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Arthur received generally negative reviews from critics, who declared it an "irritating, unnecessary remake. As our modern lives shift dramatically indoors, these ideas—and the answers they yield—are more urgent than ever. And any film that carries the name " Dante " the name of our cat has something special indeed. Long-term Inmates Now in the Community. The only thing we promote is Jim Reeves. Ya - that just happened!

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This song has been played so much that it essentially grew on me. I now sing along when I hear it on the car radio. Believe , credited to six writers , was performed by Cher , whose recording was Billboard magazine's 1 Hot Single of It was the biggest single of her career, and provided her with her first Grammy Award for " Best Dance Recording ".

It is known also for its use of the vocoder though that particular link adds vocoder effects not on the actual recording. Listen to an audio clip of this well-produced dance track here. A Tale of the Christ "Chariot Race" [YouTube film clip], music by Carl Davis for the restored version , highlights the rousing chariot race from the epic silent version of the famous Lew Wallace novel.

Bushman as Messala; they battle it out in one of the finest silent screen action sequences ever filmed. It is noteworthy that the Oscar champ , with its glorious film score by Miklos Rozsa , has no musical accompaniment for its famed chariot race [YouTube film clip excerpt], which was staged by famed Hollywood stuntman Yakima Canutt. It was a terrific choice, artistically speaking, because the audience is engulfed by the sounds of the arenaits gruesome violence depicted by the clashing chariots, their riders and horses, and thousands of extras, none of it generated by CGI effects.

A silent film, however, had no such luxury; Carl Davis's soundtrack provides the audience with a dramatic motif that augments the action we view on screen. One other piece of cinema trivia: Arnold Gillespie was an uncredited set designer for the art department. Both Wyler and Gillespie would go on to win Oscars for the version , in the categories of Directing and Visual Effects , respectively.

Ben-Hur "Arrius' Party" [YouTube link], composed by the great Miklos Rozsa , is a sedate but celebratory theme, from my all-time favorite film , the epic , " Ben-Hur. I saw the film again last night , as part of TCM 's " 31 Days of Oscar ," and it remains the greatest " intimate epic " of all time, in my view. Happy 53rd birthday to me! Ben-Hur "The Battle" audio clip at that link is one of the most rousing cinematic achievements in the Miklos Rozsa film score canon. No tribute would be complete without a nod to my all-time favorite film score.

Rozsa's music for the naval battle , an action-packed highlight of the William Wyler-directed "Ben-Hur" , remains one of his great Academy-Award winning cinematic moments. And so we conclude our Centennial Celebration of the music of Miklos Rozsa on the occasion, today, of his th birthday.

Tune in to Turner Classic Movies to see a tribute to Rozsa-scored films throughout the day. Ben Hur "The Burning Desert" [YouTube clip at that link], composed by the one and only Miklos Rozsa , is from my all-time favorite film, the epic known for its colossal naval battles and chariot races, but also for its intimacy and intelligence. It's been a tradition around these parts to feature a selection from this grandest of symphonic cinematic scores every February 17th.

This past year, life has sometimes felt like a struggle across a burning desert; just knowing that the sounds of redemption echo on the next horizon, that the cup of human kindness awaits in the hands of my truly blessed family and loyal friends, is enough to inspire the continuing trek across the many burning deserts to come.

Happy Easter to my family and to all my Greek and Russian Orthodox friends. And our Rozsa Tribute , which began here , comes to a conclusion. Next year, the tribute will return to mark the Rozsa Centenary! The tribute also begins on the occasion of my 49th birthday Ben-Hur "Friendship" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , continues an annual tradition , in which I feature a composition from my all-time favorite soundtrack.

I pick this stellar theme today in celebration of my own birthday and in celebration of my friends, those who have given me their love and support over the past year, in good times and in very difficult times too. Today also begins my annual salute to film music.

This year, instead of focusing on selections from my favorite film scores, like today's entry, I will focus on cinematic songs. From tomorrow until the Oscars on March 5, , I will highlight some of my favorite songs from the silver screen, taking a chronological trip down memory lane. Ben-Hur "The Galley" was composed by birthday boy Miklos Rozsa for a classic scene, the rowing of the galley slaves, in this Oscar-winning masterpiece.

The perfect wedding between cinematic scoring and film, this composition takes us from "battle speed" to "attack speed" to "ramming speed" in thrilling fashion. It is Rozsa's music that directs the pace here as much as the great director William Wyler. Ben-Hur "Gratus' Entry To Jerusalem" [YouTube link] is a dark, imperial march composed by Miklos Rozsa that begins immediately after " Salute for Gratus " included here as well on a 5-disc edition of the score to my favorite film of all time: In a sprawling Oscar-winning soundtrack filled with grand and diverse themes, Rozsa provides a wide range of emotions, which capture the "soul" of this remarkable film.

It is not without significance that the film has been called the first modern " intimate " epic, one that could stage grand-scale naval battles and real chariot races of widescreen scope without the help or need for CGI , while at the same time exploring the essential depth of its main characters and the intimacy and complexity of their relationships. Much of the credit goes to Oscar-winning director William Wyler , and the performances he elicited from his actors two of whom brought home Oscar gold: Rozsa's piece captures the coercive imposition of ancient Roman will on Judea, the oppressive character of imperial occupation on a section of the world that, till this day, remains in turmoil.

In any event, it is in keeping with my annual practice of featuring something from " Ben-Hur " on the occasion of my birthday , which always coincides with Film Music February. So I've chosen this muscular piece from Rozsa's greatest, most triumphant symphonic film score , perhaps one of the greatest scores in cinema history. Today also happens to be my birthday; as in and , I choose a track from my favorite film score of all time.

Ben-Hur "Love Theme" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , is sensitively stated by a solo violin with orchestra. It is a central theme from this William Wyler -directed epic , and one of the romantic highlights of the score and the film. Ben-Hur "The Miracle" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , is a restatement of the central theme from this magnificent soundtrack, with hallelujah chorus bringing the film to a triumphant finale.

