 months ago. I feel better but it took awhile. The headaches and nausea were terrible for a few days and gradually everything got better.

It seems like my memory is better. I absolutely am saving a ton of money. I think the aspartame in the Crystal Light I was drinking daily was a huge factor. I also have to say that just prior to letting go of aspartame, I also went gluten-free.

So that probably contributed, as well. But I think I remember that my headaches went away after giving up the aspartame.

I have struggled with some of those other things you are mentioning — brain fog, depression, anxiety, etc. The Paleo diet is actually a great place to start. You also might consider getting your thyroid levels checked. Many most docs will only rely on the TSH thyroid stimulating hormone but that is not a true picture.

The Free T3 and Free T4 show how much active thyroid hormone is truly in your system. Very treatable with the right medication, diet and lifestyle.

If any of this rings true for you, or you are at least curious, then do some online research. Thanks to both of you. Today, is a week without any diet drinks or aspartame and I feel very blessed because I feel fine. People have suggested that I get my thyroid checked because my hair has been thinning, also. However, I read that aspartame can cause thinning hair, mostly in the temple area which is where mine is and in six weeks, if aspartame is the cause their will be a noticeable difference.

But, their is a family history of thyroid issues. My moms is underactive and my grandfather on my dads side was overactive. I never had problems with anxiety until I started drinking diet soda in , it has only been 4 days off for me but so far I am feeling a lot less anxious and my blood pressure has come down. I have been on a diet coke binge for years. Being type 2 diabetic was one reason to drink them. I have been drinking 2 — 2 liters a day for about 5 years.

I have a horrible memory and deal with depression. A couple a days ago I made my mind up to quit. I started having flu like symptoms, headaches, and body aches. I knew then it was the aspartame. My mind has been foggy, cloudy. Yesterday I started to feel worse so my husband and I came across your article looking for answers. He finally went and got me a 2 liter and about and I glass later I began to feel better.

Should I just stop cold turkey or began to quit them slowly? I now know how a crack addict feels! Please tell me how to get off these diet cokes! Hi Val, I had the same symptoms about 3 months ago now. It took me 3 full weeks of flu like symptoms….

Find what tastes good and go with that. For me it was orange juice watered down a bit. I think it mimicked the acid of the carbonated soda.

Just go through it and it will be worth it in the end. The withdrawal was worse than any symptoms I ever had from drinking the soda. It can be done…you can do it. Pure Stevia only is natural and perfectly healthy. The problem the big companies have is that they want to patent everything and so they combine it with other things that are not healthy to control the market under their brand name.

Like the person above said Truvia is not Stevia. Thanks for the post. I am working on an article on this subject. I hate to see people going from Aspartame Poison to Truvia Poison. The Omica Stevia on this page is the only way I would go. It is such a great product made by a great company. Trusting companies like Cargill and Coca-Cola or PepsiCo for that matter seems foolish given the research available.

I have been an gum chewer for years, Trident bubble gum. Some days I would chew 3 value packs, and some days chew more. I knew it had aspartame in it, but did not realize until I checked it on the internet. I threw out all my gum, and this is the first day that I have not chewed gum in years. I do have a headache. Noticed not as hungry.

I am hoping my body will recover from all of this poison I have been ingesting all these years. The FDA is not doing its job. You have to trust your own body, and do what is right. I am on my 14th day of no aspartame. I noticed headaches and fatigue since stopping. Not only drinking diet soft drinks but the chewing gum I have bought for years also contains aspartame. I was shopping for a new gum yesterday and I could not find one that did not list aspartame as part of their ingredients.

Has anyone found a gum that is safe to chew? Last time I checked, there was a brand at Trader Joes without Aspartame. I connected all that and decided to quit again. Its so bad a heating pad is the only relief. The headaches have been horrid as well. It was only in may. Being exhausted and not being able to sleep is torture. I experienced the same withdrawal and it lasted 3 weeks. The flu-like symptoms are the worse along with profuse night sweats. Take heart…it will pass.

