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When I go in weekly, I weigh in first and then I sit down and go over the next week's menu that I'm going to be on. My rental was a little tricky because I am out of state. I've never seen anything dirty or messy. Not sure what unit it was, but there was one 'music studio' that did have people hanging around doing who knows what at random times so there's your prime example of her zero tolerance policy. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone looking for a safe and clean storage facility.

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Lynn Walking With Scissors recently posted You can thank my brother for this one…. When I have my 15th wedding anniversary in a few years, I want to go shopping with you. I will find a way to transport you to Missouri, so that we can go shopping for something equally as awesome as a five foot rusty sharp chicken. I think the hundred bucks you spent on Beyonce was just about the best thing you could have done.

If I had a giant metal chicken…my life would be complete. Kristi recently posted Delicious Weekend. I blogged about a giant metal chicken last week! Giant metal chickens are the new black. Brandy recently posted I believe Ive avoided being morbid. I sent this to my boyfriend. Random recently posted Have you ever noticed. This just made me laugh so hard I cried. I aspire to maybe being, one day, a vague reflection of your greatness.

I brought home a distant cousin in December! I got the same reaction, except mine was at the airport. Angella recently posted Rays Of Sunshine. You are a RIOT!!! And your man must be made of steel not to have melted down in laughing fits! By the end of this it was a 15 foot chicken! Now I must look for the 15 foot chicken for my 15th anniversary.

Nah, I like cats. So it would have to be a 15 foot cat staring down at my husband. I totally would have rang the bell and hidden as well. But my husband would have probably picked it up and heaved it across the road or something, because he is easy to rattle. May you have many more. I think 16 is towels, by the way.

Polish Mama on the Prairie recently posted Pickle Hamburgers. I blame it on lack of sleep. Also … drinking a Killer Bee helps too.

Come to think of it, the aldermen who voted against allowing a 4-H member to have chickens in our city might deserve a visit from mega-chicken. Carla chickmae recently posted Sooke baby! Let me tell you something dude, if You got Jenny a 5 foot cock for you guys 15 year anniversary she would lock her self in her room and punch shit.

Right now Victor I am pretty upset with your reaction, which is bad timing on your part considering our local 60 year goofy putt putt golf place just went out of business and they have shit tons of crazy huge things for sale. You better get in line man. ThePeachy1 recently posted Tell it Tuesday- Not even advice. Move the 5 foot cock into the bathroom and hang the pink towels on it.

ThePittsofBeingPeachy recently posted I got honked- won 20 and no nuts were tazered. Jenny asked me to drop by and tell you that she misses you. That second photo just made my day. Jess recently posted On RVs. My eyes are full of tears right now, from the hysterical laughter.

That photo of the chicken on the doorstep is pure platinum awesomeness. And the thought of a rooster named Beyonce is even more hilarious. I had no idea you could buy a gay metal rooster that will cut you. I think you have a very grand entry way to your house. Not only is she an awesome conversation starter, she will scare away any and all solicitors you might get. Also, Victor still owes me a better reaction.

And I will collect. Oh yes I will. Your cock is colorful and beautiful! Jocelyn recently posted Thank you. This is, quite possibly, the most hilarious story involving Victor yet. So, congratulations — you now have like 15 new readers. A rooster, not a chicken, right? Who can say No to Beyonce?? Victor probably has a case of cock envy. Chibi Jeebs recently posted On body acceptance.

You could position Beyonce outside your bathroom door and she could hold towels for you. Victor is a very lucky guy. Either that or he is highly medicated. And Some Google search terms. Did someone already say how this is a classic example of life imitating art?

Or art imitating art? I really need to stop reading these at work! Kimberly J recently posted Happy Fathers Day! You need a tin sign that reads the sentiment.

Eric recently posted Washington DC. I need a Chicken like that! I totally have to go to Ross or those other discount places and find a chicken like this.

My neighbors would HATE it and it would be awesome and win my neighborhood. Holy mother, this made my cry, it was that hysterical. When he fell in the store you should have demanded a discount because he was dented. Just like the old ladies with cans who always get in line in front of me. Mustache recently posted His Name is Sammy Sosa.

Betty Fokker recently posted Of facts and death threats. I imagine a giant metal chicken at your door is a small step down from a decapitated horse head in your bed. Andie recently posted I just had the puberty talk and the sex talk at one time and now I need a drink- thanks. Snarky should consider himself lucky that I mostly shop online, for clothes and shoes. Honestly I think you should just keep it at the front door like that.

If only it was solar powered and lit up after dark then that would be like the best present ever. I am so excited to know that chickens are the 15th anniversary gift. And not some lame-ass towels. The chicken fund saving has begun — three full years until my own 5 foot Beyonce.

No, not a beyonce named Guy! You know what I mean. And when I start doing standup again real soon so get your tickets now! I swear I am. Jami recently posted Sharing is caring.

You know, I was thinking about the James Garfield postcard project to raise money to subsidize the cost of James Garfield and I think the Knock Knock Motherfucker picture would make for an excellent line of anniversary greeting cards. Just think of all the things you can do to this chicken such as hang plastic neon eggs from it at Easter and wrap it in lights at Christmas. Awesome anniversary gift, Jenny!

Amy recently posted Im so strange even my bike needs a special pump. Rebecca recently posted Bright Moments with Becca-. So I just spent two whole minutes trying to figure out where the bottom half of your body was in the pic of you hugging the giant cock, er, chicken.

Because I need glasses, apparently. Moral of the story: I have the checkmate I need to win all arguments with my husband now. Penbleth recently posted Longest day- minus 21 years. I think you should drape one of the towels around Beyonce. Then leave the she-cock in the bathroom when Victor is in the shower. Sarah recently posted Strange Days.

I, for one, would like some greeting cards with that giant metal chicken at the front door photo on them, and blank inside. Many sentiments can be expressed via that photo: You say I never come visit, but you should be careful what you wish for; Surprise! Victor, as usual, is possessed of an appalling lack of imagination, but then couples are supposed to be complementary, so maybe he just needs to appreciate how much money Beyonce will bring in.