A Happy Easter to all my Eastern Orthodox friends and family! Ben-Hur "The Mother's Love" [YouTube link], composed by Miklos Rozsa , is one of the most melancholy themes from this William Wyler -directed blockbuster , which won a record 11 Oscars , including a well-deserved one for its magnificent score. Equaled but not surpassed by " Titanic " and " Lord of the Rings: Heston has the distinction of appearing in what is considered to be the last of the "classic" costume epics " The Ten Commandments " and this, the first of the modern intimate "thinking man's" epics " Ben-Hur " , noted for providing deep characterization amidst grand spectacle.

Ironically, in both films, actress Martha Scott played Charlton Heston's mother and today's theme captures "the mother's love" so poignantly. It's become a tradition during my annual film music tribute, which started way back in , to pick a cue on this date, my birthday , from my all-time favorite film and film score and I have no intention of changing that tradition anytime soon.

How appropriate to highlight this selection especially for "the mother's love" that gave me life and nurtured me as I grew to maturity. ET on March 4th. It's the most obvious period at the end of any cinema sentence, since it is still among the most honored films in Oscar history. Ben-Hur "Overture" [YouTube link], composed by Master Maestro Miklos Rozsa , encapsulates all the main thematic content of my favorite soundtrack and film of all time.

It's become a tradition on my birthday to pick a cue from this Academy Award-winning film a total equaled by " Titanic " and the third installment of " Lord of the Rings ," but never surpassed, and neither of those films received Oscars in any of the acting categories. All I know is that I turn 55 today; my loving Dad passed away in , three months short of his 56th birthday.

So I figure if I beat that, I'm good for another Right now, I count my blessings that my eyes open every morning.

I count my blessings for the passion of my work and for the love and support of my family and my friends. Cheers to a life worth living. For that reason alone, indeed, I shall " row well, and live. Ben-Hur "Parade of the Charioteers" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , trumpets the bold and grand arrival of the charioteers before the Great Chariot Race in this all-time Oscar champ its 11 Oscar record is tied with " Titanic " and " Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ".

It acts as a fanfare for a scene rated among the " most thrilling " action sequences ever committed to celluloid , according to the American Film Institute. Ben-Hur "Prelude" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , announces the main theme from what is probably my favorite film score , composed by one of my favorite composers , for my favorite movie , the film version of the General Lew Wallace novel, starring Oscar-winner Charlton Heston in the title role.

What better way to celebrate my own birthday than with my favorites? It is as if Rozsa captures all the pain of The Passion; it's a classic musical moment in a classic film. Ben-Hur "Roman March" or "Marcia Romana" [YouTube clip at that link], composed by Miklos Rozsa , is one of the master's grandest marches from the grandest of all epics. Continuing Movie Music Month , this one's for me on my 51st birthday! Ben-Hur "Salute for Gratus" [audio clip at that link] is one of the grandest themes composed by Miklos Rozsa for my favorite film, " Ben-Hur.

Ben-Hur "Salute for Messala" [audio clip at that link] is a second cue composed by the legendary Miklos Rozsa , which is heard in the MGM epic upon the arrival of Judah Ben-Hur 's childhood friend , Messala , who has returned to Jerusalem, a tribune of Rome, ready to assume command of the Roman garrison.

To me, despite the flaws and corruptions that have engulfed the soul of the man who becomes Ben-Hur's nemesis, this particular cue, designed to express the requisite regality, also expresses strength of character and certainty of purpose. And it was a cue that never showed up on the umpteen versions of this film's soundtracks that had been released since the film's debut.

That was rectified in by FSM Golden Age Classics , with the release of an utterly definitive 5-CD collection illustrating the complete brilliance of Rozsa's Oscar-winning score , one of the 11 Oscars that remains an Academy Award record tied, but never bested by " Titanic " and " Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ". Since the beginning of Notablog, I've highlighted many cues from this soundtrack. Of this, one can be certain: On February 17th of any year, you'll find a "Ben-Hur" selection: It's my 54th birthday, after all, and it allows me to offer an annual salute to my all-time favorite movie and my all-time favorite score.

From my favorite movie , the version of " Ben-Hur ," these selections can be sampled from the soundtrack album here. This is, to my knowledge, the only suite I have heard that is different from any other pieces I have already highlighted from the soundtrack of my all-time favorite film. But what makes it so very special is that it features the composer himself conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in It is a special treat to see this man so alive with the music of the score that remains his crowning achievement.

It is a true genius that we honor today [pdf link to my Rozsa essay] on the th anniversary of his birth [YouTube documentary on Rozsa].

Tomorrow, we begin a week-long Centenary Tribute to another musical legend from an entirely different genre. Just don't drop your brown and yellow basket because within a week, it'll be filled with the glory of Ella. It's a tradition during Film Music February to pick a cue from my all-time favorite film , on this particular day because it's my birthday!

This ain't birthday party musicno victory parade or parade of the charioteers! But it shows another thematic side of the grandest symphonic film score ever written by one of my all-time favorite composers. And while you're at it, check out 10 Famous Lines from this Oscar champ [YouTube link]though at least four classic lines are missing: So row well and live! On Facebook, I wrote the following preface: Today's entry in my film music series comes from an epic story of struggle and redemption with which I've always identified.

And it's a custom I've developed, every February 17th since , to choose a cue from the glorious Miklos Rozsa score to my all-time favorite film, "Ben-Hur," which made its debut at the Loew's State Theatre in New York City on November 18, , just a day over 3 months before my birth in Perhaps I fell in love with the film before I was even bo rn, since Mom saw it around the Christmas holidays, but one thing is certain: I actually first fell in love with the soundtrack to this film, playing it over and over on the ol' Victrola for a good 5 or 6 years prior to seeing the MGM Oscar champ for the first time on its tenth anniversary re-release , which began its run on June 18, at the Palace Theatre in NYC, the Overture, Intermission, and Entr' Acte still intact.

I should add that the re-release ran in 70 mm through November 5, , in preparation for the 70 mm showing of " Goodbye, Mr. The lobby of the Palace was already adorned with Roberto Gari's famous portrait of Judy Garland , in the wake of Garland's death on June 22, Garland having given a series of legendary performances at the theatre.