I am having similar symptoms, too nauseous to eat but I force myself with toast and it does help. Also, the all over pain at night! Add to that some dandy dizzy spells and a few headaches. I have noticed that drinking a lot of water does help. I think organic sugar is the way to go. In the end, I would go with what has worked for hundreds of years.

Real, natural, organic sugars like honey or maple syrup in moderation are great. Everything else is an experiment. We do not know, what we do not know. I had the exact same withdrawal symptoms. If you hang in There for a couple more weeks you will feel better. Just sleep as much as your day permits. The cold chills and sweats will subside. Never again for me either. Please know that there are many who have kicked the diet Pepsi habit who are pulling for you as we hare suffered the same effects.

Thank you to all who have given testimonies here. Been drinking diet side for many years. Of course, as soon as I can, I go back on the diet soda. The fatigue is the worse. Sleeping about 14 hours a day…or more. The support of this site has been very helpful. When Diet Coke came on the market, they stopped advertising Tab but I can still get it at the store.

I tried Diet Coke and two cans later reacted very badly to it and went back to the store to get Tab. I immediately calmed down. I wrote Coca-Cola to find out the percentage of aspartame because it is mixed with saccharin.

I also read somewhere that even though saccharin had been safe for years that once aspartame came along the makers of saccharin were told they could be in limited products if they contained a cancer warning. The percentage of aspartame in Tab at least when I inquired was much less that Diet Coke. I also wrote Coca-Cola again, many years later about the possibility of using Stevia.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in , so if it was added around that equals about 7 years after they added aspartame lower amounts into Tab. I also had other health problems with my spine. I tried numerous times, but would go back. My doctors have basically done all they can and I have been on a search for other healing modalities. But I kept thinking about it, and I remembered how good I felt when I was juicing regularly.

The movie is inspiring, and it occurred to me that it is probably my answer because the people in this film reversed their illnesses and got off of all medications. It occurred to me by flooding their body with nutrition turned back on their immune system, and once you do that your body will self heal, which it knows how to do.

I was set to start and then I realized I had to get off of caffeine… get off of Tab. These people fasted anywhere up to 60 days on juice, but one woman did it for 10 or 17 days and her blinding migraines ended. The less we need them the better for us. I do buy organic vegetables. As I go through my withdrawals I wanted to find what other people have experienced. I hope it inspires others as well. There are a number of vegetables that contain protein. I have never been good at eating vegetable, but juicing is completely different.

And for the lady that has colitis, I have that too. I add cabbage into my juice because it is suppose to be able to heal ulcers. I congratulate all of you who have succeeded in quitting your addictions and I hope I will join your ranks quickly. For Diane Flemming I send my prayers. I have dizzy spells rather frequently. I am newly diagnosed, but I have always noticed that the dizzy spells corresponded with not eating soon enough. Adnomommy Female, age 38 Symptoms: I get itchy on my arms and legs only, but it feels like the itch is coming from inside, and very sharp - like needles.

Put me near any boat diesel I can go on any boat, but a diesel so I don't think it's sea sickness. I am always tired, not very hungry - and as a result skinny it takes some good sensi to get me eating a lot! My head is really heavy, my thinking foggy. My arms and legs feel fatigued, heavy and yet numbing at the same time. And I want to lay down and sleep, but I can't. Yesterday, though, I was freezing cold for about three hours, and it was 75F here.

I bundled up in thick blankets and my teeth still chattered. Then I slept, sortof, for about five hours, woke up feeling like a truck had run over me. My arms and legs still ache muscles , and I have the edge of a headache..

I get the "no appetite" too, for about three days in a row. It's kinda transient too Do you feel "scattered" sometimes too, like you can only handle one thought at a time or its gone!? Along the same lines, does this cause you to feel frustrated and irritated alot? Alexp Male, age 42 Bilirubin readings: I am nearly always lethargic and go into a trance like state on occassions I actually like this as it leaves me feeling rested after but friends find it hard as I have not got the energy to answer their questions and when im like this I tend to answer at least 5 mins later much to their annoyance, I lose my words regularirly and just lose energy quickly I struggle to lose any weight when dieting and sticking rigidly to it I ache all over and feel sick I have also suffered with my glandular system, having had Tonsilitis, glandular fever, Quinzies, my glands are always coming up for even a mouth ulcer.