Jennifer recently posted Cloth diapers do not make me a better person than you. I have tweeted at you, and you followed me back so I felt like a celebrity for a few minutes one night. The only thing that would make it better is if I had been there in person.

Keep up the good work, and Happy Anniversary! Now I want a 5-foot metal chicken, dammit! Xander could use a little surprise to come home to. Kella recently posted If I love you- I will shrink you into yarny miniatures of yourself…. I love you so much. I can not stop laughing. You totally made my day. I want to be your neighbor, and your best friend — no both. Will you be my neighbor? And now I want that chicken! Kristi Stone recently posted Love to Dress Zulily.

Oh… I forgot, where can I buy one!?!?!? This was the last post that I read last night. It is so memorable. I had to post it on all of my social networking sites, to share the love. Thank you Jenny for making a crappy week so much better. I wish I was in Texas to experience to the joy of shopping with you and Laura. Oh the fun we could have…. I desperately need a giant rooster now…. OK, let me get this straight. Victor wanted you wet and dirty or at least not dried and clean so you went off and bought a huge metal cock?

AND it can sing! Victor should be happy you showed some restraint. And now that the demand for 5 foot metal chickens is inevitably going to skyrocket due to this post, he is probably worth more than you paid for him. SO it was like an investment.

ADDGirl recently posted Oven roasted veggies- recipe tuesday. I bought a giant chicken at Pecan Street last fall and had to walk back to our booth with it. Still a drunk asshole slammed right into me and down I went onto 6th street with a giant chicken right on top of me. Bodaciousboomer recently posted If you really believe- then why is this so hard.

That was friggin hilarious. Although that might be easier if it were not 5 feet and weighing in at, say, a decent amount of pounds? And to think that I got rid of my big, metal chicken just before my 15th anniversary! Walking away from them was one of the hardest moments of my life. This might be my favorite bloggess story ever. Cindy recently posted Happy Fathers Day.

What a great way to make some extra scratch pun intended. You can post flyers advertising a private in house Beyonce concert and sell tickets. Download songs sung by chickens they exist and when people get there you can play the chicken music. I would totally go! Victor is surprisingly hard to rattle because he has a wildebeest head on his wall and some other weird animals and his father-in-law is a taxidermist.

This is the kind of behavior that tells me you have a failing marriage or at least are headed for one. If your husband was being unreasonable, then you communicate and let it go, putting the ball in his court. You should have given him time to think about it, even if that meant a few weeks of going without your towels. If I were you, I would consider some marriage counseling, focusing on healthy communication and problem resolution and compromise.

I feel like at some point your response to Victor should have been: My sister sent this to me knowing full well my 9th anniversary is tomorrow. I would love nothing more than to give that to my husband! I very rarely crack up by myself in front of my computer… But this did it. Your actions were childish, cowardly and wasteful. All you husband wanted was for you to do what he told you, how fucking hard is it for women to honor their men anymore?

Oh yeh, go buy a damn chicken made of scrap metal and put it in his face to purposely piss him off. I, too, want a big metal rooster….. I am dying with laughter now. Mandie recently posted 1 Mandie. I was having a bad day and then I came across this post and my day suddenly got so much better. I needed this laughter and whimsy. I…there…there are so many puns. Tears, down my face. Where have you been all my life, anyway? All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies All the single ladies Now put your hands up.

This was SO funny! I just came across your blog and I am laughing so hard at this post. I need a giant chicken on-hand just so I can pull it out when necessary! I need a giant cock in my life. And yes, you can read an insult into that. Evin Cooper recently posted Guest Post and Giveaway! You need to move him into the bedroom so that victor wakes up to the giant chicken staring him in the eyes.

Plus Beyonce has a pink neck. Wow, Victor…way to be Captain Funsucker. And, to Charlie Red….. Sort of makes me wanna get married again! Also, from now on maybe Victor should only be allowed to use the hot pick beach towels?

Marriages need more humor like yours!! Hope your hubby can see the joke soon!! Wow what the hell is wrong with Charlie Red? I never understand the impulse to work up the vitrol to attach a blogger about a persona story.

No one here wants to ready your comment- assmunch. Seriously, if you ever want to get rid of Beyonce, I will gladly take her. I named him Shakespeare. In my house, only the really big ones get names. You know what I just as much as your posts? Except the Debbie Nathan Downers which thankfully are few.

Scottsdale Girl recently posted Please register to view this blog…. I just laughed so hard I cried. That really did help. Dying over here I am laughing so hard. I just celebrated my sweet 16 with mr. There is a lot to it. I need that chicken. Or to have you for a neighbor so I can pay it some visits now and then. Well the question to ask yourself now is do you want to spend your future with your chicken or your husband.

Because every day he looks at it, it will fester into something that some day nobody will be able to laugh off. Where do I plan to go from here? I do feel for Victor, but after 15 years he really ought to know what this ride is all about. Just absolutely love this! Crap, my tenth anniversary is coming up in August. What the hell do I do now? A three foot papier mache pig?

Bloggess, you make the anniversary gift giving standards wayyyyyy to high. Frumptastic recently posted The Suitable Alternative to a Suit. I just snorted when I read the caption underneath the picture of the chicken at the front door. Wendy recently posted Mexico City Style Tacos. The chicken is by far more awesome. That chicken has Homegoods purchase written all over it. I have a paper mache giraffe that would go perfectly with it. I still have them in my car. This is absolutely hilarious!!

How did I not know about your blog before this day…I cannot tell you the last time I laughed this hard and boy did I really need that today. My neighbor and I love these sorts of adventures. We would like to know you and Laura and buy you both a drink! Maybe you will get some towels for your birthday?

This is the best blog post I have ever ever read in my life!!! Tom recently posted Valparaíso and So Forth. Suebob recently posted 50 for 50 Day Seed Savers Exchange. Now the chicken is an officially tax-deductible chicken. I have been giggling for ten solid minutes. This cock has so many hilarious possibilities! Also awesome—how many people think this chicken is going to end your marriage. Beyonce would make such a great playground toy.