And as is also traditional around here, the Movie Music begins on my birthday I turn 48 today! This regal composition is one of Rozsa 's best. My favorite version is by Wes Montgomery on his masterpiece album, " Boss Guitar " audio clip at that link.

Its groove was so distinctive to its era that, 20 years later, it opened the soundtrack to the film, " Boogie Nights " listen to an audio clip here. The "Best Picture" showed us some of the horrific, lingering physical and psychological effects of war even so-called "good wars" on those who survive it.

The Best Supporting Actor , Harold Russell , also received an honorary award for "bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans. One philosopher from whose work I have learned much , apparently despised this film and " It's a Wonderful Life " for shame!

I could write a few articles about how far she missed the mark like I did for " A Christmas Carol " and " Ben-Hur " , but, suffice it to say, sometimes you can appreciate works of art on many different levels, even if some mixed premises ooze into the script. This film came out a year after the end of the most horrific war in human history, one that this particular philosopher opposed.

But there's a reason the American public responded to the film. The struggles of its survivng veterans were palpable and resonated with its war weary audience.

One of the aspects of this film that got well deserved recognition was Friedhofer's soundtrack. And for that, Bravo, Maestro! Johnson and James Torme , son of the late, great jazz singer Mel Torme.

Today is young Torme's 42nd birthday , and I'd like to highlight a few tracks from that fine album both today and tomorrow. Check out this Torme-penned track , with its melodic line and rhythmic feel [YouTube link]. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered , a great Rodgers and Hart tune from " Pal Joey ," kicks off our mini-tribute in honor of Halloween week okay, so the song has nothing to do with witches and goblins, even if it has "bewitched" in the title While the original mix is classic Blige, nothing compares to the scalding Moto Blanco dance remix audio clips at those links.

And if it weren't for the relationship forged between Wyler and Heston in this film, Chuck would never have gone on to Oscar glory in " Ben-Hur. Listen to an audio clip of this classic house track here. It has been played by country and jazz artists alike.

Billie Jean , music, lyrics, and performance by Michael Jackson , was one of the biggest hits from one of the biggest selling albums of all time, " Thriller " check out audio clip at that link. Its video also made a big splash at MTV. Like so many others, I saw Jackson perform this classic song live, with his famous moonwalk , at the 25th anniversary tribute to Motown back on May 16, But not even that compared to his live performance of it at The Garden , where I saw him in on the " Jacksons' Victory Tour ," and, especially, in , on his solo " Bad Tour.

And happy birthday to fellow MJ fan, Abe. With clever rapping by McCoy and the smooth vocals of Bruno Mars , I can't think of a more appropriate song to feature on a day when the country is crazy for the Mega Millions Lottery , with the largest jackpot in history now roaring past half-a-billion bucks.

Hey, You Never Know! So while you're waiting for the winning numbers, check out the music video to this cool song , a Danyo Wallem remix Explicit Content Warning! Bim-Bom , written by Joao Gilberto , has been recorded by many artists.

Listen to audio clips of various renditions of this lively Brazilian tune: Birdland was composed by Joe Zawinul , the keyboardist of the jazz-fusion group Weather Report , which recorded it for their seventh studio album, " Heavy Weather " Named after one of the great 52nd Street jazz clubs in New York City , which took its name from the nickname of be bop pioneer, alto saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker , it became a landmark Grammy-nominated jazz-fusion track.

But the Grammy Award went to The Manhattan Transfer a few years later, for their jazz vocalese version of the celebrated track. The lyrics for the track were written by Jon Hendricks of the always-fascinating vocalese group, Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross , though Eddie Jefferson had started writing lyrics for the piece before his untimely death. The Manhattan Transfer version appears on my favorite album of theirs: Check out the original instrumental classic by Weather Report and the equally classic vocalese version by The Manhattan Transfer [YouTube links].

But today is the birthday of Ol' Blue Eyes , who himself was deeply influenced by jazz and the blues. And what better way to celebrate it than with one of Frank Sinatra 's hits it spent five weeks on the Billboard charts. Black Cat , written and performed by Janet Jackson , from her socially conscious " Rhythm Nation " album check out that audio clip. It may not be " Black Dog ," and Janet may not be a bona fide rock singer, but she got a much-deserved Grammy nomination for " Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female.

One of their most memorable hits with a classic rock riff. Check out audio clip here. From her debut album ; check out the clip at amazon. From the Jacksons' album, " Destiny ," take a YouTube trip down memory lane. And check out Mick Jackson's original version on YouTube as well! She will be truly missed. Listen to this song on YouTube , so reflective of a great era for pop music.

He recorded this title song for his forthcoming second album. He provides us with an exercise in human authenticity in a revealing interview for Billboard 's Pride Issue. Tomorrow, we'll have more to say about the 'prideful' meaning of these dates in late June. Fats Domino , who died yesterday at the age of This song was a staple of the s swing era, but became an early rock and roll classic when Domino recorded it in Check out the original Domino single [YouTube link]. Blue Bloods "Reagan's Theme" [YouTube link], composed by Rob Simonsen on a show to which composer Mark Snow , of " X-Files " fame also contributes , is a wonderful theme for a show whose passion is not drawn so much from the danger and violence of New York City police life, but from the trials, tribulations, and poignant bonds of love among the individuals of a family working in various areas of law enforcement.

It often moves me emotionally, as does the theme every time I hear it. It stars, among others, a strong Tom Selleck and combustive Donnie Wahlberg. Blue Bossa is a jazz standard composed by jazz trumpeter Kenny Dorham. It's a lilting bossa nova that has been recorded by many artists, including jazz greats Joe Pass and J.

It was used to classic effect in the Stanley Kubrick -directed film, " Blue Monk , composed by Thelonious Monk , has become a jazz standard. Check out the original Monk recording , and other renditions as well, including one featuring the lyrics of Abbey Lincoln , another vocal version by Carmen McRae and finally, a swinging solo piano recording by McCoy Tyner [YouTube links].

