Nutrisystem TV Commercial, 'Dan's Team' Featuring Dan Marino

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Quarterback Dan Marino on his NutriSystem Experience. Gives Weight Loss Tips.
The Packers franchise quarterback practiced Saturday, which gives the team reasons …. Request Demo Learn More. Related Products Nutrisystem Fast 5. When did you hit your target weight? The cool thing is I eat out with my family and have Nutrisystem at home for when I need it.

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Dan Marino Weight Loss

Request Demo Learn More. Glucerna TV Spot, 'Balance'. Media Measurement Data is based on life of ad, unless indicated otherwise. Industry Share of Voice - past 2 weeks. Facebook , Twitter , YouTube. Athlete , Jim Stuckey.

Related Products Nutrisystem Fast 5. When did you first go on Nutrisystem? What made you decide to do it? My friend and former NFL defensive tackle Jim Stuckey lost weight on Nutrisystem and motivated me to want to lose the weight too.

I just made the commitment and believed in myself that I could do it. How many pounds did you lose? When did you hit your target weight? I hit my goal more than four years ago and have maintained ever since. With the weight loss came a new nickname now too -- my friends and family now call my "Skinny. Are you still on Nutrisystem? I still eat Nutrisystem today to help me maintain my weight loss and stay healthy.

I love so many of the foods. The cool thing is I eat out with my family and have Nutrisystem at home for when I need it. I play golf, work out when I can, and my family also keeps me pretty busy. Marino says that NutriSystem is the best decision he has ever made. While his goal was to lose 20 pounds, he ended up losing 22 pounds and got back to his weight when he was playing pro football. Marino mentions that with NutriSystem , you have a range of foods to eat.

He says he would eat foods that he liked including pot roast, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, meatballs, lasagna, etc. In , NutriSystem Inc. Since its inception, this suite of programs has helped a lot of men to lose weight , some of which are former athletes. Marino says that he is still on the NutriSystem to not only manage his weight, but also stay healthy.

It is clear that Dan Marino has had a lot of success as far as weight loss is concerned. The NFL legend has been generous enough to share some of his weight loss tips;. Even after retiring, Marino kept working out, but he noticed he was still gaining weight.

Trying to lose weight by exercising without a proper meal plan hardly works. While working out is also necessary because it comes with a range of other health benefits , you need to incorporate such a plan as Nutrisystem in your weight loss program. Going it alone can be a bad decision. Marino points out that his wife was especially very supportive and helped him through his weight loss journey.

A study done by Indiana University reported that individuals who work out alone are more likely to quit. This way, you get to share tips, encourage each other and find the motivation to keep going until you meet your goals. Real world inspiration may just be what you need to give you the motivation you are lacking.

Dan Marino was, for instance, inspired by his friend Jim Stuckey who had lost over 40 pounds with Nutrisystem. When you have a real interest to lose weight, communicating with someone that has had success will keep the fire in you burning.

You can also go online to the Nutrisystem Success Story pages where you are sure to find several active users. The motivation and inspiration you will get will be very helpful. Marino advises individuals intending to lose weight to have the right mindset and stay committed to their weight programs.

Above all, believing you can achieve your goals is vital. Putting the "pffft" in Fitzpatrick no easy task for Eagles defense

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