Except for the sharp edges. Beyonce would make such a great playground toy for obnoxious children. Molly recently posted Non-Passive Passive Aggression. This is the best story EVER. Thank you so much for buying the chicken. Thank you and thank you! This post just keeps on giving. Thanks to you, Jenny, I now have a proper response to people who want to know why I divorced my ex-husband. Andrea recently posted Finding My Voice. This is too epic for words. I could only hope to get such an epic opportunity for revenge.

This story had me crying over my computer! I loved every minute of it! Queenofspain on twitter was talking about it with her hubby aaronvest I can only imagine how that conversation was going. This was hilarious and I swear I would keep that 5 foot chicken and I would move it around every week! Anne recently posted Ready Or Not. Neeroc recently posted How much change is too much.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To fester into something that some day nobody will be able to laugh off. And now you have a new fan.

Simply because, after seeing the chicken at the door, I almost peed just a little. I think your blog went offline for a while because I sent the link to thousands of people who really, really need a laugh. My husband is in love with you now. He and I both want a giant chicken in our yard because of you. And tell victor that towels require constant washing and drying, giant chicken does not. And the chicken can cut strangers. That baby is totally paying for itself.

So after reading this, I honestly think the chicken paid for itself and then some just by the reaction and what happened in the store… I laughed and laughed and am still laughing by it all. I needed that greatly so thank you for sharing… I love it…. Howie fucking hard is it for women to honor their men anymore? Thanks for the good laugh….. Holly recently posted Week by numbers- First week of summer. This is a serious place, and to my surprise, they find my cubicle giggles and attempts to conceal my mirth a bit distracting.

This reminds me of that old parable, a cock at the door is better than one in the bushes. I might have that wrong. You sound like how my sister and I act in a store with a giant chicken. We did something similar but with a giant can of sausage gravy from the dollar store. My parents were not thrilled with the 5 year joke of giving each other the can as a present for holidays. Well I think my mom saw the humor.

Nikki recently posted My new fav book on running Lots of good info! Nathan, , Blank and Charlie Red are bitter, bitter asshats. I personally think they have a case of chicken envy. SarcasminAction recently posted Blogger Face off Round 7.

Man, I wish I was this cool. Always Winning the Booby Prize recently posted Sometimes it pays to be a good friend- other times they just throw anal sex in your face. This is why divorces happen.

Our economy is in the dumps because of people like her. I AM obeying my husband by purchasing two red rollerskate statues — both left feet. I just did a chiLcken spit-take. Not a cock one. That would be dirty. Sidney recently posted BlogShorts - Day Iit appears that … aka…some little Mr. Cranky Troll woke up on the wrong side of the marriage bed this morning!

You named a chicken Beyonce? That is truly great. Not that that happened to me or anything… And now that giant Mexican planter is filled with weeds. Florida Keys Girl recently posted Swankey Palooza. Nenette recently posted Coconut Natural Deodorant. My husband loathes my visits to Home Goods. You have me in tears over here, the kids are asking questions….

Reading your responses to them pretty much made me fall in love with you. You are simply the most awesome person in the world. Lisa recently posted A weekend of chilling with the future bosses- part deux.

Wifey recently posted Fruity Blondes. Victor was probably wrong with the tone he set when you left, but your reaction was also pretty juvenile. I doubt you would even contest that statement. I actually think the chicken is pretty hilarious looking. His reaction to seeing the big dumb thing on the doorstep would probably have been great.

But I think you have to get rid of the chicken. Someone above implied that it will just serve as a reminder of negative feelings every time Victor looks at it. And, in the end, you both should get to the root problem. Komen, Breast Cancer research.

Victor enjoys my sense of humor even when he wants to strangle me, and vice-versa. He actually thought this post was funny and spent most of the day on the phone with my host company trying to get it back online when the server went down. This is actually my job, so technically Beyonce is probably tax deductable and counts as work supplies.

But, as you are probably new here I will share that I actually do a great deal of charity work here on this blog, and on a twitter account dedicated solely to helping others thegoodbloggess. My last silly expenditure which Victor also was initially not pleased with was a giant boar head. You can read about it on the Washington Post. It was a slow week, obviously. Ridiculous chickens and silly laughter are worthwhile and are nothing I would ever apologize for.

My goal in life is to make people laugh. Which is not usually funny. Unless it includes giant metal chickens. Now, back to random silliness…. Katherina Zephyr Runs recently posted Love for the Diva. I am crying at my desk with laughter. And Too hot for words. And who knew giant metal chickens were so controversial.

Holy shit you are freaking hilarious. Be my friend, please. Laura recently posted Amsterdamned. Actually, my neighbor has two enormous plastic chicken heads in his yard! I think they are over 5 feet tall, too! Not sure why they are there or where they came from a restaurant? And we are not in Texas! Like a Giant Chicken. I aspire to be as awesomely able to communicate as you my dear interweb friend. Shelley recently posted Welcome. I saw this and thought you should know.

Rachel recently posted Who wants to drive a Dodge Lady-parts truck. I considered not commenting, because I would just be reiterating just how friggin hilarious this was. Perhaps now Victor will think twice about fighting with you about something so benign as bath towels! Cheryl recently posted Dandelion. I think of these kinds of things often, and then chicken out.

You make my dreams come true in this regard. It is every bit as fantastic as I imagine. Therese recently posted Sunday Picture. OMG — that was the funniest thing I have read in a loooong time!

Thanks for making my day! I am full of admiration of you. He is sooo doomed. Hopefully he comes around so he can appreciate your twistedness again. Imagine thinking that women should obey what men tell them to do. I would love to see the world through your eyes. And when the owner came in and I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face….

Thankfully, she read your blog post too and laughed with me. Thank you so much for helping me laugh out loud and indirectly managing to keep me employed. My mother always told me to pick my battles, but she was never very specific as to how to go about them, this is a perfect example. This is the best example of Internet debate I have ever seen. Thank you both for taking a moment to put aside whatever knee jerk reaction you may have had and actually communicate what you think in a way that is not hateful, and for actually listening to what others say.

