3 Day Juice Fast Plan

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Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle
For the turbo cycle will there be any fat ok breakfast? Mandura offers a risk free 30 day trial and full refund. How long would you recommend staying with the turbo cycle before going back to the extreme? Hi, I have one other question please. Those have a lot of protein in them. Can I drink herbal tea ie mango and cinnamon?

Anabolic steroid

Le-Vel's Thrive product line encompasses several nutritional formulas each specifically targeted to men, women or "lifestyle". The supplements are marketed in conjunction with Le-Vel's eight week "THRIVE Experience" which the company claims will help individuals experience peak physical and mental levels.

To participate in the Le-Vel opportunity as a Brand Promoter and earn commissions, a rep must be both "qualified" and "active". To be "qualified" requires the purchase or sale of at least "PV" worth of products since enrollment. To be "active" requires maintaining personal or customer orders totalling at least PV per month. Doctor's Wellness is the marketing arm of the company known as ViaViente, which was established in ViaViente is a blend of 13 whole food purees that formulated to support health and increase energy.

TruVision Health is a health and wellness company who, through their products and opportunities for partners, encourages people to live healthier lives. TruVision Health's mission is "to provide the highest quality products for health and weight management on the market and help people to change their lives through our culture and our business opportunities.

Kannaway is a multilevel marketing lifestyle company launched in April with a focus on nutritional products containing hemp oil. Sanki Global is a multilevel marketing company that distributes a line of supplements based on Japanese health and wellness technologies.

Sanki uses additive-free ingredients, fermentation technology and ''green nano-biotechnology'' to ensure the nutrients in its supplements are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Sanki Global's products are BelAge, a supplement formulated to support cellular health, and Kronuit, a weight loss product. Brain Abundance, launching January 15, , is a multilevel marketing company offering dietary supplements formulated to support healthy brain performance.

Brain Abundance's Brain Fuel Plus is a daily supplement containing Astaxanthin, Sensoril, Amino Acids and 10 other ingredients, formulated to support cognitive function, memory, mental clarity, and mood.

It is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. David Friedman has a significant background in the field of nutrition, having written books and articles for health magazines, hosting TV and Radio shows and conducting training and seminars, and appears as a health expert on the Lifetime Television network's morning show, "The Balancing Act". The company's flagship product is ChewsHealth, a natural chewable supplement containing whole food vitamins, minerals, amino acids, macro minerals, trace minerals, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants.

This flagship product was followed by four additional proprietary products: ChewsHealth represents a way to live a healthier lifestyle while providing a home-based business opportunity solution for a wide variety of individuals ranging from entrepreneurs to stay at home mothers.

ChewsHealth has operations in 25 markets around the world including: In addition we can ship directly to customers in over countries. DXN is a multilevel marketing company that produces and sells Ganoderma products. DXN products include dietary supplements, coffee, tea and other beverages, and personal care products. The company cultivates Ganoderma on its own farms and develops, produces and packages its own products.

DXN products do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives, coloring or flavors. Day 1 has taken business and the whole world of network marketing and turned it into a game with the launch of the 'Money Board'. The 'Money Board' is a board displaying income you earn from products sales of both inside and outside your organization. Day 1 Corporation calls their members and customers "Consumers for Charity". Members are not required to donate any Day 1 earnings in order to participate in the Day 1 business model, or receive compensation from Day 1.

Day 1's products include Day Café Slim, a coffee with green coffee bean extract; Body Allure from Day 1, a cellulite therapy cream; Dr. Max's Raw Superfood Mix, a vitamin-enriched, plant-based formula that is gluten-free and high in protein and fiber; Energy from Day 1, a concentrate formulated to increase energy, sharpen focus and improve mood; and PetroMaxx Plus, a fuel catalyst designed to improve fuel economy and increase engine performance.

Day 1 Corporation looks to launch a new product every quarter. Limitless Worldwide, which will officially launch in February , is a network marketing company offering skin care, weight loss, and nutritional products. Limitless Worldwide's products lines are Timeless, a skincare regimen, Effortless, a weight loss system, and Ageless, energy and nutritional supplements. QNET, formerly QuestNet, is a direct selling company offering products in various categories such as nutrition, personal care, home care, fashion accessories, collectibles, and communications through an e-commerce platform.

QNET's vision is ''to be the global eCommerce leader within the direct selling industry, leveraging this position so as to be a positive influencer in the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities around the world.

Essanté Organics is a multilevel marketing company founded in with a goal to improve healthy living. The company's organic, certified organic and chemical-free personal care, anti-aging, weight loss, nutritional, alkalizing, and home care products are sold exclusively through its Independent Product Consultants.

Essanté Organics' products, website, educational materials and self-development and business trainings focus on green living. Essanté Organics products are based on a philosophy of comprehensive wellness through whole-food nutrition, stress management, detoxification, and proactive healthcare.

Univera is based in Seattle and has been in business since Univera's products include supplements for energy, stress management, metabolism support, digestive health, joint comfort, immune support, heart health, and weight management, as well as personal care products.

Univera applies pharmaceutical science to botanical product development, employing 50 full-time scientists and cultivating over 10, acres of farm land. FREZZOR, currently in pre-launch, offers all-natural meal replacement, performance products, and nutritional supplements formulated by experts in medicine, nutritional science, and natural solutions. Ludaxx is a network marketing company founded in and based in Draper, UT that offers all-natural health and wellness products.

Each Ludaxx product is designed to perform one specific function. Terra Biotech is a nutritional company that was founded by the husband of a cancer patient when he went in search of ways to help her.

The company, based in Dallas, offers a line of nutritional beverages formulated with "superfoods", botanicals and herbs grown in areas of the world with nutrient-rich soils. The foundation of Terra Biotech's product line is Nectr CORE, which contains antioxidants and plant nutrients selected for their ability to boost immunity, vitality, support the digestive system and fight free radicals.

SevenPoint2, launched in October and based in Newport Beach, California, offers a line of nutritional supplements designed to help maintain an inner pH of 7. SevenPoint2 is introducing a "72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge", a weight loss program based on maintaining ideal inner pH by avoiding certain foods and using the company's products. All of SevenPoint2's products are designed to help people achieve and maintain what the company calls an "alkaline lifestyle".

These products include Greens, a supplement designed to detoxify the body; Vegan Shake, a vegetarian source of low carbohydrate protein with naturally-occurring amino acids; Alkaline Booster, designed to bring the body from acidic pH levels to alkaline; and Coffee Drops, which makes acidic beverages more alkaline.

Green Organics, based in Westerville, Ohio, is a network marketing company that offers natural and organic nutritional supplements. Green Organics' products include multivitamins, supplements for cardiovascular health, weight loss, detoxifying, skincare, and nutritional supplements for pets.

Green Organics donates a portion of each sale to Kids Against Hunger, a food aid organization which distributes meals to hungry children and their families in the USA and around the world. VitaMist Spray Vitamins, based in Phoenix, Arizona, sells vitamin and nutritional supplements through its network of independent representatives, known as Team Members. VitaMist Spray Vitamins are packaged in a patented oral spray delivery system that allows thousands of micro-sized droplets to be taken into the body through the mouth's tissue.

