Nutrisystem 5-Day Jumpstart Kits Now Available at Walmart

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Posted on April 17, by Patrick. By keeping an entee in one cup portions and eating a small one cup green salad with it- you can do it on your own without all of the calorie counting. Featuring 5 days of perfectly portioned breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert varieties plus a simple meal planner and unlimited counseling, this kit can help you lose weight and live healthier. Best 5 day diet system! This diabetic program works really well and I've lost pretty fast considering my age of

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The Kits are set up to provide you enough meals for a 5-day week, while still eating dinner with your friends or family. This means each kit includes 5 pre-made breakfast options, 5 lunches, and 5 different snacks to choose from. So, Nutrisystem will have your meals covered for most of the day, over a 5-day period. While you still get to eat dinner with your family, you will need to stay on track and feast on healthy meals when not using the food Nutrisystem provides.

With the kit you will be eating 6 smalls meals per day, including some fresh produce and other grocery items that you will have to supply. Personally, I would stick with options like Walmart or purchase directly from the Nutrisystem website, just to ensure that what you are buying is authentic and fresh. With a baseline price starting under. The cost can go up, however, depending on which kit you go with:. In addition to the 5-day kits, Walmart also offers a broad selection of other Nutrisystem products.

These include things like their Turbo and NutriCrish Shakes, individual meal options breakfast, lunch, dinner , bars, and desserts. So, in a sense, they also have an a-la-carte menu to choose from. As far as I know, the Nutrisystem kits and other menu items have to be purchased online, but you can have them shipped directly to your home or to your nearest Walmart store. Obviously, these kits are going to include more food than the 5-day versions, but just like the other kits, you get full access to the Nutrisystem counseling program.

Nutrisystem 5 Day Diet Kits sold at Walmart. One has to ask, about the motive behind the new 5 Day Diet Kits now available at mega retailer Walmart. Is the intention to provide a sample kit of sorts, or will Nutrisystem products soon be as close as your local Walmart store. Each kit contains 20 meals and snacks, a meal planner and grocery guide. The meal planner is eye catching, well designed and easy to understand with simple suggestions for grocery items that you need to complete your meal.

Each kit contains a bagel, muffin, cereal, bars, soup, cookies, pizza, and other entree dinners. Most of the things I tried were at least palatable, and some were to my surprise, actually good. The big magic trick in the box were snacks and desserts that contained good levels of protein, something that is hard to find off the grocery store shelf.

They were also pretty tasty. Portion size is really what is being sold here. Case in point are the bagels. The honey bagel was good and contained about calories. The average bagel found in bakeries and on bread isles are more like calories plus. If you are middle aged like I am you probably remember a time when Lender's Frozen Bagels were all you could find in the average grocery store.

Guess how big they were? You guessed it, the same size and calories as the Nutrisystem bagel. It just goes to show that our growing waistlines are probably related to the growing portion sizes now being offered. By the way, if you want a good deal on a bagel that is equivalent to the Nutrisystem bagel, although hard to find, you can still buy Lender's Frozen Bagels for about 3 bucks for a bag of 6. The kit was all color coded and laid out for perfect portions at the perfect time.

If you eat just the entrees I promise you, you will be hungry. Be sure and fill in your meals with the suggested grocery store foods and you will probably be somewhat full depending on your appetite.

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