I was diagnosed with GS over 2 years ago. The fatigue, brain fog and the muscle aches come and go but recently others including a constant sore throat, odd metallic taste in the mouth, indigestion and chest pain have recently been diagnosed, following an endoscope, as Acid Reflux Since the Acid Reflux diagnosis, I found that limiting my intake of acid inducing foods together with a PPI medication like Lansoprazole practically 'cures' the sore throat and indigestion and the related chest pain.

My memory is also bad at times. I get what I call 'word drop out'! Also have difficulty concentrating - even hard sometimes to read something like a recipe correctly! I experience something similar on and off - you described it as 'seeming like the floor is moving up and down and back and forth' - I agree, I remember staring at the railway platform once and everything seemed spongy and moved as you described. It definately seems to be linked with one of my GS phases and I now try to eat regularly and keep hydrated.

During the last week I have felt incredibly tired, had heart palpitations, chronic indigestion, pain under bottom right ribs and general anxiety which I suppose is only natural! All these feelings I have usually associated with GS - they come and go.

I have had the same tingling feelings, sometimes all over but mostly in my legs for about a year now.

It comes and goes, sometimes worse, sometimes better. When it's bad I also get a tingling feeling in my mouth and a metallic taste. My symptoms all started about , 8 years ago. I had quite a busy lifestyle, lots of travelling around for work but not excessively so. Symptoms started as extreme tiredness, headaches, word drop out!

I have had a few reoccurrences. Normally with GS they say people lose weight but despite increasing exercise and watching what I eat I can't seem to lose a pound am about 2 stone overweight and also get the muscles twitches pretty bad. My doctor said my thyroid is slightly underactive. I've wondered why my memory is terrible and often beat myself up over it along with the brain fog. Anthorr Age 42 Symptoms: I used to get a cold every few months and would have to have a sleep in the afternoon after work most days just to be able to interact normally.

I've also been feeling more tired lately. I've also developped a nasty shake, mainly in my left hand but I get it all over from time to time. I rarely eat meals, skip some completely even. I have up and down days. I feel OK today, but tomorow I could be right back down again. I have worse mood swings than a pregnant woman so I really feel sorry for the lady in my life.

She's great and doesn't deserve me snapping at her all the time. I don't think its a primary symptom of Gilberts, but more a kind of secondary if you like. I get depressed because I'm always so tired and just don't have the energy. Apart from feeling tired and nausea, I am encountering headache, this one is quite persistent, it goes ON and ON for 3 - 4 days and happens quite frequently.

I suffer from "brain fog" regularly too. In fact, I'm pretty spaced out today which is very dissapointing because I've been concentrating on my diet for weeks, eliminating dairy, refined sugars, etc, and yesterday Sunday, 27th Nov '05 I felt great and fully alert for the first time in ages. I went to bed a bit later than usual lastnight 11pm , blame Harry Potter for that, and now today I'm fogged out. I'm currently working a big database project and this is really impacting my ability to concentrate properly.

Sometimes I feel so tired it is hard for me to function, even if I am inactive. I also suffer from allergies and I used to think I had food allergies, because after eating fatty foods, chocolates, etc.

I felt nauseated and so full I felt like never eating again. Other foods gave me headaches and I had to eat very little until the feeling subsided. But my allergies test did not react to foods… Some of the symtoms I've experienced are: Finally I was diagnosed with GS last year.

Auggie Female, age 30 Symptoms: I had the lump in throat, and the pain, especially after I drank milk. If I didn't drink milk at all the lump and pain eased. A subsequent CT of my throat proved that I actually had an enlarged thyroid. All of my dry 'everything' symptoms, and the mouth ulcers immediately vanished when I started a form of the 'SCD' diet. BaiCam Age 45 Symptoms: I also get palps, breathlessness and anxiety attacks but the main symptm for me is fatigue.