That was bloody hilarious! Seriously, the most awesome thing EVER! You need to start a service where you charge people to put the giant, metal cock on their door step to surprise their housemates. Katie recently posted Working Out Again. I may or may not have rescued a 4 foot tall black jaguar hand-painted piggy bank from the garbage room in my apartment building a few years ago. I also may or may not have placed it in the living room I shared with my often cranky roomate.

It never got old. And then one day she had company over and I relented and let her move him to the porch in the middle of a windstorm. This post is fantastic! My husband laughed so hard at it that he startled our cat. Although if my tiny yard ends up with a giant, metal, chicken, it will be because of you.

Though I pity anybody who thinks a giant metal chicken could cause a divorce. So by that rule, your marrage may last forever. I want send her a Bible, John 8: I just read it again, and guffawed again!

Haha, it takes me back to a time my sister and I would shop at our favorite pottery place. A sense of humor is wonderful. Using it as a tool to mock your partner? It was also wonderful to read your response to the polite detractor I may have asked this before, but does Victor have a single brother? One who likes crazy blonds? Doreen recently posted Happy Fathers Day. So who does that leave to post hateful comments?

The open minded love it, the closed minded love it. Is that who is being so hateful? My wife came back from a trip with a pound concrete life-size deer that took 6 men and a hernia to move to our back yard. Every once in a while one of the dogs notices it nestled amongst the yews and growls at it. I would have loved the metal chicken, especially after he rang the doorbell.

We NEED new towels! Even hot pink ones. This is the first time I have read your blog and I am bookmarking it.. Sheridan recently posted It has been quite an enjoyable trip. Kristin recently posted Fathers day post- remembering my dad. You my dear are the most awesome thing on the internet. A friend shared this with me and I have never laughed so hard!! I love the chicken! You know, I probably should have been more tollerant with my Ex. Could have been a lot worse. I have laughed so much at this tonight, thank you!

I wish I had read this at the beginning of the day so my entire day would have been awesome. Elisa recently posted Fahzers. Thank you so much for the laugh! I feel so left out. No one is ever offended over my giant cock enough to complain on my blog about it. And I so wanted complete strangers with absolutely no grasp of context to pick meaningless fights with me about blocking comments when all of their comments are blocked. I found this to be petty, immature, and inane.

Obviously there is a sense of entitlement going on if you value your stuff more than you value your relationship with the people around you.

It was not funny. It was wastefully and pointless. I used to be married to someone like Victor and thought things like the chicken were hilarious. I have been having a crappy, fight with medical facilities kind of day and you made me laugh for the first time.

But you know what? And have a 3 foot penis pinata ring our doorbell. And … Bless your heart. Gently pats your head, then patronizingly rubs your cheek. We have a truck, my tetanus shot is current, and I have a decent pair of running shoes that will be put to great use running from the doorbell chime. If the giant metal chickens run short, we can hire someone to catch live, wild chickens and deliver them in boxes of say — 40?

And by the way, my husband laughed and agreed that this is something I would easily do. Janeen recently posted Dignity Authority Dollars. Thank you for this story. My understanding was that a hen was a female chicken, but YouDee is clearly male-identified, and is referred to using male pronouns.

People who have money to burn, resources, and time are the ones who will enjoy this and maybe find the humor somewhere. I am sure that in 10 years we will find this funny, but now, it just seems wasteful. You see, a few weeks ago I really really wanted to purchase a 3 foot tall pink penis pinata….

I said, how do you know that unless we get one? It might become indispensable. I need a big ass metal rooster to put in my front yard and dress in a Superman cape so I can keep up with my hillbilly Joneses neighbors. Can you picture a big old metal rooster getting his Jesus Cape on in my front yard? Also, does anybody else find themselves trying really hard to click Like for Third — comedy is her job, therefore giant chickens are a business expense Seriously?

I need a jOb like that. And Jenny also uses her powers for good and organized one o the most amaIng charity events I have ever witnessed or participated in. Rock on, Jenny, rock on. Ahhhh…lighten up baby, I am in love with you! That was too damn funny as well! Love, love, love it! My Anniversary is in august how the fuck am i supposed to top that? Sounds like we are married to the same man!!!!

Lindsey recently posted Something Old- Something New. This blog post made me laugh harder than I have in a really long time. Diana recently posted Stop Growing up All Ready! The only thing that could possibly rival this …..

And then, once and for all, we could answer the question of which came first. Obviously it was the chicken. Thank you for this. Who knew a picture of a giant metal chicken named Beyonce standing menacingly at your front door was exactly what I needed to see?

The ZB recently posted Nice little surprises. Laura recently posted Baked Mac n Cheese. I simply MUST know where you procured this enormous fowl!!! Having a crap day at work and you suceeded in making me snort into my coffee — Thank you. If Victor will pitch in the cash you can ship it to OZ and Beyonce can live with me in the Crab Shack by the beach, it would be like his retirement. I promise to send Victor picture of Beyonces new life. I cannot thank you enough for this post and the joy that it has brought to my day.

As a result of the ensuing IM conversation she is compelled to buy a tiny chicken and put it somewhere prominent in her house.

Thanks for letting us share this. TEARS from laughing so hard. That is so great. Kate recently posted I knew in a moment. I just shared this on facebook I was laughing so hard. It totally sounds like something I would do! Allison recently posted Day of the Fathers. This is so funny and reminds me of my husband. Nobody recently posted Meh.

This is the most hilarious piece I have ever read…. His head might actually explode if you do, thought. When you rang the door and ran, leaving the chicken, AND had a photo, I snorted coffee out of my nose. Happy metal chicken anniversary!!!

I tell my boyfriend almost every day that reading your blog is looking into the future of our relationship. What kind of childish retard ARE you? That is one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. My husband would be ecstatic. When I got to the picture of Beyoncé at your front door, I completely lost it.

Suniverse recently posted Not as erudite as I thought. My husband the whole time looking at me like I have finally gone round the bend so to speak. I will definitely be on the look out for a 5 ft animal of some variety though.