VitaMist formulations are manufactured in America without fillers or by-products. The company has over 50 formulations to meet various needs. Morinda Bioactives, formerly known as Tahitian Noni International, is a multi-level marketing company that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant to the world outside of Tahiti.

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Morinda Bioactives has a presence in over 70 markets worldwide. Morinda Bioactives' beverages and supplements are based on the noni plant, known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia. Tahitians and other Polynesians have traditionally used noni for its health benefits.

Noni contains an unusually broad range of bioactives including iridoids, lignans, coumarins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Bioactives are chemical compounds that produce biological activity within the body. Union Springs Wellness, based in Erlanger, KY, is a direct sales company that offers a line of germ protection products that were originally developed to protect police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

Union Springs also offers hand sanitizer, laundry products, fabric refresher, dishwasher detergent, dishwashing liquid, household surface cleaner and wipes, and floor cleaner. Union Springs Wellness reps or "Wellness Ambassadors" share tips and information about wellness and introduce products at demonstrations, where hosts can earn free products.

NatLA Natural Life Advantage is a health and wellness company based in Dallas, Texas that sells products to support balanced nutrition, weight loss and energy through its network of independent distributors.

NatLA is currently in pre-launch. The company's flagship product is YouthJuice, a nutritional beverage containing berries and sea vegetables.

YJ Sciences claims that each bottle of YouthJuice contains seven pounds of berries and can improve energy, mental focus, mood, metabolism, mobility, immunity, digestion, detoxification and the appearance of skin, hair and nails. Scheduled for an April launch, the ViSi pronounced vee-SIGH will offer nutritional, energy and weight loss products featuring its proprietary Scandinavian Berry Blend containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas and other phytonutrients.

Kyäni, formerly Ky-äni Sun, offers a line of nutritional supplements containing wild Alaskan blueberry. Akea, founded in , offers a nutritional supplement containing nutrients found in the diets of communities around the world that have the healthiest and longest-lived populations.

Akea Essentials is a powder nutritional supplement that must be mixed with juice or water. Essentials contains a combination of whole foods, herbs, spices, grains, enzymes, probiotics, and fibers.

ZoiVi, founded in and based in North Carolina, markets a "complete purification system for a healthier and more energized life. ZoiVi's products include supplements for liver function, weight loss, cleansing and energy, as well as multivitamins and enzymes.

The company is based in Southern California and manufactures all of its products in the United States. LifePharm Global Network's flagship product is Laminine, a nutritional supplement containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids which the company claims can enhance memory, mood, libido, skin and hair health, and energy, and improve sleep.

Justin Chernalis, founding partner wanted to provide functional, organic, chemical-free anti-aging alternatives to consumers. All products contain no processed sugar, no salt, corn syrup, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, synthetic sweeteners or additives. Regeneration USA's affiliate program is a hybrid between network marketing and a direct sales program which provides the opportunity for their affiliates to maximize their commissions by placing products on stores shelves in addition to selling directly online and to end consumers.

More than 3 million distributors have joined the company to date. Destiny sells a variety of products including personal care, nutritional supplements, electronics, household items, and educational cds. Adaptogenix was launched in March as a privately-held company, and acquired by Youngevity in August, Adaptogenix's products are dietary beverage supplements based on adaptogen science, which identifies certain plants or herbs as having the ability to increase the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.

Adaptogenix's products are Tazza Di Vita, a blend of organic coffee and several adaptogens, and Renu IQ, a beverage supplement containing a blend of adaptogens, vitamins and resveratrol. The company claims these products have powerful anti-aging effects along with other health benefits. BodHd, launched in March , is a health and nutrition company based in Southern California. The BodHD product line includes BLD - an enzyme and probiotic supplement, Daily - a multi-vitamin, Radiant - a supplement for skin, hair and nails, and P3 - designed to help the body recover from physical and mental stress.

SoZo, founded in and based in Henderson, Nevada, markets products based on CoffeeBerry, the berry that grows on coffee plants. SoZo Functional Beverage is made with CoffeeBerry and other fruit and vegetable extracts, one serving of which contains the antioxidant equivalent of 21 servings of fruits and vegetables. SoZo also offers a gourmet coffee product. Zotango was announced as a prelaunch company with a target launch date of April The company marketing videos announced four products which Zotango claims included all natural ingredients, superfruits, and 21 essential minerals.

The current status or the LLC is reported as revoked. Skinny Body Care's flagship product is Skinny Fiber. The company claims that Skinny Fiber assists in weight loss by expanding in the stomach and suppressing appetite, blocking fat absorption and stimulating metabolism. In addition, Skinny Fiber is also supposed to increase vitamin and mineral absorption, improve blood sugar imbalances and slow aging. The main ingredients are Char De Bugre, caralluma extracts and glucomannan dietary fiber.

New members receive training supplies, tools and a replicated website. HAVVN formed a partnership with the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Nutritional Genomics and contributes to the center in its pursuit of scientific discovery and breakthroughs related to the field of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. Versativa is the ForeverGreen trademark name for Hemp. Versativa Network's products are nutritional supplements featuring hemp seed. According to the company's website, it will be actively supporting the hemp movement with initiatives like starting a petition for legalizing hemp growth in the United States.

Versativa's products include Hemphoria, a whole hemp seed concentrate, Pulse, a proprietary raw food blend containing hemp seeds, nuts, and fruit, and Inspirin, a nutritional supplement for stress and pain relief.

Nuvia3 is a California-based, privately-owned company that markets natural energy and weight loss supplements, as well as a skincare line.

Nuvia3 also markets Eternalist Skin Care. Company Goals Nuvia3's stated mission is "to enrich the vitality and prosperity of people around the world with our unique nutritional products and lucrative business opportunity, all while providing each individual person with a true sense of community as we work together to support charitable foundations. Founded in , It Works Global offers beauty and wellness products through network marketing. The concept for It Works Global was created to provide professional quality beauty and wellness products to consumers at affordable prices.

It Works Distributors market body slimming products and the It Works botanically based skin care line through the companies marketing and compensation program. RBC's stated goal is to bring "better nutrition for better health" to a worldwide audience. Howard's research into the properties of the Aloe Vera plant. Marvalous markets an Omega 3 product derived from sage.

According to Marvalous Online, Agro Science Company purchased the rights to a protected patent in , and the company Magnetika Interactive was established to sell the Omega 3 oil to businesses. Magnetika later opened daughter company Marvalous to serve the private sector. Marvalous was established in and is headquartered in Israel. Yipiz is a network marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah, established in Yipiz was founded by Brett Bastion, who also serves as the company's president.

Yipiz Mission Statement is to help people better their lives with health, financial opportunities, and the opportunity to save lives in 3rd world counties.

When joining as a Yipiz Independent Business Owner, entrepreneurs purchase the Yipiz IBO Business Kit in addition to digital tools and a back office, where they can manage their business online. The back office also provides real time tracking of clicks and sales. Wela pronounced ''WELLA'' has offices located in Springfield, Missouri, and claims to have created a franchise-like system with a revenue sharing plan that meets the needs of the novice to the experienced marketer.

Wela's flagship product is Slimberry, an antioxidant formula sold in a bottle of concentrated nutritional drops. Slimberry contains minerals, zeolites, fulvic minerals, vitamin D3, and extracts of Acai berry and Maqui berry, Moringa, Black Currant, and Pomagranate. Bottles are delivered on autoship, and Wela states that you may cancel at any time. Trevo is a new nutritional beverage with headquarters in Oklahoma City.