There's a classic Frankie Lane-Michel Legrand rendition of this song but no audio clip. But there are so many other renditions from which to choose: Thielmans first recorded this song whistling in unison with his guitar lines. Thielemans is a consummate musician, and my favorite jazz harmonica player too.

But there is music that achieves eternal shelf life just from a cinematic association , as we have seen with "Cinderfella" Jerry Lewis. Talk about a cross-generational impact. This one's a keeper.

Blue Suede Shoes was composed and performed by Carl Perkins audio clip at that link. Today, however, I highlight my favorite version of this song, recorded by The King , birthday boy Elvis Presley. Listen to an audio clip of this early rock and roll classic here.

Of instrumental versions, my favorites are the classic Coleman Hawkins tenor saxophone rendition and a superb version by jazz violinist Joe Venuti , recorded for his album "Fiddle on Fire," on the Grand Award Record label. Body Heat "Main Title" soundtrack album audio clip at that link is a bluesy, jazzy, steamy composition by the great John Barry. Listen to an audio clip of a rendition by the " Jazz at the Movies Band.

Yes, he's a tot! The opening and closing bars of this classic dance track are oh-so-jazzy. Boogie Wonderland , music and lyrics by Jon Lind and Allee Willis , was a collaborative performance between two funky musical groups: Earth, Wind, and Fire and The Emotions.

It remains a dance highlight of the Disco '70s. Today marks the day that Earth, Wind, and Fire actually made its debut on the Billboard album chart, back in It was also recorded in , in an updated, revved-up version by Bette Midler , who dubbed all three vocal parts, and took it into the Billboard Top Ten. That original version was recorded by Mabel Scott [YouTube link].

Have a safe and Merry Christmas Eve! Listen to audio clips of versions by Andy Williams , Matt Monro , and from the original soundtrack. Born to Be Alive , music, lyrics, and performance by Patrick Hernandez , was a huge 1 dance hit in Happy 50th anniversary to Atlas Shrugged , the Ayn Rand novel that celebrates human beings who are Check out this song on YouTube. Bossa Dorado , composed by French guitarist and violinist Dorado Schmitt , is a fitting exploration of " gypsy jazz ," which owes its origins to the great jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt , whose birthday we celebrated yesterday.

It shows the remarkable range of Django's influence on jazz. Accordian player Ludovic Beier delivers a wonderful live take on this Schmitt composition [YouTube link], which fuses gypsy jazz with a Latin feel. Bo ssa Nova U. Brubeck , who passed away today , was one of the greatest innovators in modern jazz. Listen to this song on YouTube.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams , music and lyrics by Green Day , is a song from the album " American Idiot " audio clip at that link. It's an anthem to alienation, with a nice pulse and memorable hook.

Matt Damon takes on the role of Jason Bourne in this film , the first film in the Bourne film series.

He would go on to star in four of the five films in the series thus far. I'm particularly fond of a version played by the great classical violinist Yehudi Menuhin with the Bath Festival Orchestra. Listen to audio clips of versions by Sarah Vaughan and Michel Legrand. It was a huge funky hit for The Commodores audio clip at that link.

The Empire State Building. This movie is the first and the best of the sequels to " Frankenstein. Listen to the classic opening theme here [mp3 link]. Powell provides the vocals, with the Mills Brothers, for this song in the movie [YouTube link]. With the Tony Awards being broadcast on CBS on Sunday night , this is a Broadway weekend, even if this particular song didn't come from a Broadway show!

This is just one of those love stories that tugs at the heart strings, perhaps because in the end [semi-spoiler alert! It's a romantic story about the power of love and the power of home. Fuhgedaboudit [YouTube link to a classic exchange in the film " Donnie Brasco "! Just the greatest borough in the greatest city on earth in this regard, " IMHO " is not part of my acronymic vocabulary! But love is universal, so Happy Valentine's Day to all!

And speaking of the Brooklyn Bridge , I was there on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade on 24 May to commemorate the structure's th anniversary when the Grucci Family put on one of the most spectacular fireworks displays I've ever seen, with fiery "waterfalls" coming off the span and magnificent, colorful rockets launching from the cathedral-like towers.

Listen to a Frank Sinatra au dio clip of this song from the film here. Taking a lick from the military morning trumpet call , the song jumps off and swings to a glorious finish. James was so much the matinee idol of the jazz trumpet that my mother, a screaming teenager back then, nearly fell out of the balcony of the Brooklyn Paramount , watching him in concert with the Goodman band.

You can listen to many of the actual studio recordings of BG during the era, but it was in live performance that the great clarinetist earned his stripes as the King of Swing. Check it out here and also the original Kings rendition , a rendition by Jack Pettis and His Pets in , a Glenn Miller version , and one by the Strings Orchestra. Memorial Day is normally a somber holiday; let's take a cue from the New Orleans spirit that remembered the dead with musical celebration; if the departed were going to Paradise, they'd have soared there with this jazz classic.

I enjoyed dancing to the original 12" vinyl mix , which was less guitar-driven than its album incarnation on the singer's debut release. Listen to audio clips of the album version and that 12" single. Boy does this bring back memories Listen to an audio clip of one of her tender renditions here. But Not For Me is a classic George and Ira Gershwin song introduced in the Broadway production of " Girl Crazy " and performed in both the and film versions too that has been recorded by countless artists from Ella Fitzgerald to Sarah Vaughan to Linda Ronstadt audio clips at those links.

For a change of pace, check out an audio clip of a version by the original " space cadet ," Sun Ra. A happy and a healthy to 1 Herman Blount Sun Ra Expert , my colleague and pal Robert Campbell , who also celebrates his birthday today. On this date, in , Taylor was born. Paul Lynde made a career in the center square of the old game show " Hollywood Squares " for which he won two Daytime Emmy Awards , his answers so typically hilarious , and, of course, he was the warlock Uncle Arthur on the classic TV series, ' Bewitched.

Check out the original Broadway cast recording , the ensemble film version , and a few really swinging renditions by: Chita Rivera who was in the original musical; this one is about 2 minutes into her " Great Performances " concert , Sammy Davis, Jr. So we end our mini-Broadway tribute today; enjoy the Tony Awards tonight!