I also suffer far, far worse when I drink than my friends. People especially my wife have often commented that they could 'smell the drink' on my body after a heavy night. I wonder if my body liver is trying to dispose of the alcohol through some other method in desperation to get rid of it. I still have strange feelings impossible to describe clearly: I can't concentrate, feel like i am not very "present".

For me it is the worst symptom for sure. For the past 3 yrs it seems to be worse. Generally I would be down, tired, nauseated,not hungry for just a few days, but lately I keeps me down for almost a month straight.

Before I wasn't so "yellow" but now I'm a walking banana. I go for days on end with no food, I sleep 10 hrs a day. I have no energy, no enthusiasum, nothing. My own experience with gs started a couple of years back when i was I am feeling very strained lately, I have sweats and vomiting like feeling - like food poisoning. I also have panic attacks and am under stress. Happens about once a month I'm male.

Now my symptoms tiredness, headache, digestion problems are declining. Brannon Age 25 Symptoms: I've been plagued with headaches, dizzy spells, fatigue 8 hours of sleep and i still feel i could use a little more , and episodes of just feeling "blah".

I have flu-like symptoms always accompanied by a lower back pain swollen glands and a itchy burning sensation aggrivated by touch all over my skin. These symptoms seem to happen over a period, gradually getting worse before they get better,, used to be over a time of around 2 weeks good 2 weeks bad, but recently things seem to have been getting worse and for longer periods of time 3 months bad for maybe 2 or 3 weeks of feeling good.

One of the first signs that I'm having an "episode" is my eyes starting to hurt eye drops don't make a difference for me and tingling in my fingertips and joints.. Thought I'd had a reprieve from GS but for the last three weeks its back with a vengance.

I have also suffered mega panic attacks, stomach cramps, IBS, really nauseaus, and generally feeling that I can't cope. Anyone geting really bad memory loss? Did you find that you became drunk very quickly? Sometimes just one drink makes me feel very tipsy and the following day I suffer with hang over symptons.

My husband says I am now a very cheap night out. IBS, back pain, alcohol intolerance — gets itchy and tingly arms, dry skin rash on arms and legs. Symptoms begin at I was diagnosed with GS about 8 years ago through abdominal pains and blood tests, but have not had many symptoms so far apart from always being tired and cold. However, in the last few months I have been getting pain under my right rib, which has turned out to be a gallstone.

Chad Age 25 Symptoms: I'm 25 years old. I've had stomach problems for as long as I can remember. I use to get stomach so bad I was doubling over and had to lie down. I was also fatigued all the time. Never had any energy, and couldn't have my stomach touched. Pain pills did and still do absolutely nothing for the pain. I take Milk Thistle and have been prescibed Elavil to relax my stomach muscles. The severe pain I use to have is gone.

I don't get fatigued like I use to… I get depressed when my stomach pain flares up. Usually from something I ate, but sometimes I can't put it down to anything I had eaten or done.

I have real problems with blood sugar control and get hypoglycaemic easily, with shakes and sweating and really bad moods. I am occasionally yellow around the eyes and my skin itches like hell sometimes. I feel grumpy in the winter and need to get some sun around about February I am in th UK and my husband is only too well aware of the consequences of me not getting those rays! I exercise moderately and find it beneficial. However, infections leave me low for months at a time.

ChrisW Male, age 29 Symptoms: I'm a 29 year old male from Melbourne, Australia. I was recently diagnosed with GS… My range of symptoms are as follows. They tend to cycle up an down - for a few weeks I feel not so bad, then for a few weeks I feel terrible and my body feels like its falling apart. Now I am often falling asleep in front of the TV at 11pm-midnight. This was unheard of before. Sometimes hard to stay awake at work if I don't get plenty of sleep I used to live fine on 6 hours sleep a night.

My stamina was my best athletic attribute. Now any intense athletic exertion wrecks me. Five minutes of basketball a few weeks back nearly had me throwing up. I was acting as if I'd run 10 miles. I also got this weird metallic taste in the back of my mouth. I also break out in a nasty skin condition that gives little blisters on my fingers and toes. The GS doesn't cause these conditions as such, it's more that it weakens my body's defences so I'm susceptible to a lot more things.