Trevo's stated mission is to empower, restore, renew and revive dreams. Their goal is to build a compensation program with "unprecedented rewards". Trevo's primary product is a nutritional beverage formulated from natural supplements. Trevo claims the drink contains over varieties of nutraceuticals, such as acai berries, coral calcium and super greens gleaned from all over the world.

Stevens states his company is on a quest to become "the greatest health, wellness and lifestyle company in history. The company claims that the drink is laden with natural supplemental nutrition from the earth and sea, and is beneficial for anyone from the age of two or older. The PH balanced drink is designed to restore mental and physical vitality, renew the body with phytonutrient-rich blend of essential fatty acids, fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables, and revive the body's immune system.

LiveSmart is a new company which sells patent-pending natural health products. This method, according to their website, uses a "rapid increase of osmotic pressure to speed absorption, enabling the body to take maximum advantage of the nutrients in foods and supplements.

Others are claimed to provide weight loss, energy boosting or sleep enhancing assistance. LiveSmart also markets NutraSmart products designed to be packed with antioxidants and other nutrients.

Consumers can choose to purchase muscle and joint supplements, or supplements to ensure one is getting all the nutrient benefits from greens and fruits. Another natural supplement is Ellagic acid, a otent anti-oxidant said to encourage healthy cell growth and reduce unhealthy cells from flourishing.

The company's approach is to provide scientifically-proven health and longevity products. The testing assures the levels of potency called the Heath Nutrient Status Assessment which guarantees their natural products are beneficial, nutritious and vitamin enriched. Recent scientific research, backed by The Journal of American Medical Association as early as , has linked many chronic diseases to a suboptimal vitamin absorption.

Genasante believes in testing to make sure their product line has the recommended strengths. The company's natural products include both internal, digestive supplements and external skin care for face and body including mud spa treatments. Their digestible products are gluten-free as well as sugar and artificial sweetener void. Ceregenix is an alliance of Promethean Corporation and the NeoStem Group, an adult stem cell collection and research company.

Ceregenix debuted in , and was formerly known as Ceres Living. Ceregenex stated mission is to provide products that combine advanced products for health and wellness with the opportunity to build an independent business through the vehicle of network marketing and direct sales industries. RevvNRG is an MLM company offering an exotic juice and tea beverage known by the same name, which the company claims can alleviate fatigue and stress, boost immunity, sharpen mental clarity, improve circulation, aid in weight loss and help battle free radicals.

RevvNRG's stated mission is to ensure that every person can experience a more free, active, and healthy lifestyle. The RevvNRG web site claims that the company places the well-being of the South American rainforest as its core ideal, by donating a portion of all profits to rainforest conservation.

RevvNRG is a beverage utilizing the benefits of some of the most commonly used exotic ingredients in many superfruit juices on the market.

The company claims these ingredients are considered by many to be the current most nutritious ingredients known to alleviate fatigue and stress, boost immunity, sharpen mental clarity, improve circulation, aid in weight loss and help battle free radicals. The home business opportunity begins with RevvNRG's "Extreme Compensation Model," which claims to have the potential to generate several thousands of dollars a month in a short period of time and allows experienced team builders to "command six figure earnings and beyond in record time.

Headquartered in Florida, One24 is scheduled to launch in August, One24 is helmed by Mark Seyforth, who claims to have been involved in the founding of Herbalife. The company's primary product is NatraBurst. One24 describes the product as a mix that is high in fiber, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

Elur is a network marketing company based out of Florida that is geared toward producing nutritional products that enhance health, nutrition, balance and longevity. Information about the company is limited at present but consists of details of the company foundation and product line, as well as their linear compensation plan.

Elur will be releasing a series of four core products and unveiling their unique compensation plan at their launch in July, The Elur company is focused on anti-aging and the development of wealth through the use and sale of its products. The company compensation plan is a linear model, offering payouts of not only downline distributor sales, but also side reaching members as well.

According to Elur, this means that everyone who joins the company under you becomes a potential source of income producing streams.

Elur's mission is to remain "dedicated to the advancement of the science of anti-aging and wealth development. ELUR has positioned itself through its unique and in demand product lines and one of a kind distributor compensation model to effectively address and solve the two key issues of poor health and unbalanced wealth.

Livethesource produces a liquid multi vitamin that includes a selection of nutrient-rich herbs, in addition to an "All Natural Patented Nanotechnology". The company is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and maintains that its goal is to create unique, pure, high-quality, healthful lifestyle products using cutting edge scientific technology, and second, to offer an opportunity to fulfill dreams by affecting positive change and life-long healthy transformation, helping people to be better physically,spiritually and financially.

True2life is a nutritional company that produces enzyme-based health products such as yogurts, shakes, and vitamins. Life is a gift and that fact becomes increasingly self-evident as we allow the body to function the way it was originally designed. We are dedicated to helping those that desire a more full and complete life to achieve their goals with the assistance of our products, our experience and our love.

XOWii is an MLM company based out of Costa Mesa, California, that markets three separate juice based vitamin and neutraceutical enhanced drinks, designed to help promote weight loss, boost energy, and provide the body with essential vitamins. XOWii sells its products solely through its distributors, who may decide how they want to sell the product, whether it is through traditional MLM methods, or any innovative or creative venture of their choosing.

Syntec offers both products for retailers as well as business opportunities for network marketing entrepreneurs.

Syntec is currently located in Vacaville, CA. Its manufacturing plant is located in Hillsboro, Wisconsin. Vollara was founded under its parent company Electrolux USA, an appliance manufacturer that found its origins in The general product line produced by Vollara includes health products such as energy pills, weight loss supplements, air purification products as well as water treatment supplies.

The company's mission statement is to: Vollara markets a line of pill based health products that include carbohydrate absorption pills, vitamins, weight loss supplements, colon cleansing tablets and a line of soy and whey-based proteins. Asea is based chemically on scientific discoveries made more than 16 years ago by a group of medical professionals, engineers and researchers. The Asea nutritional supplement utilizes antioxidants that are claimed to be effective in fighting off disease and slowing down the process of aging.

Asea also claims their product contains a reactive element that helps fight off free radicals from damaging the body and its immune system. The company states that there are two types of this reactive substance in Asea, one that is responsible for activating antioxidants, fights free radicals and reduces oxidative stress and another that participates in intra- and inter-cellular damage control communications, cellular protection and aids in boosting the healing response.

Genesis Pure is a network marketing company offering nutritional supplements and naturally enhancing and restorative juice drinks. The company website offers IBO's extensive training, community message boards and blogs, new happenings within the company, and tips and support for building your business. EIRO Research primary product is EIRO super juice, which the company claims provides benefits in support of cardio and immune function, increased energy, stamina and mobility, and neutralizes oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging.

EIRO Research markets their products via network marketing and offers distributors five ways to earn money including retail profits, preferred customer bonus, team building, infinity bonus designed for those seeking to build a large corporation and giving them commissions on every order in their organization , and check matching bonuses.

NSA launched the Juice Plus division in as a nutritional supplement, expanding on their existing air filter, water filter, and educational product lines. Maakoa offers a variety of products to promote health, fitness and personal care. The company opened their doors officially on July 4, , with their primary product Koopuwa.