As a baby, I'm tributing three of my favorite songs from that year from this musical, also adapted for the film version. It was, of course, the screen version that I saw as a kid and loved. Check out the cast album version and the film version [YouTube links] both performed by the ever-cheerful Dick van Dyke , joined by Janet Leigh in the film version and then jump on over to the joyful rendition of our Queens-born neighbor , Tony Bennett [YouTube link], who turns 80 years old on August 3rd and we'll be doing a mini-tribute to him as well.

It was later recorded by American country music singer Glen Campbell as the title track to his album. Campbell would go on to amass awards across the spectrum of American music, while also appearing in a dozen films. Today, he died at the age of 81 , following a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease. This song was 20 on the Top songs of the twentieth century by BMI , ranked according to the number of times they were played on television and radio.

Even Ol' Blue Eyes called this the " greatest torch song ever written. Cabaret was one of the best musicals on Broadway that I've ever seen. The revival was an entertainment tour de force, powerful and deeply effective in its exploration of universal themes. The songs , written by John Kander and now, the late Fred Ebb , are boisterous, melodic, witty, and clever. So here's to the title song The song is a Dean Martin signature tune. Here is the scene from the film and the classic Dean Martin recording [YouTube links].

I was a mobile DJ in college and the Dance Bug is part of my genome. I still listen to current and recent hits, and really enjoyed DNCE 's live performance of this last night because they did a " Le Freak " Chic mash up with the iconic producer, composer, and musician Nile Rodgers.

Check out the official video naughty words included and the iHeart Radio Awards version. Calabria , produced by Rune DJ Enur , featuring the late Natasja Saad , is the soundtrack for one of the hottest Target commercials on the air. The two women roommates who stage a "dance off" to this track express infectious joy as they decorate their room see the commercial on YouTube.

The track features a sample from a Taana Gardner disco classic: Check out a full-version video clip of this track at YouTube. Calamity Jane "Secret Love" , music by Sammy Fain , lyrics by Paul Francis Weber , was composed for the movie musical , where it was introduced by the incomparable Doris Day , who celebrated her 92nd birthday on April 3rd.

With a melody based on the opening theme of the A-major piano Sonata D. A belated 92nd Happy Birthday to one of the world's greatest animal lovers , who will always be an Award-winner in my songbook! California Dreamin' , words and music by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips , was a huge pop hit for The Mamas and the Papas , sporting a wonderful alto flute solo by one of my all-time favorite jazz musicians: Bud Shank , who was born on this day in , and became one of the finest musicians in the West Coast jazz scene.

It's not a "winter's day" in Brooklyn; we've had summer-like weather for awhile. But I'm dreamin' of a particular California attraction that celebrates its 75th anniversary today: Happy Birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge! On this track, even Oscar-award winning actress Halle Berry makes a cameo appearance.

Check out the album version [YouTube link] and a live performance at the Apollo [DailyMotion link, around the minute mark]. Call Me , words and music by Randy Muller , was performed by the group Skyy. It's particularly fitting on this day, the th anniversary of the first phone call made by Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas A.

Over the next week or so, I'll have a few more favorite musical "calls" to make, in honor of this anniversary. And "for all you frustrated musicians," see here , where you can access directions on how to play songs on your touch-tone phone.

Vissi recorded the song previously as " Ise " in Greek. Listen to an audio clip of this song among others on disc 2 of Vic Latino's Ultra Dance It's a warm '60s chestnut. Call Me , words and music by Giorgio Moroder and Deborah Harry , the lead singer of the group Blondie , was the theme from the film, " American Gigolo. This song is probably my favorite Blondie track in contrast to my favorite, and beloved, Blondie.

Listen to an audio clip from the original soundtrack. I love a string jazz guitar version by Joe Pass. It provides what was probably "the year's most gripping hook," making it "one of the most irrefutable teen-pop songs in history," as New York Daily News music critic Jim Farber attests.

Olympics Swimming Team [YouTube links]. It's a song that should be on any year-end countdown. Tonight we'll be counting down till the ball drops in Times Square. Have a happy, healthy, and safe New Year's Eve! This classic Beatles track is still one of my all-time favorite kickin' rock 'n roll songs. Performed by LeAnn Rimes , it's a peppy track that's been remixed fabulously for the dance floor as well; check out various versions, including this YouTube moment , this remix and this one too.

Can't Stop the Feeling! This is Timberlake's fifth solo 1 Hit and, perhaps, the most retro-disco sounding recording of his career. The voice cast has fun with the song in a pre-release video , even as the official video was released this week [YouTube links]. Tracy will be joined at the launch concert by fellow balladeers Jeff Brown and Glenn Jones which will double as a tribute to the late Stan Coster, Tracy'.

Key among the accolades was Greg Champion's elevation to the ranks of Song Maker, Australia's country music songwriting hall of fame. Adelaide's "In Daily" reported that, together with host Todd McKenney, a show that was entertaining, amusing and moving was produced.

Big Golden Guitar turns Acclaimed as one of Australia's most recognisable "Big" icons, it shares the spotlight with a handful of other famous big statues such as the Big Merino at Goulburn and the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour.

It is a major tourism centre and attraction now with a wax museum, a cricket museum, a busy cafe and country music souvenir merchandise. Importantly, it is one of the attractions that provides Tamworth with a year round country music presence. Max and Warwick are pictured acknowledging the 30th anniversary of the Big Golden Guitar.

Brad trumped fellow finalists Brad says he was inspired to pursue his country music career after a month-long songwriting trip to Nashville in He recorded his debut album of which his first single, Too Drunk to Drive, debuted at number two on the iTunes country chart. Star Maker Co-ordinator Cheryl Byrnes said: Brad has a unique country spirit. The networking is extraordinary. Brad thanked his family and friends for coming out to cheer him on "all the way" from Jindabyne, NSW.

It's true to say there's nary a venue that works in Tamworth that doesn't have some sort of activity running during the January country music festival. Pubs, clubs, major theatres, local halls, church halls, the main street of town and most of the shopping centres. The shopping centre with the most activity is Tamworth Shoppingworld off Bridge Street, West Tamworth, which hosts a big program of entertainment for nine days of the Festival.