Now I heal very slowly. This is a blessing because the yellow isn't so obvious unless the eye is turned or rolled back. My skin has a general yellow tinge as well.

ClaireS Female, 32 Symptoms: I'm a 32 year old female and I've been feeling dreadful for a few months… I feel nauseous most of the time, have no energy whatsoever, have a pain on the right just below my ribs and suffer burning type pains in my stomach. I have also suffered from dizzy spells in the last few months and an almost constant fine tremor all over my body, but especially my legs.

I also find muscles 'twitch' uncontrollably in different parts of my body. I have been feeling like I am stuttering. My husband says its like I have been drinking and I din't drink. I always have bloating and cramping and my muscles and joints ach all the time.

I also feeel like I don;t get any sleep even when I have slept for hours. One other one that I have noticed recently is my vision is blurred and foggy.

Crismatt Female, age 16 Symptoms: My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with GS early on this year. This was after many months and dozens of blood tests and examinations. One doctor said that she thought she also had ME.

My daughter had terrible fatigue, memory lapses, lack of concentration, severe stomach pains and headaches, yellow eyes, - the list goes on and on We can always tell when a bad episode is going to happen.

Her eyes become more yellow than normal and her skin is very pale. Her latest bout has lasted for about 2 weeks. For the first time she has been pysically sick instead of the usual terrible nausea. Painkillers and anti-inflammatery drugs dont work Think we have found out why she has been so ill for the last couple of weeks.

It looks like she has been worse 'cos of antibiotics she has been taking. They should not have been taken 'cos they are bad for the liver. Pain on lower right hand side - almost like a hot burning sensation which can last for a few days, Tiredness - cant seem to get enough sleep, Need to pass urine often - esp at night, sometimes up to 10 times, Sugar levels - up and down like a rollercoaster, I cant seem to handle much caffeine anymore - I rarely drink Normal tea but I can't give up chocolate, I don't drink coffee or coke, General feeling of being a little bit poisioned - this tends to happen the day after I've drank alcohol but can happen at any time.

I have fatigue and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but despite feeling very tierd I have problems getting the right sort of sleep or even getting to sleep sometimes.

I had Yellow Jaundice at 16 and this hit me hard. In my 20's I suffered allergies In my late 20's I was diagnosed with IBS The biggest problem that has got worse over a period of time though has been the fatigue I was also hit by a mystery viral infection and one of the things I suspected was Glandular Fever although nothing was ever diagnosed except GS. At that time it was the first I had ever heard of GS and knowing more about it has helped in some way. I suffered from, and still get, the dry throat, recurrent sore throat, and I reported at the time I was very ill a strong metallic taste I had in my mouth.

The metallic taste has not returned thank goodness. I did feel as though I had been poisoned. I had the worst times at night and would often have problems sleeping. When I did get small amounts of sleep I would often wake within the hour gasping for air and feeling I had just had an electric shock I do sleep now but I am often woken by a sharp pain but mine seems to be in the lower back on both sides. This often lasts most of the day but can sometimes clear altogether but will return to wake me most mornings.

I get a problem now with general muscle aches, the literal pain in the neck, and of course the familiar fatigue. In the early years it seemed to make no difference in a debilitating way as it seemed to be an inconvenience rather than an illness although my intolerance to alcohol was sometimes an experience I would rather forget Bit of the never again syndrome.

Things went downhill for me about eleven years ago after a viral infection. My intolerance of many drugs prescribed to try and resolve the problem only made matters worse.

The long term effect of the viral infection left me with Fybromyalgia. I got terrible muscle aches all over. If I sat at the computer for even short periods my neck would ache and no amount of normal painkillers would even touch this sort of pain and discomfort.

When I was at my worst with an unknown viral infection I had the pins and needles and then a very strong taste of metal for some time. My sense of taste is still not what it used to be and my tongue, especially the tip, often gets sore for no apparent reason. The itching I get especially after eating and in particular over my back. In one spot on my left shoulder blade I could justify the use of a sanding machine at times but I can't reach!