According to press releases, "Maakoa seeks to reignite the health and wellness revolution by providing innovate products and creating a culture of excellence and success. Founded by some of the most respected names in the direct sales industry, Maakoa's mission is simple: Velocity International Marketing is a division of Healing America, a privately held company founded in in Owensboro, Kentucky. Healting America started in a square foot building and now occupies a 56, square foot facility in Owensboro.

Tasting Parties give attendees the opportunity to experience Patagonian Maqui Juice and participate in the opportunity. NuVerus is a network marketing company offering nutritional, energy and weight loss products containing Black Seed Nigella Sativa as the staple nutrient. The company's products, sold exclusively through its Independent Business Associates, include NuVerus Plus, a wellness drink, NuVerus Energy, an energy drink containing natural caffeine and organic juices, and a weight management system.

The company has a contest called the "NuBody Challenge" for those participating in its weight management system. Ultra International, located outside of Kansas City, Missouri, is a 20 year old manufacturing and distributing company.

Ultra International offers over unique products. Evolv Health is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and the company site states that they have done more than 15 years of research and scientific development into the Evolv proprietary beverage formulas. The company offers programs for personal development, as well as high-quality natural products, designed to help people lose weight or achieve their personal fitness goals.

Yoli's products include the Better Body Day Transformation System, which promises that users will see results as soon as 48 hours after starting, and can also lose pounds in just 7 days of use. Clinical trials for the Better Body System are available online at Yoli's web page. Other products include YES, a nutritional shake, Alkalete, a patented pH supplement, Thermo Burn, a natural energy formula sold in the form of capsules, and several other health and energy formulas made from all natural ingredients.

Cal Nutriscience founders decided to focus on an innovative weight loss nutrition program and products to design a company and reward-focused pay plan for their business.

The business opportunity is based on sales of the Core 4 product line via direct marketing with bonus system of profit making. Enlyten, a multi-level marketing and direct sales company, manufactures and distributes thin dissolving strips for the benefit of improving health, energy, and sleep. The company website, dated , states that distributors are offered the opportunity to earn income from 12 streams; with generations forming one step up from independent distributor, and company matched checks starting 4 tiers up the ladder.

Enlyten further boasts a team of medical professionals including a cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, and chief of medical staff, among others. The company is not on the stock exchange, and therefore no financial data is available at this time. Beachbody is a health and fitness company that got its start 11 years ago when its founder and current CEO, Carl Daikeler, began selling health and fitness products using telemarketing.

The company is dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals through the use of nutrition and exercise with the help of motivation and commitment. The Beachbody program offers a full line of nutritional supplements and fitness programs on DVD, as well as the Team Beachbody Club, where members can receive diet and exercise advice and have access to trainers. Vemma is a family-run company from the creators of New Vision.

Vemma operates from a 26, square foot home office in Scottsdale, Arizona with a 25, square-foot distribution center. Vemma and their energy drink Verve are involved with several sports endorsements and sponsorships.

You can try a Vemma Free Sample Here. Nurishe is headquartered in Provo, Utah, and has the stated mission goal of nourishing people around the world through the highest quality live whole food nutrition and life-affirming education.

Nuriche contains the nutritional benefits of over 70 vegetables, seeds, fruits, sprouts and nuts. The product is consumed by adding the nutritional powder to water to provide the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. The Trump Network is the new name of a network marketing company owned by Donald Trump. Trump acquired Ideal Health and relaunched the company under his new name in October, Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, efusjon energy club markets a line of specialty energy beverages made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

According to the efusjon marketing materials, there are over 75 years combined experience between President and co-founder Robert Towles and the executive team. Synaura International is a new company founded by Dan Maltais. Synaura will be offering four formulas of Avia. Kiiera considers is VIV product a new aproach to healthy supplements. The product has antioxidant qualities, and the company claims their product begins where other super juice products leave off.

Healthient offers a line of healthy snacks and beverages through network marketing and direct-to-consumer channels. Healthient is committed to helping people achieve and maintain a healthy weight and to preventing childhood obesity. OneBode, a Holistic Health Company, has a goal of addressesing the need for individuals to have access to quality supplements. They offer high grade whole food nutrients proven by research to help nutritionally support the body - and help determine the amounts each customer needs.

OneBode primarily focuses on preventive maintenance of the body through holistic health approaches. This reward allows for unlimited friends, and up to four generations of their friends. According to the company marketing materials, eXfuze uses only the parts of the fruits that are viable and necessary; discarding the unusable portions in favor of adding ingredients that will be beneficially nutritious in a product that is competitively priced.

According to prelaunch information, Qivana is being launched by former principals of McKesson Pharmaceuticals and four former distributors from Tahitian Noni, Xango, Nuskin, and Usana. According to marketing pages posted about he company, the Qivana website prelaunch is scheduled for March 1, , with the company launch tentatively set for September or October, AloeBoost is an antioxidant product from Real Aloe, Inc. The mission of Zoegetics is to create a more positive and healthy lifestyle, one family at a time.

Zoegetics' flagship product is Zoe Life, a nutritional drink mix containing a powdered form of fruits and vegetables. Zoegetics will continue in its mission to influence a healthier lifestyle by introducing the "Zoe Wellness Web.

Zoegetics commits a percentage of profits to various charities. RightSize markets a meal replacement smoothie designed to be used in a weight loss program. RightSize Health and Nutrition Corporation is committed to customer service, prompt product shipping, media marketing and corporate branding. RightSize's radio advertisements engage local personalities who use and endorse RightSize products, thereby creating demand and business for local distributors.

RightSize distributors have the opportunity to earn income from their personal direct sales and to build a network of distributors to increase their income potential. In addition to earnings generated from direct sales, RightSize offers its distributors a bonus-based distributor network plan. MAXeGEN is committed to providing high-quality nutritional products to people who desire balance in their lives. MAXeGEN's compensation plan is designed to reward its distributors through all stages of their business growth.

Mandura offers a beverage containing ingredients from the Durian fruit and the Mangosteen combined with Brazilian Acai berry and the North American Blueberry. Mandura offers a risk free 30 day trial and full refund. Mandura Compensation Plan The Mandura compensation plan is a one leg, straight line one team compensation plan.

O3World offers products that combine lifestyle and nutritional ingredients to optimize weight management. O3World's distributors share the products through visual demonstration, DVDs, or online. O3World's parent company, Forever Green, is a public company which has been in business since and has a presence in more than 10 countries.

Founded and wholly owned by Noel and John Turner, the owners of Turner New Zealand, Inc and Turner Foods, the company plans to launch with their flagship product omega-3 and antioxidant to market through direct sales channels and distributors. Team Beachbody helps people meet their fitness goals with a combination of nutrition, exercise, motivation and commitment.

Team Beachbody offers a full line of nutritional supplements and fitness programs on DVD, as well as the Team Beachbody Club, where members can find diet and exercise advice and have access to trainers. To help ensure results, a Coach is assigned to every Team Beachbody member. Team Beachbody Coaches are independent business owners who have the opportunity to receive financial rewards according to Team Beachbody's compensation plan. Commissions and cash bonuses are paid to Coaches who build successful business centers.