As most previous Festival visitors from recent years would be aware, the main attraction at Shoppingworld is one of Australia's best known country pioneers, Chad Morgan. Chad — aka "the Sheik from Scrubby Creek" — kicked off his regular series of performances on Friday and continues every day up to and including Saturday from Dare 2 Dance linedancing demonstrations will be conducted all of this week, Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 4pm. All shows at Shoppingworld are held in the centre food court area and there is no charge for admission.

Based on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, Don Costa has been one of our best known independent entertainers for many years. He has a number of recordings under his belt, has performed at numerous country music festivals and has been inducted into the SA Country Music Hall of Fame. For many years, he performed with brother Paul as the Costa Brothers. Since deciding to pursue solo careers, Paul Costa has built an impressive list of awards and accolades including numerous finalist nominations in the Golden Guitar Awards.

Long involved in country music, especially in Queensland, Hugo Fitz-Herbet started in the business playing drums for the Webb Brothers but played professionally in Sydney during the late s and early s. Graeme Hugo began his music career in at the age of 18 and continues to this day. South Australian based, he has toured throughout Australia several times with a number of high profile artists and has performed at numerous notable venues including the Sydney Opera House.

Apart from his work as a musician, Nev has also run an independent recording studio which has recorded numerous artists over the years. Peter Simpson has become more known in recent years for his marital and musical collaboration with Dianne Lindsay but prior to that partnership, he has had a long and successful career of his own.

He is very well respected for his guitar playing, and especially for his bush ballad style playing, and as an award-winning songwriter.

He has a number of his own recordings. Kevin worked as a long-distance transport operator for a period before working as a professional musician. At one time, he wrote and recorded for the then RCA label and had his own country band, The Hilltones.

The hand imprinting ceremony will be held at the Hands of Fame, next Saturday January 27 from Three names are being added this year Marge Graham pictured , John Slaven pictured and Wally Wray who, between them, have been playing country music on the radio for more than 35 years. The final award announced yesterday at the Hall of Fame was the Eric Watson Literary Award, named after one of Australia's most prolific country music historians.

Pioneer country music writer and historian Ian Hands was presented with the honour. Ian is particularly known for his concentration on recording the history of our early country music pioneers. In a surprise announcement yesterday afternoon in the Tamworth Town Hall, leading Australian country music journalist and writer Anna Rose was recognised for her service to Tamworth via country music. The special award is simply known as The Tamworth Award and has been presented by Noel and Dawn Smith theyre the folk who organise the Golden Guitar trophies every year, among other things!

Long-time broadcaster and country music personality Brian Howard makes the presentation annually on behalf of Noel and Dawn. Highlights of day two of the Tamworth Country Music Festival include Cowboy Up, a rodeo-horse-sports oriented fundraiser for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service. Billed as a family event, Cowboy Up will also include a two hour concert starring American singer and recording artist Eric Lee Beddingfield pictured and a ute and truck show.

Eric was a key supporter of the inaugural staging of Cowboy Up in Tamworth last January. It gets underway at 6: Daily live radio broadcasts from the Festival will also take place as well as live broadcasts from Tamworth of Saturday Night Country and Australia All Over on Sunday morning. This partnership takes the relationship to an exciting new level, enabling the Festival and ABC to reach country music lovers across all our platforms in all corners of Australia and internationally.

Handprints will be set in concrete the following Saturday at the Hands of Fame cornerstone at the corner of Kable Avenue and Bridge Street. Amber Lawrence will host the announcement event from From those humble beginnings, "Tamworth" grew to a three day weekend festival, then to a week and ultimately to the jam-packed 10 days we now see every year in the northern half of NSW. From a talent quest, winners concert and gala recording awards presentation, the annual January shindig has grown to become Australia's biggest music festival, the second biggest country music festival and one of the top 10 music festivals in the world.

The variety of country music is endless during the 10 days with more than performers and 2, shows across different venues in and around Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital. Bush poets come to town, buskers, bluegrass players, singers, songwriters, broadcasters and industry people all converge on Tamworth for the annual music fest and unofficial industry "convention".

All culminating in a giant weekend which still features the CCMA Jamboree, the glitter of the Golden Guitar Awards and one of the many new events, the massive Country Music Cavalcade along Tamworth's "boulevarde of dreams".

Dozens of shows and performances run through the day — far to many to list — concluding with the Australian Academy of Country Music Graduation Concert at Wests from 4pm and the Official Opening Concert from 7pm although visitors should arrive much earlier to claim a seating area.

Pictured top, from left: Mark, Travis, Rachael and Judah; above: Throughout the Festival, the Bulletin will be covering all the news with talent quest and award winners and all other aspects that need reporting. Updates will be posted to our facebook page as we report Country Music is always in his thoughts and, over the years, his passion has seen the development of not only the Festival itself, but a wide range of activity which has stimulated and encouraged the growth of the genre and industry that goes with it, all over Australia.

The other is the recording of the history of Australian country music since its inception by Tex Morton, the acknowledged "Father" of the uniquely Australian version of the genre, in By co-incidence it was also the year of Max's birth so he can claim that his entire existence has run parallel to Australian country music's life line.

The book celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Golden Guitar Awards and the beginning of the Festival in Now he has produced another Milestone, or rather a series of Milestone events and happenings since Tamworth first took notice of country music way back in the s. He has researched and compiled the list of hundreds of events and happenings which have shaped the Capital and placed them in chronological order, often with background material to assist with an understanding of their importance.

The feature also references a list of both 2TM staff and country musicians from the early period of the Awards up to the s. Max insists it's a work in progress so if anyone has any comments, corrections or omissions they are concerned about, he'd love to hear from you, at info historyofcountrymusic. Organisers of Australia's annual Country Music People's Choice Awards today announced the line-up of finalists who will perform at this year's gala presentation.