I get general itching all over including both my legs. I only scratch out of reaction I am sure, as it is the type of itch that I just can't get to. Often my arms and legs get restless and I just can't get comfortable no matter where I sit if you know what I mean.

This leads to interrupted sleep and fatigue. I am the mother of a 15 year old boy with Gilbert's syndrome. He seems to have extreme symptoms. He does not tolerate fast foods. He has some tremors and twitches.

He sometimes sleeps hours a day when feeling like this. He has an intolerance to antibiotics and antihistamines I would like to get a little weight on him as he is 6 feet, lbs, but alot of time he is just not hungry. I am a nurse and have been wrongly diagnosed with Chronic fatigue, etc etc. I have exactly the same symptoms as you which come and go, with the only trigger being exercise strenuous that I have found so far. I was diagnosed last year with gilberts. I just started a few weeks ago to have irregular muscle twitches and my muscles in the arms and legs seem to get tired and sore easily.

I get severe cramping and nausea to the point of actually getting sick. Total fatigue so i dont even want to get out of bed, pale and some yellowing in the eyes. I've had many friends and co-workers comment on how i look sick oh i feel so attractive on those days! I get some depression just the other day I told my boyfriend there was no way I could be happy with my life right now Diplomat Age 21 Symptoms: I am a 21 year old college student and while I haven't been "officially" diagnosed, the doctor has actually said he's 75 to percent sure it is Gilberts Syndrome.

I've had a dozen blood tests, a sonogram, and an x-ray, and been placed on Zoloft for 6 months which really tripped me out. My main symptoms have included severe fatigue to the point of almost passing out, nausea to the point of sickness, unexplainable chest and upper body pains like mini-heart attacks, pinches, and needles , chronic memory loss, bloody noses, sore throats, complete apathy, depression, sensitivity to light, lack of appetite, and a dozen other things.

I get very bad short term memory for small things although have high iq, anyone else get these symtoms? Donkey Male, age 20 Bilirubin readings: I had glandular fever about twenty years ago, easily the worst illness of my life. I was in my final year at university and barely made it through, but the following year I had to drop out of a post-graduate course through sheer exhaustion. There followed a couple of years of fatigue and depression, but eventually began to feel normal again.

Within the next few years I began getting symptoms of IBS - tried all the usual remedies without much improvement. It got worse, I started having headaches so severe that if I didn't lie down I fainted. I thought I had food allergies, tried different diets, eventually tried a detox diet from a book by Jane Scrivener I think definitely felt better.

It never even occurred to me as a symptom, but my lack of memory would be funny I was having trouble passing the bar and did some cognitive testing. In most areas, analysis, long term memory, etc. So I'm reasonably smart all around. And in verbal abilities, I was in the 98th percentile. But guess where I was with short term memory?

I was just recently diagnosed with GS. I had myself checked when my friends noticed yellowing of my eyes plus I have trouble sleeping which I attributed to stress from work , tired a lot and I had chills, my teeth were chattering and I can't seem to understand why I'm always cold.

Feb started getting some abdom pains, did nothing about it,eventually went to doc in April , blood tests showed high numbers so sent to consultant, scans showed stones in gall bladder, gb removed in June - anaesthetic took hold for 3 weeks!!! I also have a low temp, its always been I have very few of the symptoms described by some of you, just rarely do I have joint pains, abdominal cramps, nausea, dizzyness, yellowness in the skin.

This site is full of people reporting a cluster of symptoms that I have had for years, like acid stomach, jaundice, nausea, panic attacks, itching, abdominal pain, IBS, lump in throat, etc. Also the experience of a viral illness earlier in life - I was in hospital in my early twenties with a mysterious virus and took a year to recover. I'd frequently feel nauseous, loose my appetite and i was SO tired.

All these headache you are getting are from GS.. Its funny how the liver effects every part of your body. Can only take low levels of alcohol, without severe hangovers, which is a shame. I think others have talked a little bit about this before on this site, but I, too, have terrible reactions from gas fumes, cigar smoke, certain perfumes, etc I always thought they were allergic reactions, but could be this is somehow connected with GS.