InnerLight is committed to offering products that enable consumers to experience "Inner Health and Outer Beauty". InnerLight brand products have been in existence for 15 years. Since , InnerLight independent distributors have been sharing InnerLight products with others. InnerLight products are now sold in 32 countries. It is InnerLight's stated mission to ensure that its distributors can build a secure financial future so they are free to help others join them on the path to health and wealth.

InnerLight has a website available to every InnerLight independent distributor for use in marketing their InnerLight business which is easy to navigate, simple to order from, and visually appealing. The new enhanced Virtual Offices include all the information necessary for a distributor to manage his or her downline organization and customer base, as well as a daily commission calculator to keep track of earnings and a system available to advise distributors on how to increase their income and advance their pay rank.

Ascential Bioscience was established by professionals in the fields of nutrition, fitness, elite physical performance, and weight management, who have pooled their knowledge and expertise to create a system for creating positive change in the lives of those who are looking to improve body weight and composition, athletic performance, health status, and overall energy and vitality.

Systems of Acential products have been created for specific application to health, performance, and weight management objectives. Ascential Independent Distributors may order Ascential products at a discount for personal consumption and for marketing to retail customers, and receive the Ascential Business Sourcebook, a compendium of business and marketing tools and guidelines, training and support, a replicated website to help market and manage their Ascential business, and membership in the Ascential Fitness Network with personally-customizable exercise, training, and menu plans.

Ascential's compensation plan is straightforward and easily understood and enables a quick start approach to starting a business. The YOR Health product line offers people the opportunity to improve their health and discover a path to financial freedom. YOR seeks to empower and educate people with the knowledge and tools to optimize health and discover their potential for financial success. The YOR Health culture is based on an integrated approach to health and to business.

YOR has tailored its training programs to give its distibutors the sales and marketing tools to develop their business and to encourage their personal developemnt. As baby boomers continue to mature, they are placing a high importance on their health and the health of their families, creating a larger demand for wellness products. Health 4 Wealth has positioned itself to make the most of this trend by providing pharmaceutical grade supplements and a financial plan designed to improve the health and wealth of people all over the world.

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Keep me posted on your progress. I am in my third day of JOJ. Yesterday a horrible headache, just read could happen. Today I am better. The only way I could drink these juices is adding more fruits, ex. My question to you is, is still good this detox diet if at the end of the day I had 8 apples and 6 oranges? I will try to keep doing this diet as much as I can, though, I am getting tired, no because I am dying to eat because I am not unbelievable!!! Loli, you have to come to a decision and decide if being bored with your juices for a few more days or weeks is worth the reward of your health.

I know it is well worth it. When you add more fruits you are adding more sugar. If you consume too much sugar it will get stored as fat. Lowering your sugar intake will help lose or maintain weight. You can do anything for a week or two if you really want to. Take a look at the substitution list http: Try heading into the recipe section of the JOJ forums and see whats there. There are some delicious soup recipes that you can enjoy with your boyfriend too.

And will me being loaded up with pain pills going to kill the whole purpose of doing a juice cleanse? Megan, welcome to JOJ! As far as your meds stick to them and use them for pain as needed like your dentist will tell you. Let me know what happens. So I discussed it with the dentist before the surgery, and he suggested against it, but not for the reasons I was worried about. He said that with all the antibiotics and narcotics I would be on, I really needed to be taking them with solid food to avoid nausea.

Megan, if you start juicing but stick to plant based foods when taking your medications, that would be a great start for you.

Let me know how things turn out. Hey Donnie, I was doing some research on fasting and came across your site. I was encouraged by your readers comments and I wanted to chat with you. I have been struggling with weight loss for about 5 yrs now. However, with that said, I am above ground and grateful. During that time, I have put on approx 40 lbs and I can not stand it any longer. I visited my doctor and test revealed that my thyroid is sub-optimal.

Perimenopausal and low thyroid makes it very difficult to loose wt. I have contemplated a juice fast for some time and just recently watched a documentary by Joe Cross fat,tired and almost dead.

Anyway, I viewed it and was amazed. I have been doing mostly a plant based diet for about a yr now and still struggling. I do struggle with carbs of the flour kind. My doctor informs me that a low thyroid can prevent wt loss and white flour foods. I want to do a 10 day juice fast challenge and then re-evaluate.

If all is well, repeat the 10 days. My ultimate goal is to do a 30 day fast. Then begin a plant based diet afterwards. My doctor has me on antidepressants and thyroid medication. He wants me to continue them while on this fast and hopefully, I will be able to reduce then completely stop the antidepressant.

Is it as safe as I think it is to do a 30 day fast? Also, I do have an embarrassing question….. If I am successful with a 30 day fast, I know you absorb the nutrients, but do you not have a BM for the entire time? I am somewhat concerned about an issue like that. In the documentary, Joe Cross did it for 60 days no pooping for 60 days makes my stomach hurt.

He does looks awesome though AND was able to discontinue his medications. Another man featured in the documentary was a truck driver named Phil. In the end when I viewed this man playing with his son and then running, I was hooked. I know this has been long and winded, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. However, I would like to know your thoughts on the 30 day fast. Just keep listening to your body.

If you feel you can go on after 10 days then do so. It may also be good to schedule a doctors visit after the first 15 days to get a check up. Let me know how things go Linda.

Donnie, what do you suggest for someone who has IBS, candidiasis, and a slow motility rate digestively? I could never digest oz oz of liquid water or otherwise fast enough in time for the next juice. Would I be better off doing ounces of each times a day? Any comments would be helpful.

Rita, one thing that you should understand when you juice is that juice is not digested but absorbed. I think you will be fine if you stick to the plan. How long in advance can you juice while still receiving the benefits? Can I juice a days worth of juice at once? I would get all my prep done the night before so I could have my morning juice fresh and then bring a few to work with me. Depending on what type of juicer you have you may be able to juice them. Stay away from blenders until after your juice fast.

They are great for smoothies when you come off of your fast Brian. I just stumbled to your site by chance. I am planning to start my 3 day cleanse. I would love my husband to join in too. He is diabetic, so I wanted to know if you have any advice for him. Also, use plenty of produce that contains protein. I wish you both the best. Piper, why was your first attempt a failure? I would stop with the supplements assuming they are protein or other nutritional supplements but continue with any medications you are on.

Hi Donnie, Today is my third day being on a 3-day cleanse. The first two days were awful,but my third day is going great. I do not crave solid food and feel a lot energized today. I think I will add four more days and jump to a 7-day cleanse.

In two days I have lost 4 pounds and my aim is to lose 26 pounds more. I have few questions for you. If I forget to take my juice to work which I often do , how can I pass the rest of my day without fainting? There are few convenient store and a grocery store. What would be the best thing to buy from there? Are tropicana juices alright? Also, what should I do when I crave salt? Samir, congrats on day 3 of your juice fast!

Stay away from any store bought juices if you can. The only one I would suggest you have if you are in a pinch is the green juice from naked juice. Everything else is just going to load you up with sugar. As far as a salty taste, include more celery into your juices. Celery contains natural sodium and works well to help with that craving. Let me know if you have any questions Samir. Thanks again for your advice, you have no idea how grateful I am to you for inspiring me to regain my health!