He should totally count his blessings. You COULD have come home with several gallons of Pepto-Bismol pink paint to redecorate the bathroom, since you now need it to coordinate with pink beach towels. Rachael recently posted What Happened to His Pants!

This was truly hilarious, as per usual. I love how you owned the humorless visitors. That type of grammar kills me. Thanks for sharing with us all. By the time I was finished reading this, I had tears streaming down my face as I laughed hysterically.

This, in turn, caused my husband, my son and my dog to come rushing into the office to find out if I was okay. Thank you so much for sharing this hilarious and yet, poignant story about how we, as women, can get around just about any directive our husbands give to us. Oh my God, I think you killed me.

I laughed so hard that I fell of the couch and hit my head. My brain is probably swelling right now and I will be dead in a couple of hours, but it was totally worth it. And who linked this post to the self-help forum of people with sticks up their asses?

Or is it the same humor-challenged person posting all over again? Dude, whoever you are, go somewhere else. Including the two of us. Props to you Jenny! That has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. First time visitor to your blog, brought by a link on Facebook. Thanks so much for making my day! I sent this to my husband with a note about how lucky he is — he laughed like hell. My husband is still using towels we got for our wedding in I have moved on to new ones, but not he.

Guys must have a thing about towels. On the main drag in Kerrville, I saw a place that sells the 3-D giant Texas stars that can pose in your front yard. You need one to match the chicken. What, are you in a subdivision with rules against putting chickens in the front yard?

You could decorate it for every holiday. I used to have a neighbor with a cement goose on her doorstep that had a new costume for every occasion.

More creative family fun embodied in a metal chicken. Amy recently posted Down to the Wire. I know, I am one of them. We are all here to follow you and your random silliness by choice. If there is a negative opinion regarding your antics, then those who are so free with thier meanness should follow there own therapeutic advice and wash thier own windows before they peer into yours.

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Great service and very respectful environment. He is very understanding and gets the job done! Very nice, big, and spacious Very good place to stored your stuff. Staff is very friendly and prices are excellent.

Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for self storage. If I can give them 10 stars each I would. The manager was very helpful to me in picking out the perfect parking space for my vehicle.

Great place to choose from I had no problem whatsoever. The prices can't be beat, and also very Secure!! My storage company I use has great services, and the employees are generous. The manager Eric was very professional, and helpful. The site was very clean and orderly. A pleasure to business with. George is very helpful, nice, and understanding. The price is very reasonable and the space. Storage area and building very clean.

Initial interest was based on price. Super pleased with our experience so far. There was a small hiccup when completing the paperwork, but it was quickly resolved. They are the best!!!!!! Excellent customer service skills!!!!

Great place to store your belongings. The staff is extremely friendly and willing to help in all ways possible. I wouldn't hesitate to use this facility again. This place is very nice and affordable and a great location.

All the staff are very friendly and polite. Travis was very helpful with the move in. This place looks very safe I have no worries about my stuff in storage. I will recommend to friends and family. I love this storage Great prices clean place and very friendly.

Just called for pricing ans Eric was very helpful and polite! The manager Eric was very professional. Great doing business with! This is a great place clean friendly service nice units and George the manager is a great guy. A great place to store your things. Very clean and spacious. Friendly and professional manager, clean storage and wonderful environment. A great storage company, kind and friendly business a business were it's safe. This storage company is the best in the csra!!!!!

If had to recommend my dog I definitely would without any reservations. George was very helpful with selecting enough space and they are very affordable I have been with them for 2 months and its very clean.

My rental was last minute and when I found this place the staff was very pleasant! They was able to meet my needs. I would recommend Storage Zone to anyone.

My experience with Storage Zone was excellent! The people were very courteous, helpful, friendly and professional. The service was outstanding and my visits to the office were always pleasant. I would recommend this location to anyone looking for storage for a fair price with friendly help. Great facility, really clean. Awesome manager, really knows his stuff and took care of all my needs.

My Family lives on base and having this extra storage really makes life easier. Very clean and well maintained, you could live in the units of it was an option. Prices are reasonable as well:. It's always clean and great customer service!! Very clean and no high prices.. Very spacious and affordable!! Will definitely recommend to family and friends. Mike and Mary were extremely helpful with the rental process and found me just the right unit!

Clean, safe, secure self storage business. Long term contracts are not required and set up is a pleasure with the managements great customer service and welcoming nature. Great prices, knowledgeable, kind, courteous, staff. Clean and well kept facility. Always go there for a unit before going somewhere else.

From experience this locafion is very clean, and spacious! I've been a loyal customer and as long as the services continue to be as excellent as it is now i will continue to use this company!

Excellent communication from Thomas, the Manager. Having to get out of the vehicle to enter the keypad code was the reason this place did not get a 5 star rating, Excellent pricing was the reason I chose this place. Very spacious and very clean.. This storage is very spacious and clean I love the generous assistance that I get from the staff I would recommend this storage to anyone. Customer service was great, felt very comfortable with the service, the person attending me was very professional.

Found the storage very clean and affordable. Individual at desk was very informative and friendly, answered questions easily. After calling a few storages and thereafter speaking to Mike, I was confident that this would be my place of choice. Not only was Mike kind and knowledgeable, and made us feel welcome and comfortable, but he helped us without even knowing how far the extent of his kindness and nowadays rarely found customer service made the difference for us.

Because of this experience Storage Zone will remain my first choice. Thank you Mike, you are a kind soul! It was nicer than I expected for less money than I had planned on. George is a very nice and friendly guy. The facility was clean as well. I would definitely recommend to a friend. Really nice and in happy. I will send friends there.

Travis Lee was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend this place to storage. Great Property, friendly manager. Property was recently renovated and looks amazing. Located in a quiet safe area.

Eric the manager really makes you feel welcome and my stuff is secure! I love the way I am being treated at this facility I love how much space each room have and the prices are very affordable I would recommend this facility to all my family and friends. Conveniently located and the Price was less then the competition.