Country music broadcaster and a previous winner of the Most Popular Country Music DJ award Jane Kellaway will compere the event with special surprise guest hosts and award presenters. The People's Choice Awards provide recognition and encouragement to artists and country music announcers as voted by the people. This is not a criticism of other more established and longer running awards, Bob said, "like the Golden Guitars which are peer-judged and peer-voted".

The People's Choice Awards have been running continuously since the turn of the century. Further information, including a complete rundown of finalists and a link to ticket sales, can be obtained from the website This January celebrates another major achievement for James James is acknowledged by many as the act that single-handedly shaped modern Australian country music. The first single from the album has been released — a reworked version of James' biggest chart hit Way Out West, his duet of The Dingoes original with James Reyne in that shot to number two overall on the national ARIA mainstream singles chart.

The CCMA has issued a challenge to try and determine if there are any still continuously running talent quests that have been going longer than the National Talent Quest. A change to CCMA activity this year sees the Jamboree re-badged as the Champion of Tamworth Champions which will be an invitational for the winners of all solo-entrant talent quest activity taking place during the January Country Music Festival.

This event will determine senior and junior champions, each of whom will win a scholarship to the Australian Academy of Country Music in January The CCMA is still directly running one section of the talent quest, the senior and junior songwriting sections under the banner Battle of the SongStars. This will be conducted as a "facebook live" event at 2pm on Thursday January Four friends or five to be precise of the late June Smyth are coming together for two special concerts during this year's Tamworth Country Music Festival to honour June's life.

The long-time host at Tamworth's famous Longyard Hotel, and more latterly the country music specialist at Tamworth Council, June died tragically in November after retiring to the NSW coast some years earlier.

For eighteen years they sang and played together at The Longyard: Colin, Greg and Jane were mainstays at The Longyard in its early days. A number of special bluegrass events will be staged during this year's Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Bluegrass Comes To Tamworth: More information on this event can be found here. The event will seek out four finalists in each section, Fiddle, Banjo and Guitar with the winners to receive a number of special prizes to determine junior and senior Tamworth bluegrass champions.

The Industry Observer reported Carey and Golden claim in their lawsuit that the two songs are musically, lyrically and thematically similar. Specifically, the lawsuit says, the songs are "substantially similar in bars of both songs" and a detailed analysis of chord structure and melody are presented in the paperwork.

Darren Coggan will host the event that will also showcase new and rising stars. Further information, including booking detail, can be obtained via www. A wide range of traditional country music concerts and showcases will be staged from Friday to Friday January 19 to Artists appearing this year include The Salvation Army Canteen provides food and hot and cold drinks at the venue and there is plenty of parking for patrons.

During their stay in Tamworth, the Association will be running its annual general meeting on Saturday, January 27 at 2pm. For a full rundown of shows, visit www. Tracy is doing double duty this January and for most of this year as she is now featuring in the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame and will do so until November.

I have dedicated a lifetime to country music, loved every minute and would not change a thing. The Hall of Fame said they wanted to recognise all generations of Australian country music artists and Tracy was part of the middle to younger generation currently being featured. Following the release last month of semi finalists, the Tamworth Songwriters' Association has now announced top five finalists for the Salute Awards and National Songwriting Contest.

In the Songwriter Salute Awards, the finalists are Highway 39 by Wendy Phypers. Anzac Song of the Year In the Lyrics Only section In the Youth section It's no surprise that Keith Urban has topped the chart of Australia's top selling country albums for Not only is Keith's latest studio album — Ripcord — at number one, he has three other albums — two "best of" collections and his previous studio album — Fuse — in the top seller list Lee Kernaghan's 25th Anniversary Album 35 weeks in to date comes in at number two while Kasey Chambers' Dragonfly is at number three for the year, the second in the Great Country Songbook series this one by Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole is at number four and The McClymonts' most recent studio album — Endless — is at five.

The Very Best Of Slim Dusty , at number seven, is a perrenial seller, notching up a mighty weeks in the chart as of this week. If it remains as popular as it looks like it's going to, the "best of" release will pass 1, weeks almost 20 years in early July. Interestingly, country fared better than "pop" in the respective charts.

Half of the country top 10 were Australian acts compared to no homegrown hits in the 10 of the broader Australian international albums chart. A preliminary rundown of artists scheduled to appear at the popular Toyota Fanzone in Tamworth during this month's country music festival has been announced. Situated in the heart of the city's central business district, the Toyota sponsored activity features a continuous program of free entertainment with established and rising stars alike. Over the years, Toyota Fanzone has grown to be one of the most popular destinations for artists to get close to their fans.

Fanzone operates from 9. A large concentration of bush poetry will be a highlight again at this year's Tamworth Country Music Festival. A choice of day is offered to competitors as there are three heats before the finals on Saturday January Sessions kick off at Entries will close when all sessions are filled. All sessions from 2pm to 4pm. All presenters are award winning poets with "a wealth of tips and information to share". The Writer's Workshop will run from 10am to 12 noon, the Performance Workshop from 2pm-4pm.

Vale — Frankie T Thatcher. Frankie was well known for his support of many young up-and-coming country music artists and established acts, providing them with opportunities for wider exposure of their music. He was a staunch supporter of numerous country music activities as well as charities like the Fred Hollows Foundation and was an ambassador for research into prostate cancer. Macarthur Community Radio President Rodney Simpson said Frankie joined the group on January 21, , providing more than 20 years of service on community radio in the Macarthur Region.

Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont are combining professionally as well as maritally in Babies have meant Brooke and her sisters are taking time out from The McClymonts allowing more time for making music with Adam. Brooke said they were both surprised there were no arguments about chord progressions or riffs and thrilled how smooth the process was.

The couple's five-year-old daughter Tiggy starts school next year which could prove interesting around tour time, as mum and dad are scheduled to be away each weekend from February to May. In a positive sign for the future of country music in Australia there was a marked increase in voting For Most Promising Future Star, so much so that Awards organisers resolved to nominate 10 finalists rather than the usual five. The festival, which runs from May 11 to May 20, will also feature rodeo events and acts from the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

I think the Ord Valley Muster should be on everyone's bucket list to go at least once," Lee said. The host town — Kununurra — is situated some kilometres from Darwin and more than 3, kilometres from Perth.