I got it now. Congrats on completing day 3 Ivette! Donny, thank you so much for creating this site! A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across your site and read through for a couple of days and then tried out the 3 day cleanse. I lost 5 pounds and felt better overall because it allowed me to stop kick my caffeine addiction. I took a break from the clean eating for a bit because we had family visiting us for a week but because I was eating smaller portions, I continued to lose a few pounds.

I decided to do another juice fast because other than drinking coffee, I started to pick up on some of my old bad eating habits, which included, indulging in sweets and overeating. My goal is to get down to which is a few pounds more than what I weighed 12 years ago when I got married, before having 3 kids. I was always blessed with a fast metabolism and consequently was able to eat anything I wanted without it changing the outer appearance of my body.

However recently because of years of poor food choices I became overweight according to my standards and though my only health complaint were migraine headaches, I knew that I needed to improve the quality of my internal health.

I may stay on the cleanse after tomorrow, I will play it by ear. I will say that this time around, I have not been as tempted to eat as I was on my first cleanse. Example, today I only had 3 all day.

I ended up getting a headache today, I guess it was because I needed more nutrients in my body. I very much dislike kale and cucumbers also but I usually add cucumbers because they render a lot of liquid. I understand that my palate may change after continued cleanses, at least I hope it does.

Anyhow, I have stopped adding celery and beets to my juices also as I felt sick to my stomach just with the smell. I wish I was like some of you that drink it quickly and find it tasty even.

Sarivette, congrats on your juice fast and your weight loss. Not all juices are going to taste great to all people. The substitution list is a great place to start: You should be drinking your juices within 15 minutes to get the max benefits from them.

Juices are absorbed within 15 minutes of you consuming them. Find juices that you like and experiment with those. Start with taking a recipe you really enjoy and then try substituting 1 or 2 things in it.

This is a great way to not only experiment but to try out new ingredients. The juices per day is just a figure. Everybody is different and some people can go with only 3 juices per day. So as long as you listen to your body, you will be fine. A enjoyable juice makes a huge difference. I wish you all the best Sarivette. Thanks Donny, your advice is most helpful. I plan to experiment with different vegetable combinations like you suggested.

I do enjoy a few of the recipes that you have posted, but they tend to be the sweet ones that one would consume in the morning. Try not to force yourself to drink them, start out making juices that you really enjoy, even if they are more fruity. After a while start to use less fruit and more veggies. Your body will adjust. Beatrice, a Vitamix is not a viable option for juicing.

Read this article for a more in depth answer as to why you must use a juicer to juice: As far as the recipes go, mix and match them anyway you like. Let me know if you have any questions Beatrice. Hi Donnie, 1st day on juice diet.. So far so good. Can I drink herbal tea ie mango and cinnamon? Emma, congrats on day 1 of your juice fast!

Herbal tea is great to drink while on the fast! Try to keep it decaf if possible. Cinnamon and mango sound delicious and I bet make for a good tea!

For example the 6 suggested recipes called for 8 apples where the shopping list said 24, and 14 cucumbers where 4 and a half will do. Eddie, take a closer look at the plan. If you follow all 6 juices that comes out to be 8 apples per day. No need to sellotape them back on the tree. I think you are looking at it from the perspective of 3 juices per day. In actuality you will have between juices per day as you feel hungry.

I hope this helps to clarify it up a bit for you. Let me know if you have any questions Eddie. Just have one question. Can I drink just 1 cup of milk with a little coffee in it in morning? Caffeine is a toxin you try to rid your body of when you go on a juice fast. You can take tylenol or ibuprofen while you are on the juice fast. Once you overcome the caffeine withdraw it will be easy for you. You can do it Rati!

Just choose any 4, 5, or 6 juices and everything is there for you to get started. Have the morning ones towards morning, the lunch juices around lunch, and the dinner ones later on in the afternoon as you feel hungry. Everyone is different so you may only need 4 juices whereas some people might need 6.

Let me know if you have any questions Angie. After the detox , since you dont eat actual meals. Do you gain all the weight back? Cause I see this as basically just a liquid diet but when foods come back so does the weight.

Also , be careful when you finally eat , dont eat like you normally would. You will have to find a restroom pretty fast. Not to sound disgusting , but im telling you that going from liquid to solid takes a toll on your digestive system.

Eat light and eat right BTW , these juices sound better than the Oz detox. Amy, if you go back to your previous eating habits, of course you will gain back the weight.

Juicing not only helps you lose weight but helps you to get on a better diet once you are off the fast. Read through this article as it will help you to understand how best to eat after your fast: I just started on the juice cleanse! I want to use it going into a new diet! But, I bought a juicer like you said, but I bought a citrus juicer… and I do not think this was the correct machine to buy… will this still work?

Coral, shoot me a link to the brand and model of the citrus juicer that you purchased. Going to give the 3-day fast a try. Daphne, congrats on 88 pounds lost. How long did it take you to lose the weight while on weight watchers?

As far as substitutions just take a look at the substitution list here: I am going to try this juicing fast but I have a few questions. I wanted to know about bananas. You do not have that listed. I have bought fruits and veggies but how will I know if I am doing it right or giving my body what it needs if I make my own juices.

Can I do fruits without veggies in am and included veggies in afternoon and evening drinks. I really want to know becuase I am really excited about this and I would like to do it correctly.

I need to lose pounds and I need to feel better due to some health issues and I believe this will cleanse my body and give me more energy throughout my day. Thanks for your website it really has give me a boost reading others comments. Use at least 5 or more ingredients. Make sure I use at least one protein rich ingredient kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, etc. Juices are at least 16 ounces. If you stick to that and have between juices per day, you will be fine Monica.

Let me know if you have any quetsions. I am encouraged with this site. Im also a newbie starting a 3 day juice diet. I want to cleanse, detox and lose weight. I have lost 16 normally but would like to lose my last Is this a morning noon and night thing or is it every 3.

Can we add a protein drink plus less fruit if we want to? Judy, welcome to JOJ! You should have between juices per day with each being about ounces. Just listen to your body and have a juice when you are hungry. If you must have extra protein then I would suggest only using a pure unflavored protein isolate powder to mix into your juices. This wont cause too much of a difference in your results either way.

Hi, I am almost done with day one and I must say I have never heard my stomach growl so loud in my life. I thought a monster was under my bed.

I had to take a long nap to save the fridge from my hunger lol. I saw that you said we should drink 4 juices but you only list 3 a day. I am trying the 3 day plan to see how I do, I have pounds to lose and I am getting married soon How much do you think it is possible to lose while juice fasting?

I am a judge foodie and love to eat…thank god for fast metabolism. However, I have a friend who is trying to loose around pounds and she was able to shed about 5 pounds in 3 days. I wish you best of luck and congrats on the upcoming marriage! After you go through detox that will stop.

Detox usually lasts days. There are six recipes for you to choose from on the list Ebonee. You should be taking in between juices per day based on how hungry you get. That will definitely help with your stomach issues.

You can have whatever juices you want to try out too. Feel free to experiment! I just saw your comment about detox lasting days. How do you know when you are out of it? This is the first time that I have gotten past a day. Your recipes are milder than others, which is helping me. I am down 2 pounds after the first day. Feel free to experiment with your recipes and try out new things if you want to.

It keeps it fun and exciting. Congrats on the weight loss so far, you are going to do great Dave! Does it get easier?