Although this is a long overdue review I wanted to personally thank the manager for their help in getting us into storage facility, and even helping us move out! Having our personal belongings in this storage facility gave me a sense of security, I know I would not have with any other place in Lake Wales. Very efficient, very respectful and very cost effective!

We had a storage unit with them for almost 10 months and we had what could have been a very stressful move from Central Florida to West Virginia become so MUCH easier with the friendliness and professionalism of this business.

The management at this complex are the best. Wonderful charming highly efficient and the cleanest neatest storage facility anywhere. They go above and beyond the call of duty. Always there to help you. George, your storage units are quite clean and air conditioned. Great but when I checked in was told I had to pay when the Mont. Should of been free the representing staff over the phone is giving false information. Manager is super friendly and accommodating, she went above and beyond to help me with my move.

Units are clean and priced fairly. Neighboring shop workers are also great, they helped me push a car into my unit and refused a tip for their efforts. Very spacious and clean.

Mike was really helpful to ease our stressful move situation. Great management to work with at this clean convenient storage facility. I have been with them for over three years now and I have never had anything but a good experience!

I would recommend them, and I have, to my Soldiers! This storage place is very clean in a safe location. The workers are very nice. Thank you for everything Mike and Mary. Staff is very friendly and nice, the storage's are clean and the prices are wonderful.

This is the cleanest storage center in Florida. Natasha , the business owner is always so friendly and very helpful. I have recommanded Storage Zone in Lake Wales and will continue to! We are very happy with this facility. Management lives on site and locks the facility up tight every night. It's clean and well managed.

Clean units great prices. George is very knowledge and helpful. My sister talks great about the service she receives here.

Great service in office and storage clean, cool and secure. Great staff, clean facility. I used another storage facility last year and paid too much. This place is great. The staff is awesome! They are friendly and positive! They are very great with pricing and storage are very big.

Have been here since March Service has been great. This was a great move for my Mechanic business. Mike the manager was very helpful. The paperwork was straight forward and we were signed up and stored in about 15 minutes! What could be better? Tonia, the manager at this location, has done an amazing job cleaning up the business and bringing it up to high standards.

The rent is very reasonable, the facility is kept clean and safe. I would recommend this to everyone, but good luck finding an opening. Since the new manager has taken over the place is pretty well filled. The people who run it have always been amazing. Amazing and friendly people clean and very cheap.

I been with them for over a year and I still love it. I lov this company I was able to move to a bigger unit for a special price. I will definitely suggest this storage company to my friends and family. Their prices beat out the rest of the competition, I left feeling very secure about my belongings.

But best of all, Mike and Mary, the couple working at the front desk were absolutely wonderful. They made me feel so at home. That's unusual to say for a storage company!!! Not only was their customer service excellent, they were extremely fast and efficient knowing that I was in a bit of a time crunch. I've rented from The Storage Zone for over two years straight between my last job for inventory storage and my current job using two separate units.

The price is great, it's close to my accounts and my house, so it's easy to drop by and it has 24 hour access. I tend to work late at night, so being able to drop by whenever is a HUGE perk. There's really not many places in town that're 24 hours and accept deliveries. You businesses with multiple deliveries at various times and days know exactly how I feel!

I've never had an issue with any deliveries between either of my units in the past two years either. I do see how people can say she's a bit strict, but she is very protective of the storage units and makes a conscious effort to get to know everyone and know what is going on at all times.

She knows who's coming and going and makes sure the units and the property is safe. People are not allowed to linger around units or stay extended periods of time, especially late at night. That is a safety feature that I appreciate and value since I tend to come late at night before work.

They also do nightly walk arounds and have cameras on the units. There's a homeless shelter a few blocks away and they do tend to meander to local businesses nearby- that is why the gates are always locked and they do multiple walk arounds. To the negative review that she 'wrongfully accused people of smoking weed and kicked them out for no reason' - good. Not sure what unit it was, but there was one 'music studio' that did have people hanging around doing who knows what at random times so there's your prime example of her zero tolerance policy.

Not sure why they even rented at a storage facility to begin with, but again lingering people aren't allowed duh. Storage units are meant for come and go traffic. There are a couple units that people have rented out to play music in their band I actually like it when they're playing while I'm there! Again, that is for everyone's safety Abide by the rules and you're good I usually stop by to grab stuff and leave right after. I also made an effort to get to know the office staff when I first got my unit.

I say hi when I see them and wave when they're busy. They tell everyone if they see anything suspicious to report it to them. If multiple people are complaining about a unit they are warned, and if issues continue, they're evicted. They don't put up with nonsense, and I appreciate it! They want a safe environment for all their tenants even if it costs them the loss of a unit. Thank you for everything you do! Great friendly , secure place nice people and great location.

Spacious units, affordable prices. Always love when there's an option to pay your bill online! Whether in town or not, you can always rest and assure your property is safe!

The manager is helpful and friendly. The lot is clean and secure. George for your help. The place is very clean and professional. The manager Eric was helpful and very kind. I will always do my business here.

The staff was extremely helpful. He explained everything from the rates all the way down to how to get into the gate after hours if I needed access to my unit. He was courteous and very friendly. I am definitely going to recommend this place to friends and family. The overall customer service was excellent. The area is very safe and well lit inside. Been with them over four years and I would highly recommend them in this area. Looking at many storage facilities in my area I picked this one.

They don't have any start up costs or extra fees like other storage facilities do. The guy working was friendly. I could tell he was a little bit of a salesman but he did his job well. I knew what I wanted and when I showed up to the facility, it only took 15 min to do everything I needed and had the ability to use the facility right away.

The only draw back after the hours u can access the storage which is weekdays and something else on the weekends. He did say if u called ahead and needed to access the facility after 5, he would stay open for another hour or so just so u could access it with enough time U shouldn't call 5 min before closing and ask that which is understandable Storage Zone was inexpensive.

I would recommend this place if you live in Lake Wales or are willing to drive a little further to save money or find a clean storage facility ran by nice people. My Family has been renting a storage unit for six months. In the six months our experience has been wonderful.