Also can't drink alcohol, especially red wine. The next day I'm bloated and swollen I also have tons of allergies It will be very interesting to see if this is a comon problem with GS sufferers. Also, I have a low tolerance for medicines and have strong reactions to chemicals I also have a pain or soreness over the liver area, on the edge of and over the ribs.

It's always there, but sometimes it's much worse. And the pain often wakes me up at night. My pain is usually over the liver area, near the edge of my ribs of course, on the right side. Nothing really horrible, just bothersome more than anything else.

I also have headaches a lot Exhaustion, which severely limits my social life, which few people are willing to understand, which severely limits my friendships, which is terribly depressing and isolating. So I'd say that fatigue, with linked depression and a sense of hopelessness, is at the top GS diagnosis 29 years ago when they didn't know what caused it.

Also have asthma, migraine… Has trouble with paint and varnishes I have to move out when the place is being painted and if a piece of furniture is refinished it has to stay in the garage for weeks. Blood work slightly abnormal with no real explanation aneamia - possibly due to red cell destruction which can occur with GS HB around 10 Glandular fever two years ago, GS diagnosed at this time.

I get bouts of deep, paralyzing depression on an all too regular basis. I have GS,low blood pressure,depression no pep. Don't like to go outside much. I don't like hot temperatures. I do also have a lump in my throat that comes and goes and was suspicious that something was wrong. I checked the thyroid and it came back normal. I've also had more symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, which I've had on and off my whole life, etc. I know after intense physical activity or severe lack of sleep I can pass out and throw up.

And When I have blood taken I pass out as well. I have been able to eat what I like all my life without putting on weight. The down side is that if I am stressed I struggle to eat which means I loose weight very quickly, I still force myself to eat 3 meals a day though.

My experience seems so typical of everyone else here - you'll laugh. Diagnosed with GS, a harmless syndrome with no effects at all, apparently.

Hally m Female, age 43 Symptoms: Glandular fever at 18 with recurrences, loads of antibiotics - I feel this is relevant in some way to the level of problems GS causes me. Thanks for flagging up the cyclical nature of the symptoms, everyone.

One of my main symptoms is the need to eat regularly - I have major problems with weakness, feeling faint etc if food is late.

I have to be very careful to eat food with a stedy release of energy. General feeling of being 'toxic' - as though all the nasty stuff is hanging around my system too long - sometimes a cup of coffee can make me feel bad for a Bad handwriting - yes it's true, I've just discovered that any condition that affects the liver also affects handwriting - I had to change my sample signature at the bank because it had deteriorated so much - so we can blame that on the GS, too!

This same doctor attributes headaches, fatigue and black eyes to GS but can't see a link with the IBS symptoms in my case, tests show problems with candida. Constant headache - worst in the morning when I wake up - assume it's because the bili levels are high because of overnight fasting Blurred vision when the symptoms are worse Naturally I'm depressed with all these symptoms.

Janinepiper Female, age 29 Symptoms: Jaundice and fatigue can be made worse by to much exercise and wheat! Yes, I think you and I have had the same thing--in terms of "panic attacks". I am usually sitting when I have mine, and I feel relaxed or at least not stressed. Then suddenly I get butterflies in my bowels kind of like butterflies in your stomach, but it makes me feel like I need to go to the bathroom rather than vomit.

Then it leads to that spasm and adrenaline rush. I had GS diagnosed at about 30 after complaining of fatigue, dizziness and "brain fog" and awful need to sleep My "usual" doctor, when I complained of fatigue, low blood pressure, dizziness etc, would put it down to stress, overwork and so on. He'd give me calcium and magnesium which tended to help , a few days of rest and send me on my way. When the symptoms got really bad, specially dizziness, brain fog and lack of concentration.

I quite often get small muscle tremors and twitches in eyelids, fingers and so on but these have always been diagnosed as indicating a "lack of magnesium" and not as being related to GS. I noticed three weeks back my digestion slowed way down, stomach bloated, and the pale stools followed. A few days later I was a little yellow, barely noticeable. Then extreme fatigue, body aches, no appetite, horrible allergies, foggy head, anxiety good grief!