Mary, that dreadful feeling is because you are going through detox after years of your previous eating habits. Give your body time to undo all that and get back to a healthy state. The taste will get batter as your taste buds reset and adjust. Meaghan, read through the site. I recommend you have between juices per day with each being between ounces.

Norma, if you did that it would defeat the purpose of the juice fast. Eating any solids on the fast will work against it. Juicing works by resting, cleansing, and hydrating your digestive system.

Stick to the juice for a a few days and then start including solids. I just started juicing on Monday. Ok well sort of, I just make a mean green everyday and drink it. So Ive decided next week because I have a wine thing on Sat.

Im excited to try this. Nikki, congrats on committing to a 3 day juice fast! Try it out for 3 days and then extend it. Try rolling up your spinach or kale into a big ball when juicing it.

It will help you to get more juice out of them. Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you heather. It should work out fine for you.

Hi Donnie, I just got a juicer for my birthday yesterday, and I will be starting a juice fast tomorrow morning. I have been procrastinating this for a while now, but since I got the right kind of juicer, I am definitely going to start tomorrow. I am thinking I will start off with a 3 day fast, but my goal is 7 days, at the least.

I work hours a day, and my work day starts at 5am. Is it going to be ok to store my juice in the refrigerator here at work? And if so, what do you recommend for a container to put my juice in to keep it fresh the longest? Thanks for your information here and I will keep you posted!!

Happy Birthday Tammy and congrats on starting your juice fast! It will be fine to store your juices in the refrigerator at work. Just make them in the morning and keep them stored in air tight containers like mason jars or thermoses. Keep me posted on your status. Hi Donnie, thank you!! It was hard the first 2 days, but i feel better today!! Last night was the first time I have slept straight through the night in a very long time!!

Thank you for all the great tips and recipes!! I am going to move on to the 7 day, today is my 3rd day!! Congrats on 3 days and 5 pounds! I also noticed that my sleep patterns were much better than before my juice fast. Have an awesome day! I had been food tested last year and have cut out most of the gluten and dairy in my life. Currently once a day I am on a protein shake of Brown Rice and coconut milk have been doing this for close to a year.

A lot of salads with a protein for lunch and suppers. I have lost some weight, now I am hoping that this juice fast will kick start some more weight loss but most of all feeling more energized. I plan on being committed to this plan at least once a month for either 3 or 7 days. You have made this a lot easier than I thought possible. Thank you so much for all you help. Just one quick question: I train every day for about hours a day, not all at once, anyways, would it be a could idea to start the 3-day juicing or no?

If you want to lose that amount by the 28 this of this month though, you may be a little late in starting. Good luck in your tournament! Angela, there are 6 recipes and you can choose any if these for your three day fast. Hope you understand it better now. So much info to process I feel overwhelmed sometimes Keep calm and juice on! Your body needs to heal during this time. Listen to your body and when it tells you enough is enough you need to listen. Like you said, keep calm and juice on!

Thanks for the suggestion. But when do you think I can get back to running? Just depends on how I feel? I made the Morning Glory juice for my first breakfast on my 3 day fast and it is almost too sweet, even for me.

Heather, adding onions is a really great way to add some flavor to your juices. For the Bruschetta juice, start off with only 1 clove of garlic as it is strong. I was wondering about third day? The recipes are for three days Colleen. There are six recipes to choose from. You should have between four and six juices per day so feel free to have any juices you want.

Would adding an unflavored protein to eat drink do enough for me? Matt, you should be fine as long as you add an unflavored protein isolate to your juices and keep lifting. Kim, I come up with all my own recipes and plans. While I do consult with trained nutritionists, I am not one myself. Feel free to consult with your nutritionist if you have any concerns. Also, congrats on getting ready to start your fast! Thank you so much for this great blog!! Townley, congrats on starting your juice fast!

You can do this! Any problems with that? So I was able to convince 5 other people in my office to join in on the 3 Day Juice Fast Plan starting today. We thought there was strength in numbers to help get us through the challenge and we based our shopping off of the shortened list provided on this page.

Buying and make juice for everyone was quite the ordeal which was made more difficult by the fact that the shopping list was inaccurate to the point of excluding 5 items completely and not having the right counts for apples vs. Kurt, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting you fast! Sorry for the shopping list mishap. I had edited the page a while back and must have clipped the list short when I re-published it.

Thank you for pointing that out. Keep me posted on your fast Kurt! Sorry lots of questions…but one more for the day…my girl friends are having a body wrap party…is it safe to do body wraps while juicing? Go for it, have a great time! And in making my own recipe what it the suggested amount of fruits and vegetables for each glass of juice. Hope this answers your question. I LOVE sushi my favorite food and after the fasting, do you recommend to eat or avoid certain type of food?

Or can i go for my sushi? Also, do you recommend the use of spirulina? Can I put some mint leaves? Spirulina is also a good choice and mint leaves are fantastic in juices! Try out all of those fruits as they all juice well and add a spectacular flavor to any juice. Half the fun is experimenting and coming up with your own recipes. Have at it and happy juicing! I just started a 3 day Juice Fast today. How long after I drink that do i drink my breakfast juice?

Right away or should I be waiting? Dan, thanks for your comment! I typically have my water with lemon right when I wake up. Then I go about my morning routine and have my juice last before I leave the house. I will definitely be joning you on Monday the 15th.

I have been able to loose some weight with regular exercise and a low carb diet, but seem to have hit a plateau. I want to start with the 3 day Juice Fast plan and see if I can finally get rid of these last pounds. Thank you so much…. Rebecca, you are very welcome. I wish you and your husband the best of luck on your juice fast. I am wondering how one would do this that is in a car or office all day?

I used to prep my produce the night before and place each meal in its own gallon size ziploc bag. That way in the morning I just pulled out the bags, juiced each one, cleaned up and was on my way. Make sure you store them in a fridge and they will hold up. Mary, thanks for your comment. If your trainer has any doubts or questions just refer him to the site. First off thanks for making this site, it really is a good guide for those of us new to juicing!

My question is how much spinach do you use when substituting for kale? Maria, thanks for your comment! When substituting spinach for kale I find that I usually add a handful of spinach per two leaves of kale. You may add more if you like. What a great plan! My question is this: Can I just leave the carrots out of the recipe or should I substitute something else in its place and if so, then what?

Thank you for your comment Kathrynthemezzo! For carrots you may try substituting a fruit do to the sugar content. Or you could simply leave it out. But feel free to experiment and replace with anything you like. Emma, no you cannot use a blender. I wrote an article dedicated to this one topic because I get asked this question a lot.

This would add fiber to the juice and take you off of the juice fast. The juice fast works by putting your digestive system to rest. When you add solids into the mix you are kicking your digestive system back into gear. On the other hand, if you want to throw your juice in a blender and add in some ice it will work to make it a little colder and thicker.

Just make sure you are making your juice in the juicer and not the blender! Only use the blender to blend in the ice with your already made juice. Any suggestions on which juices I should make to get a lot of energy? Thank you in advance, and thank you for this blog, been reading it a lot! You should juice for a week to get the hang of it and then when you juice over the weekends it will be a breeze!

Juices with oranges in them will give you some good energy. You can also substitute oranges for apples on any of the recipes and they will be great!