This is a clean and dry establishment. I will recommend to anyone. I never rented anywhere other than morning star storage until I experienced renting from storage zone. Access anytime is a must for me. Since the first day i haven't experience any major problems other than a simple leak which was not ignored. The staff handled it right away. They were very polite as usual.

Very nice facility, newly painted and in a very secure place. Eric is incredibly nice and informative, makes you feel welcome! Some of the most nicest and most helpful people I've ever met. They went way beyond to help me. We've had a commercial unit for over a year, and the new manager is amazing. Good place to have storage. I have had my unit for almost 7 years and I love it. Had great experience and the salesman, Mr. George is very helpful. Quality facility with excellent customer services.

Easy, fast and reliable! The customer service was wonderful. I was able to come and confirm my unit at the price I was promise.

I have stored here on 2 separate times. Highly recommend to everyone. Prices are awesome, management is friendly and very helpful. Clean units and great location. Owner was In the office when we arrived, he let us look at the unit before we made the final decision. He was very helpful and curtious. Would recommend to anyone! Won't find better costomer service! I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received here. This was the lowest local price I could find on a unit this size.

My unit was clean, and I did not have to wait at all to store things in it. The online bill payment service is extremely convenient. I would absolutely recommend this service to a friend or family member. They are very clean and affordable. Very friendly staff and clean facility. Would definitely recommend for storage purposes. The property manager, Eric Whitfield, was knowledgeable and professional during the sign in process.

I was made to feel comfortable and confident that my belongings were safe. Very good customer service!! Great people ,convenient location great price. I have been with this storage for years with different people taking over and each time changes were made I can truly say that I would recommend anyone to try them and they wouldn't want to go anywhere else and the fees are reasonable and I'm pleased with the new owner as well as the others I've had in the pass.

Thank You for allowing me to continue to store my things there sometimes in the future I would like to have insurance added. Great place, great customer service and very secure clean and accessible.

Great storage units great service all ways clean and the manager George is always great and nice. Miss sandy was very nice I also got the best dill. This is a very nice and clean facility. George is always helpful and friendly. Best storage facility in this area of town. Otis and his wife were very friendly, and helped me pick the best storage unit for the price I was looking for.

They showed me several units and let me decide. The place is very clean, and climate controlled. They even have carts and dollies free to use to help you move in and out. One of the cleanest facilities I've where experienced. Management VERY friendly and helpful. I would recommend this to anyone who needs extra storage space.

The units r clean and big. The salesman is very helpful and friend. Mr George showed the unit and the price is affordable. We had one of the 10' X 40' for 2 years. The office staff is really nice and always willing to work with you. Anything that you bring to there attention,, they are prompt to take care of it and are genuinely concerned about making sure that it was taken care of.

They have a good security system and that was an important thing for us. They make sure that you are taken care of.

We have told several people about this storage zone when they were looking for a storage place. Its simple yet efficient and i woul highly recommend to others in the future.

Deb at the desk very helpful, best storage unit I've rented. Felt like a family friend. Customer service was great.

I've been using Storage Zone for about 5 months now. I am very pleased with the cleanliness, the easy access, and the friendliness of the staff. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone looking for a safe and clean storage facility. I've been very happy with my experience storing my boat with Debra and Larry for the last two years. They have always been super friendly, helpful and easy to work with. They communicate well with monthly updates to security information and billing transactions.

I would recommend Storage Zone Pensacola St to anyone in need for off-site storage. Really happy with the price and the people there. Larry and debrah are real honest tally folk. I have had the same storage building now for well over 4 years, and I would have to say that i have never had any issues. The management has changed hands a few times, but they are always helpful when needed.

I would recommend this storage facility to my friends. I would recommend storage zone to anyone. Great pricing, customer service and a nice clean place. I would highly recommend Storage zone , They helped me out when I was in desperate need of a unit at the last minute, they had storage units available and at a competitive price, and very courteous customer service. I have been a customer of Storage Zone for 5 months now and this is a top class organization!

Mike, the business owner, is fantastic and very friendly. The place is clean and the rates are great!!! If you need a good place for storage, look no further!!!!

Prices unbeatable and nice space. Would recommend to anyone who needs space. As a business owner, great customer service goes a long way. The folks at Storage Zone were very professional and such a pleasure to work with! I have been using this facility for years. It is very convenient and the storage sizes are great! Howard is awsome he really went above and beyond go help me get a unit!!! I called to inquire about a storage unit and spoke with the manager Eric. He was very professional and friendly and answered all my questions.

At the very last minute I decided to use storage zone and they were very accommodating and understanding. Maria and Gary made me feel welcomed and although I reserved the wrong size unit, they quickly upgraded my unit to fit my belongings!

The process was quick and easy and I would recommend them to anyone! They have the best prices and it's nice and clan. The Employees are very friendly. The grounds are kept very clean and access friendly I would recomend the storage zone to anyone who needs storage or office space. The storage in Lakeland Florida is very organized, easy to get to, and the service was good.

I recommend it to everyone. The service I received at this location was amazing! The staff, the location, the unit Couldn't have found a better unit to fit my needs! Getting the unit was very easy. I loved the online reservation to garuntee my unit. The facility called me the same day to confirm and sent me a text reminder on my move in day! At first i was scared to put my personal belongings into a storage based off people previous assumptions of a storage center but after meeting the staff and seeing how very clean the storage's were I knew i had made the right decision.

Helped my grandma store her belongings here. I've been a long time customer over the years and dealing with Steve the manager has always been a pleasure.

He's a straight shooter and performs at his job efficiently. I have recently expanded my storage needs and he was there to help out with my logistics every step of the way. The storage unit pricing is fair and the facility is conveniently located to me in between State Road 7 and the Florida Turnpike.

Very spacious and nice staff.. Great place and location and very friendly staff. My experience with storage zone in Augusta was pleasant. They are Affordable and spacious. I have already referred them to my friends and family.

