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You will also receive instruction on the different types of breast pumps, as well as breast pump demonstrations. Excited to dance with you and your little one soon, please email Amanda Bouncingbambini. This class is intended to be taken after our Breast Pump Basics Class. Stop blurring the lines between 2 beautiful acts that deserve their own space and time. Prevention and Treatment of Urinary and Fecal Incontinence Please check class calendar for class dates and times. Printouts from the pharmacy often suggest taking domperidone 30 minutes before eating, but that is because of its use for digestive intolerance. How to minimize the risk to your baby if you smoke References and More Information Should a mother who smokes cigarettes breastfeed?

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Mickey Trescott is a cook and one of the bloggers behind Autoimmune Wellness. You also can find her on Instagram. Do you have any books or resources you would be willing to share about that helped you understand the autoimmune protocol in more detail?

Any advice or help you can give would be appreciated. In addition, there are lots of resources under its respective tab, the best of which is thepaleomom. She is coming out with a book this fall all about the protocol, and it is going to be very thorough.

Until then, both of our websites have a plethora of information that should be able to get you started. I would suggest trying the autoimmune protocol without extra restrictions first. I love doing epsom salt baths to help with detoxification.

I think these are good things to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle as part of a routine, and they could certainly help move things along a little quicker when on an elimination diet — especially if you are coming from a processed, toxic diet. Thanks so much, Mickey! Thanks so much for the advice! There are AIP specific podcasts, but also good introductions to paleo eating in general. An easy way to get some of that information that is hard to digest when you are just clicking around on the internet.

I had gluten and dairy intolerance tests and both came back negative. Does that mean I am ok with eating gluten? To be honest I tried going gluten free last year as I read that that might lower the antibodies for 3 months and was so miserable and did not feel good at all.

Eating bread and pasta does not irritate my stomach. I did a test last month and they did indeed drop, but not sure if it was the sugar free diet that caused it. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much! Hi Karolina, I do believe that leaky gut and autoimmune disease go hand in hand. You may find this article from Chris Kresser helpful, he talks about why it is important for thyroid patients to avoid gluten:.

But I did the test for gluten intolerance and it was negative. If the test comes back negative that means my body does not produce antibodies against gluten, right? So is the suspicion, that even though I do not have gluten intolerance, my body produces thyroid antibodies as a reaction to gluten?

I tried going gluten free for 3 months, but did not feel good at all and my bloodwork did not change at all in the 3 months. The antibodies were just as high: Karolina, no, it does not mean you are fine to eat gluten. Chris Kresser has a great article here: You may not be making progress because you have some other foods included in your diet that you are reacting to or are inflammatory.

Have you tried an elimination diet? I recommend Cyrex Labs gluten and wheat proteome Array 3 for more complete testing. But, like you, I never have digestive symptoms from eating gluten. The two proteins are very similar looking to our immune system. My name is Disha, m 27yrs now and was detected with lupus when I was 14yrs old, now since last one year I suffer from celiac as well..

My suffering has increased, even with gf diet m unable to feel good. Please can you guide me with best AIP diet that I can follow.. I can tell you that a lot of people have had success living well with autoimmunity by finding out which foods they are sensitive to using the elimination diet.

At the minimum, people need to be able to eat fish in order to get all of the nutrients they need. I reeeeaaaally appreciate this post. I just finished 30 days on strict AIP and honestly it was awful. I lost a lot of weight and struggled with appetite issues and extreme diet — related stress which is not great for autoimmune disease! I also did not find the relief of my symptoms that I was so hoping for.

I backed it off to just strict paleo for a while to see how that goes. I feel that in the future I will try eliminating those additional foods again but this post really helped me to forgive myself and the diet.

I felt even worse on those intros then ever before. I have to stick with pork, fish and turkey or I get really bad gerd and intestinal gastritis. Getting tested for allergies really opened my eyes a lot as to what was hurting me and what may be safe. This is a common reason why a lot of people feel worse on elimination diets — they are eating less of some things and MORE of things they could be allergic to. Your case is a perfect example. I am happy you figured it out!

Mirrors my experience with a few tweaks. I feel too good to ever not treat my body right again. Thanks Mickey for sharing!! Its easy on this plan to steer clear of all those terrible non-food creations, but it becomes a pickle once you start healing and are confronted with those items once again. I still never eat out while at home, but vacations have been tricky! Thank you for this article, it was very timely for me. Two days I crumbled and went back on the meds. Nevertheless food-wise I feel this has been a great learning journey and I only hope this might be detox of some sort or else I will need to tweak again.