The first three days you might feel sluggish due to your body going through detox but after that its an awesome feeling! Have a great time at summer camp and keep me posted. Starting day two of my first 3 day fast. Not too bad until last night. A slight headache at bedtime but woke up feeling refreshed. Like the energy rush from the juice. Congrats on day 2 Tim! You can take tylenol or ibuprofen if you get headaches.

It sounds like you are having normal detox symptoms. Marcy, that is part of the fast. Linda, protein is not a problem. You get plenty of protein from your greens. I suggest you read more of the site so you understand the juice fast completely. Also, make sure you read over the Juicing FAQ I put up, it contains the most commonly asked questions about juice fasting that I have gotten over the past 6 months.

You can find it at http: Liz R, you can drink tea. Stay away from black teas as they are high in caffeine. Just remember to still drink plenty of water. Andrea, thanks for your comment.

Yes, you should stop taking it unless it was ordered by a doctor. Hello, am starting the 7 day flush tomorrow was wondering are any of the other juices posted on the website interchangeable for the juices on the 7 day plan?? Also I work long hours so will not be available for each meal, do the juices keep well if prepared the night before?? Cara, congrats on starting your fast! All of the juices can be swapped out. Drink the ones you enjoy the most and feel free to experiment.

I have a few questions…. Do I juice the beet greens? And do I juice the whole orange,. Kadi, you can juice the greens if you want to. I usually do not juice the beet greens. Definitely peel the oranges as the orange peel is extremely bitter. Melanie, You can make your juices in the morning and take them to work with you as long as you store them in a fridge. Does this promote weight loss?

Hannah, among many other health benefits, weight loss will happen if you juice. Some people want to juice for the health benefits without losing much weight and that is possible also. You have to define your goals first and then set a path to reaching them. If losing weight is a goal of yours, juicing will be great for you! Hi Donnie, I just started juicing today…I have committed to 3 days but because today has been so easy for me I am thinking about going 7.

Who knows, I may go longer. I know I can put in or omit anything to my taste. There must be a reason why you have ginger in a lot of the recipes, what are the benefits.

Your web site is fantastic by the way, very informative. Sandy, congrats on starting your juice fast! Ginger is a great digestive aid, it also helps to relieve tummy pain, nausea, diarrhea, as well as morning sickness and travel sickness. Ginger is also a great anti-inflammatory and has the ability to eliminate cancerous ovarian cells.

But it does have a powerful taste so feel free to limit the amount you put in. Glad you enjoy the site! Let me know how your juice fast goes! I strongly dislike several vegetables, two of which show up in almost every recipe I have seen. Try replacing them with zucchini and romaine lettuce and see how it goes. Thanks for the ideas. Anytime Elizabeth, let me know how your drinks turn out. I was on a juice fast two weeks ago and used some of your suggested ingredients. One was blueberries, unfortunately my juicer made the blueberries like a sorbet, Unless you have a juicer that can juice soft fruits, soft berries will be a problem juicing.

Mcdoulble, What kind of juicer are you using? Most centrifugal juicers will juice softer fruits just fine. Found your page on Pinterest and boy did you come right on time I am not new to juicing started in Jan this year and slowly have lost about 20 lbs and I feel great , well with that being said I have 3 people including my daughter who would like to start a 3 day fast before going full speed ahead. Dana, congrats on losing 20 pounds!

Tell your friends to post often on the forum and get a group juice fast going. It will be great for them to have a place to post and chat about it. Thanks for the comment and congrats on your juice fast! Maybe you can join us for a group fast. How will it benefit my health for replacing just the one meal? Tracy, juicing only one meal a day will still be beneficial to your health.

Thanks for the comment Tracy! Just started juicing, with my first one in hand as we speak. Im somewaht nervous about the headaches, but I know that it is just my body detoxing. Also, Donnie do you or have you ever put an Emergen C packet in your juice? I did and figured it wouldnt hurt. You want to stay just on juice for the duration of your fast. Let the nutrients from the fresh fruits and veggies do their job with as little interference as possible.

Enjoy, and congrats on just starting! I suggest you head to the forums http: I enjoy frozen fruit. Is it OK to use frozen fruit in a bag from the grocery store in these recipes? Frozen produce maintains its nutritional value but has to be thawed out in order to juice.

Hey, thanks for the amazing information! I really cant stand celery, can you suggest an alternative? I was thinking of perhaps using avocado? Mhairi, thanks for you comment. As a replacement for celery I would try romaine lettuce or cabbage. Either of those two would be great substitutions. Let me know what you do and how it works out.

I plan to start next week. The gallbladder helps release bile for the breakdown of fats. The liver is what holds your toxins. Congrats on planning out your juice fast! Now you need to start it! Post up a group juice fast in the forum http: Flordeliza, thanks for comment. A good substitute for beet is carrot and a good substitute for kale is spinach. I also stumbled on your site and I am so glad I did: I feel like I have a support system instead of reading a book on juicing.

I admit Ive had my juicer for 10 years and have been starting to put it to use once a day just to get some real good stuff in my body. I am 43 and just want to feel better. I am not overweight but I just think it has been years of build up of crud in my body and I know juicing and changing my eating habits will help me.

I just think at 43 with no health issues -I should just not feel tired with no energy. I have been in contact with several people that juice and it really made me think about seriously doing this. I even just purchased a book by Norman walker and it really makes sense — fresh vegetable and fruit juices. So I have been juicing carrots, cucumbers, celery, beets. I never liked beets as a child but it is delicious in this mixture. Thanks for all your work on this site.

I am excited just to read and research. And with fresh produce coming along very soon — this is the perfect time to begin! Duranie, thanks for the comment and welcome to JustOnJuice! Juicing has so many benefits and does wonderful things not only for our bodies but our minds as well.

I hear so many wonderful stories from people who tell me about their juice fast and what its done for them. My mother is 54 years old and was always healthy, active, not overweight but always tired and lacked energy. Once I turned her on to juicing it all changed for her.

Thanks for the comment. You should visit the JustOnJuice forums http: I am new to juicing. I am looking to have it replace meals and add nutriets to my day!

I like the juicing fast but I am a nursing mom. How would you recommend adding juicing for a nursing mom? Azalea, thanks for your comment. The best way to know what is best for you and your baby is to check with your pediatrician.

The only way I would think it would be okay is if you continued to take a prenatal vitamin during your fast. So I would highly suggest talking with your doc to ensure a fast is going to be healthy for the both of you before making the decision to juice right now. Just felt over this pages as I was looking for some juicing plans!!!

Really like what I am reading and it seams like you really know what you are talking about!!! I have never juiced, I got a nutribulet for Christmas and have used it every morning!!! But now I am thinking that I want to try the juicing fast!!!!

Can I still use my nutribulet? I am starting a boot camp crossfitt workout tomorrow, can you do that kind of a workout when juicing? I am not a fitt girl, diffently need to loos weight!!!! Hope you can help me out!!! Hanne, thanks for the comment and welcome to JustOnJuice!

The reason being is that you need to remove the fiber from your diet during the duration of your fast. If you do plan on juicing while on a crossfit workout it might be best to include some more protein in your diet.

You can do this by adding pure unflavored protein isolate to your drinks to ensure you get that extra needed protein that a cossfit workout will require. There are plenty of good juicers out there and I suggest one of the three at http: Not everyone is a fan of beets. A good substitute for beets are carrots.