Very nice staff and they have the best prices. This facility is clean and well lite. The management is friendly and very helpful. The price is great, the best deal I found on a 10 x 30 and no hidden fees, you only pay for your unit. The experience was wonderful I got everything wonderfully. Very clean facility and the manager was very friendly and professional. The prices are good and I feel my things will be secure. Thank you Eric for the pleasant experience.

They are very professional and experienced. Very nice staff and very spacious and clean. The storage units seemed to be well kept and the man at the front desk, Eric, was very knowledgeable about the place.

It seems to be well secured and taken care of, the only downside is that the place isn't climate controlled and is a little off the beaten path. Customer service is excellant. Thomas is extremely polite and courteous very helpful a d responsive to questions. Very nice place to use and Unbeatable prices. Quick, easy, great price, Dennis extremely professional!!

Easy to move in. The units are clean and well maintained. Storage Zone is a blessing multiplied many times over. It is conveniently located, cheaper than all the storage facilities I searched and called as well. It is a very secure facility with bright lights and there are tools to help move items into storage area and out. Also, there is a big elevator. He is so friendly, kind, knowledgeable and professional. U won't go wrong with Storage Zone.

I am so fortunate to find them. Customer service is very helpful and friendly and I've used this facility on two separate occasions without any negative experiences to report. Made Reservation online and Natasha called me right away to confirm and discuss my first visit for setup.

Best staff I had at a storage place. Treat you like family. The grounds always look clean and safe. Excellent facility it was clean and affordable. Pricing can't be beat.

Open late to be able to get to your items if need be. I would definitely recommend this storage facility to others. Thomas is so kind, friendly, informative, professional and thoughtful. I'm very happy to have found this storage location. Facilities are clean and secure, staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I have been a tenant with my plumbing business going on two years and this has been a great affordable place.

We have parking in a fenced area for our trucks with security. We have onsite dumpster. The management has been wonderful. I needed a Storage unit for some of our office supplies and equipment. Mike was very knowledgeable and nice to me on the phone when i called. After speaking with several other storage facilities in the area it was refreshing to talk with Mike. I loaded my vehicle and went right over. When I arrived Mike had Mary take me to the storage unit that i would be renting to get my approval.

Mary was very nice and polite and happy to take me to my future storage unit. The grounds were very clean and well maintained. When we got back to the front office Mike signed me up in no time. Mary showed me how to access the security gate key pad. I moved in right away. From the time i first arrived to the time i left was like 35 minutes.

Mike and Mary are a great asset to this business. Thanks Again for your dedication to great customer service. I called at 11 am otw to get my belongings and told Natasha I would'nt be back until around 7 pm. She said, " No worries! You just call when you're here " I was moved in in literally 15 minutes upon arrival. They have all the equipment needed as well! Howard was a wonderful agent he helped me in selecting what I need for the items we needed to store.

Howard answered all my questions and gave us a fair price on our unit. I highly recommend this storage facility. The management is very helpful and friendly always willing to help in any way possible very satisfied with this location it's convenient and easy. Very pleasant people, great price compared to what I found in the area. Clean, secure and great service.

Recommend if you're a business looking for storage in the Tallahassee area. Isn;t it funny that a reputable business gets negative reveiws for simply doing there job. Two of my daughters in the last two years have rented at Storage Zone at West Pensacola location,and we have always had an excellant experince with the managers.

I know for a fact that this facility is safe and secure and many of my friends children that go to FSU also use this storage facility. I highly recommebd thie storage facility and the managers. We were very impressed with the customer service and quality of the storage space. Storage zone is wonderful place to do business with and will recommend people there who need them.

Great lockers clean and manager is a good guy never had any problems. The facility is clean and newly remodeled. The best prices in town. The staff is friendly and professional.

Just the right size My new favorite place!! I reserved my space through spare foot and it was ready on the day I went there. Paper was very easy and the property manager was very helpful and the customer service was great. I would highly recommend this place. I love the kind and courteous service at this place! I am really satisfied with your unit,also great customer service!

Wonderful customer service, very helpful. Facility is extremely clean. What a great group of people, customer service is great! The facility is extremely clean and safe. I have used many storage units in the past and this one is the best one by far!

I feel very comfortable leaving my belongings here and have absolutely no worries! No issues or concerns as of yet. Hopefully it will continue to go well. My brother and I recently had to clean out a unit that our father had been renting here for years before he passed.

The onsite manager Tanya and David, were unbelievably helpful. Tanya warned us that our U-haul would bottom out and get stuck in the exit if we didn't take a wide turn going through the gate, but I didn't listen and got it stuck just like she said. David helped jack up the 26' truck and pull us out in the middle of the night I had no trouble getting out once I followed her simple instructions. I could go on about other ways they helped us, but suffice to say you couldn't ask for more from a property manager.

I've had to deal with quite a few storage units since my father passed and nowhere else will you get to do business with such great people. Super friendly staff, I believe his name is Daniel, who was polite and thoughtful in phone and personal interactions, very clear and very professional.

Was the 2nd unit I visited that day and the 3rd I talked to - the others were trying to work "deals" and it was time-consuming and unclear just what I could rent units for.

One sent me to a partner that had the available unit and after spending 45 min listening to sales, turns out the unit had a 3 inch lip and there was no way to place a vehicle in it.

Storage Zone was totally different - priced competitively compared to others, super courteous and professional staff Daniel and anyone else I have dealt with since. Highly recommend storage zone. Can't beat the price!

I love this place! The service was excellent and the price was amazing. I think if I need anything else from them I wouldn't hesitate to ask. The best thing going in the area. I got a fantastic deal on a 10X20 -- prices here cannot be beat. The property is under new management and ownership and they have done a great job -- looks brand new! The price is right for what your renting and it's very clean.

I would definitely recommend to others and I would definitely come back again! I am new to storing stuff in self-storage spaces, so I didn't really know what to expect.

I found the manager to be very helpful, and, as I only needed a 5x10 storage area, I had questions about upsizing down the road, and found it would be an easy change for me to do.

The price per month is good, the area outside is well kept and maintained, and the actual storage space I rented was nice and clean.

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