Thanks for the post, and the reminder that we are not all the same. Thank you for your comments Jenny! That is great to hear about your digestion, but a bummer about the pain. Healing usually starts in the gut first, so its a good sign of future improvements if a diet helps your digestion. I would check out functionalmedicine. Very disappointed as I had put all my hopes in AIP. Thx for posting a great article,,. Hey Denise, Sounds like you are really sensitive to nightshades, which is common in people with RA.

They are also particularly tricky to avoid. I am unfortunately very sensitive to them and also get really bad joint pain when I consume them. I hope the autoimmune protocol helps you figure out what else could be triggering your flares! Sounds similar to your diet of salads and steamed veggies. I have a friend who did gerson for almost 2 years for her RA.

She saw improvement but discovered she could not do the oatmeal. Later she found all raw means no pain for her. She is following the diet by Dough Graham and says she feels great-but she has not been on the diet very long.

I have had great success with beginning this process but as you mention, tweaks happen along the way that fit my body and reactions. I personally have chosen to do this process with the guidance of a functional doctor. He has been able to address neurological, and other issues along the way that also contribute to the problems at hand. There seems to be a fine balance of systems that have gotten off balance and it is our task to find our way back to the balance that allows our body to heal — it knows how to help itself heal if we give it a chance!

Mellan, A functional medicine practitioner is a little different than a traditional doctor — you can read up and find one here: Another great post, thank you! I was wondering if in some upcoming posts you could do some recipes using the pressure cooker? I recently purchased an Instant Pot, but have been wondering how to make autoimmune friendly, and tasty, recipes.

Hi Melanie — I also purchased the instant pot 2 weeks ago. Regarding the bone broth, I asked Sarah from the paleo mom and she recommended that you include all the ingredients for the broth go on her website and look at the broth recipe …after you put all the ingredients, select the soup cycle and cook on 2 hour increments for a total of 8 to 10 hours. I have done the broth once and it is delicious!

Note that the veggies will be in one piece as opposed to dissolved at the end of the process bc of the pressure cooker. Sarah also has a great lamb stew AIP recipe on her website…pls let me know if you have found other AIP pressure cooker recipes…. Thanks for this post! I have RA and really react to the barometer. Any experience with it being used?

Mellan, I have heard for some that those tests can be useful, but others find them unreliable and not worth the expense. An elimination diet seems to be the best method for figuring out sensitivities, but that can be complicated when your condition is affected by the weather.

That would help a lot, but I got the feeling that none of the tests are really reliable…. Mieke, I have not found a test that is reliable. Doing an elimination diet and learning how to listen to your body to determine which foods are causing you problems is an extremely important tool in making progress with autoimmunity. Ellie, I am not too familiar with them, other than I know that some people are sensitive to them.

I would do an AIP that is based on meats, broth and fats for a few days and then introduce the AIP-friendly fruits and vegetables, one at a time starting with the ones least likely to be problematic. Then you will know for sure what you tolerate and can include in your personal version of AIP. I finally went to see a functional Doc and it has turned my life around. It pointed out foods that I had a feeling were causing me distress as well as those I had no clue of. I went on the UltraLite cleanse diet and I have never felt better.

Just recently introduced a food back into my diet and had an immediate adverse reaction so I am sticking to my fruit, vegetable, meat diet, and absolutely no processed food. I would like to add a note to those of us that have had a weight issue. I have been brutal to myself for not being able to get the weight off, exercising like an Olympian and eating like a bird, only to be unable to sustain this crazy lifestyle.

I blamed my lack of will power, laziness, whatever, when it was really the food itself that was setting off these inner land mines! So please do your research! I am so grateful for sites such as these because the support and knowledge is priceless. It took me many years but I found my way. Wonderful post and very encouraging. I was vegan for three years but felt horrible.

I decided to eat whatever I wanted for a year and had allergies to so many things. I discovered Paleo and thought this makes sense so I dove right in only to realize eggs do not work for me.

I recently discovered the Whole 30 and really felt this could be it , but again the eggs were a problem. I found your blog and the paleomom and this is it!! I have never been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but I am pretty sure I have a leaky gut. I am starting today, hoping to feel better and beginning to heal. I am wondering if 30 days will be enough time or do most people just continue to eat this way?

I am excited to try more of your recipes and plan to invest in your cookbook! Thank you for sharing your story….. Hi Lucy, You never know how long it will take until you try to reintroduce foods. A lot of us with more serious issues stay on the protocol, or a modified version fairly long-term I have been eating this way, with the addition of nuts, seeds, and occasional eggs for a year and half.

Yes, because i am paleo 6 months ago and my hashimoto synthons were better, My TSH in 1, Ft3 in 2,9, antibodies controlled. Then my practitioner told me about taking sea water quinton therapy ml in ml of water and i felt awful for two months so tired, depressed, not sex hahaha , etc. I week ago, i did my TSH and it was 3,7 and Ft3 2,1!!