Forgot to add low grade fever, sweating, blurred vision, nausea, bad taste in my mouth, pale skin, and can't sleep very well Here it is again. All the symptoms I used to have I remember them like it was yesterday. Unbelievable, and brought on by stress I have no doubt I had almost forgotten how awful this was, and I guess I thought it would not happen again since I take fairly good care of myself, but boy was I wrong.

So much stress in my life right now that it makes perfect sense it should happen now. Jill Age 46 Symptoms: This took years to diagnose and I now realise that I had had the symptoms of stones since my early 20's I am now For the last 12 months I've had a very "eventful" time of liver malfunction and ill health, following a nasty viral type illness in Feb The symptoms seem to come in 'episodes' and then I'll be quite a bit better until the next one hits.

I have tried to relate them to diet etc - can't see a link but I have noticed that any physical stress, including exercise, colds and menstrual cycle, exacerbate the symptoms. My bilirubin levels have been all over the shop from test to test and my ALT levels have been slightly raised but constant throughout.

I am experiencing a severe loss in appetite and also have mild nausea. The thought of not getting my hunger back is making me very anxious. I was just diagnosed with GS a month ago after suffering nausea for the past 4 months. I have no symptoms, other than nausea. However, I never actually throw-up. I always feel as though I will, and a few times I'll heave, but not once have I vomited. The slightest amount of stress, such as the trip into work or being in large crowds, makes me ill.

I have found that 'Tums' antacid provides a very temporary relief suck on it slowly to make it last longer but as soon as it's gone the syptoms reappear, though not as harsh. Does anyone suffer from a 'foggy' head which can cause a variety of concentration-related problems some of them quite funny? In this state I find it hard to maintain listening to what someone is saying, or maintaining a thread of thought in an essay or suchlike. Other things are extreme forgetfulness, like I've walked into a room to get something specific and left with something else; then remembered and gone back in, but AGAIN come out with something else.

I get words muddled up too. One typical example is getting first letters mixed up. Yesterday for example, I said "Hox Funting" instead of It started on a holiday in Malta in June of this year, I was vomitting, and severly dehydrated.

I ended up in hospital and put on a drip and doctors said that I had gastroenteritis. For a few months afterwards I was suffering from nausea, vomitting, fatigue, abdominal pains etc and the doctors hadnt a clue what was wrong with me.

I was being sick all the time and unable to eat - losing weight rapidly too. They did all kinds of tests including endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium meal x-rays, ultrasound. I was poked and prodded whilst in pain but nothing abnormal was found. I had been told I had Gilberts syndrome but that was besides the point as GS didnt have any recognised symptoms.

The doctors were concerned that I was anorexic too and it was hard to convince them otherwise. All this not knowing what was wrong with me was making me very low but the reason for not eating was because I felt so sick all the time. I have had GS symptoms for 6 months now… I was living a normal life before and doing lots of sports. Physically I felt great. Now I lost 15 pounds and am just a shaky, weak, grey, and tired person.

The doctors say it will not affect his sport and when he is well it doesnt, however he has bouts of extreme tiredness which can last a week or more and he is unable to train. My 15 year old daughter was told several months ago she had GS, after many blood tests, scans, etc. Unexplained tummy aches as a child, glandular fever at 13, fatigue from then on much worse in the past 18 mths falls asleep many afternoons and evenings kidney stones, mid 20's.

Routine bloodtest following stones revels Gilberts. I have many of the symptoms that I have read about on this great site, especially fatigue and general malaise. I also suffer from headaches occasionally.

Strong smells, especially smoke, gas or diesel, and perfume make me feel very ill to the point of wanting to vomit.. For me, my skin is especially itchy in the winter and if I am somewhere there is a lot of smoke or other pollutants.

I had a cyst which turned out to be a bilirubin deposit I had been diagnosed as having Gilbert Syndrome about 2 months ago

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