Finally, i give up the iodine 4 days ago, and i hope to feel better. I begin the autoimmune protocol too. Do you think that this diet would also help with Myasthenia Gravis which is also an autoimmune disease?

Carol — Doing an elimination diet, especially if you start with the most likely problematic foods for autoimmune like the autoimmune protocol will most likely help anyone with autoimmune disease.

I find the best results in conjunction with the lifestyle changes that I write about here and that Sarah Ballantyne writes about at thepaleomom. Mickey, My thought is, if the AIP is to see what food Allergies you may have — as you introduce the foods back into your diet, could you not take the an allergy test [ie 96 AllergG Spot Candida test]?

I am on week 6 of the AIP and I feel wonderful mind you I am not doing this due to a health issue but for support to my daughter who has been following AIP. Hi Sandy, I find those tests unreliable and expensive.

It is much better to learn to feel your own body to see what you tolerate. Can you provide any guidance? What a great article. My husband was diagnosed with Sero Negative Spondarthritis 2 years ago and was off work for 6 months but has never really been right since.

He would have probably about weeks being symptom free and then get symptoms for about weeks. It seems to me that the doctors only give you pills etc to make things easier but dont really research into the cause.

So we have decided to take health into our own hands and have been researching Paleo for a while now and have read lots of good things about it. We are on a very tight budget and would love to start but not sure how.

I do know that the autoimmune protocol is designed to work for any type of autoimmune disease, because they all have the same foundation, which is leaky gut. I have print-out guides with information about what to eat and what to avoid, as well as info on a variety of other topics pertaining to this lifestyle.

The facebook page is also a great way to get updates and meet others on a similar journey. Best of luck to you! I recently discovered your site, so i am really thrilled about all the stuff i am reading which is really a lot to cope with. Well i havent been diagnosed with any aid but i am soooo worried i could suffer from one. I have mild joint paints now and then, everyone says that it is the bad posture from holding thebaby and the continuous breastfeeding i gavebirth a few months ago , but i am terrified it could be something else like RA or lupus.

My blood tests are all fine, except crp which is positive. I thought i have celiac but i have been tested and the tests came back negative-thought a little bit higher than expected. I am in a gaps diet plus excluded sugar and starches a month now.

At first i was feeling superb. It hasbeen 10days now that i wake up feeling tired, thebrain fog continues to exist and the energy levels are particularly low. Again, eveyone is thinking that it is due to the breastfeeding and the waking up several times in the night. What am i doing wrong? I think i cant tolerate so much meat. So my question to you, is this: In theory,could the ai protocol prevent an aid from appearing? COuld you please, please give me some advice,something to start with, i could really use?

Thank you for your excellent work, and your time,. Hi there, Have you looked into adrenal fatigue? This is very common with new mothers as it is obviously very stressful having a new baby and not getting a lot of sleep.

Have you been tested for Hashimotos? Cyrex has a comprehensive antibody test if you want to continue ruling out autoimmunity. If you can tolerate them, starchy carbs like sweet potato, plantain and winter squash would be good to include. To be honest, if I were you I would take a step back and just eat Paleo, excepting any foods you have clear reactions. You may be restricting yourself too much, causing yourself more stress and making your condition worse.

The AIP is a perfect fit for what is wrong and as a treatment protocol. I would get huge swings in blood sugars. After going on the paleo my blood sugars evened out and became very stable. Going on the AIP for almost a month helped even further. Fortunately my body is very sensitive so any foods ingested that I should avoid sends my blood sugars soaring. It certainly keeps you from cheating. A note about low stomach acid.

Seems to be a vicious cycle. You lack stomach acid which reduces absorption of histidine which further reduces your ability to produce stomach acid. At least I never get a histamine response. Sounds like you are on the right track Brian, putting together the pieces yourself. Congrats on your progress, and wishing you continued success in the future. I was wondering if you knew anything about going paleo and auto immune skin conditions , I was diagonsed with thyroid disease 5 years ago and then vitilgo 2 years ago.

I went to a dermatologist and took cream and steroid shots with no help. I then started going to get acupuncture and taking chinese herbs. I have been doing that for 6 months now with also elimanating gluten for 6 months so far.. I have noticed a slow down in losing pigment but i still find new spots here and there.

Going paleo is my last resort.. Cindy, I would consider trying the Autoimmune Protocol with any autoimmune disease, and have heard lots of good reports from those with skin conditions. Regular Paleo may not be enough, as many people have triggers such as eggs or nightshades which are included on the Paleo diet. Hello, I have iritis wich is like having arthritis in my left eye.

This last year the flair ups have been coming on way too often. My rheumatologist put me on methotrexate to help. I feel sad that I have to be on medicine at such a young age. I realize that it is there to help me but I understand that diet has a lot to do with it.

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