Organisers have a number of transport options for visitors. The year-old Brunswick Heads retiree worked with former Tamworth journalist and "grey nomad" Anna Rose to document his life. In one particular incident a capacity crowd at the Lismore Showground in saw Ray flung from his trotting gig in a near-fatal accident.

The indomitable Essery returned 12 months later to win the same race, the Inter Dominion. His first public performance was at the Byron Community Centre in where, he said, he was shaking with nerves. A number of country stars are featuring in a variety of Christmas Carols events in Australia this month. Organisers of the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival have announced the line-up of entertainers for the event. To be held from Thursday February 15 to Sunday February 18, Boyup Brook is billed as one of the top country music festials in the nation.

In addition to the music, the festival has a street carnival, truck and ute musters, buskers and markets as well as the West Australian Country Music Awards.

Industry activities such as workshops, a panel session on songwriting, bush poetry and more are also a part of the festival program. Co-presented by the Jimmy Little Foundation, the show will be staged in the city's Capitol Theatre during the country music festival on Sunday January Co-presenting the show in Tamworth is the Jimmy Little Foundation.

Jimmy Little was the first Aboriginal musician to achieve mainstream success in Australia enjoying a career that spanned six decades. Jimmy died in after a long illness. Semi finalists have been announced for Tamworth Songwriters' Association activities this January. In key categories, they are A full listing can be viewed on the TSA website. And the finalists are The networking among the past alumni and the current crop of Star Makers is extraordinary.

Toyota Star Maker continues the tradition as the main event of the first weekend of the biggest music festival in Australia. For the second time in its long history the event will be free to the public with all 10 finalists being judged on the night to decide the winner who will receive a prize package which includes the use of a new Toyota motor vehicle and an unlimited fuel card for 12 months plus guaranteed performances at major festivals and events throughout Australia.

The course runs in Tamworth for two weeks culminating in a graduation concert just prior to the start of the January country music festival. Lee Kernaghan will host a regular country music program on the Triple M regional network next year. Lee has long been a champion of the country music scene with two million album sales, 34 chart topping singles, four ARIA awards and 36 Golden Guitars.

He has been named Hit Maker of the Decade twice, in and , for having more chart hits in Australia than any other country music artist in the world. The new show begins on January 28 during the Australia Day long weekend, the day after the Golden Guitar Awards in Tamworth and will be heard on more than 66 stations. Named Australian of the Year in , Lee has raised millions of dollars for drought, flood and bushfire relief, hospitals, schools, ambulance and volunteer organisations.

The track features on the second album from the television series "The Secret Daughter". He swiftly got her into the studio where Jess was able to record for the first time. In at age 14, Jessica won the Tamworth grand final of the Telstra Road to Tamworth talent search and reclorded a cover of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun before moving further into the pop music field with her involvement in Australian Idol. Fast forward to the Yabun Festival in January this year when a chance meeting saw Jessica and Warren H make a pact to record together again.

With a tight schedule and little time outside of her television and promotion responsibilities, Jessica made the duet project happen in the course of her busy life by writing Warren into an episode of "The Secret Daughter" Season 2. Warren plays a cameo role in a scene which showcases a duet of Always On My Mind performed acoustically around a campfire.

News of the US time Saturday wedding was announced yesterday by various media. One such medium, countryfancast. I think that makes for a really full life — when you can do everything that you want, and then share it with someone," said Kelsea.

After a whirlwind nine months of dating, they got engaged last Christmas. For the Female Vocal award Winners will be announced on Saturday February 3. Announcements and presentations to the successful artists will take place with a special concert that evening on the Greg Gordon stage at the Bungendore Showground featuring performances by all finalists.

A walk-up artists competition will be held on the Friday morning with "great prizes" available for those judged to be winner and runner-up. Further information and tickets can be obtained here. Allan said he was pleased Australian country music had a permanent tribute in Tamworth.

Weblink for a full list of winners — www. The exhibition — titled "Gif ted Country: Emerging Aboriginal country music singer Quarralia Knox will perform at the opening. John has been taking portraits of Australian country music artists for more than 30 years and this exhibition brings together a selection of his iconic images of stars such as Slim Dusty, Kasey Chambers, Lee Kernaghan and many more.

All great country music has a respect for the past and I hope my photographs help young artists connect with what came before. John says he is as passionate about photography today as he was when he started clicking away in the s. My work depends a lot on my ability to get close to my subjects. I spend more time developing that close working relationship with the subject than I do on the photography.

The exhibition will feature large-scale prints, memorabilia, moving images, data projection, performances, photography workshops and talks by John. John has been a writer, photographer and documentary maker who is mainly concerned with Australian culture, the bush and music. Gates will open at Camping sites are available. The Aussie country star swept the country awards for which he was nominated and seemed genuinely shocked with his triple — for Male Artist, Song and Album according to a report by music-news.

The winners of the album categories will vie for the overall Album of the Year Golden Guitar. Festival is recognised world-wide, attracting significant overnight visitation to the State and delivering important economic and community benefits," he said. Long-time South Australian country music broadcaster, writer, recording artist and industry personality Wally Sparrow died at his home yesterday morning. He would have been 75 tomorrow.

A tirelesss worker for country music in Australia, and particularly South Australia, for more than 50 years, Wally worked as a songwriter, singer, recording artist, promoter, broadcaster and with the industry organisation SACCM South Australian Council for Country Music.

Concentrating more on broadcasting in recent years, Wally has been widely recognised for his contribution to country music, including various radio awards and induction into the Australian Country Music Hands of Fame in Tamworth in and the SA Country Music Hall of Fame at Barmera.

Fifty-five years in the industry as an entertainer, singer, musician, comedian, songwriter, compere, producer, journalist, adjudicator and trainer, Wally performed all around Australia, the USA, Canada, Fiji, Japan and on cruise ships. With three albums under his belt, Wally was particularly known for his country music broadcasting and writing including a regular weekly column on country music in the SA Stock Journal and for regular contributions to Capital News, the Country Music Bulletin and Country Roundup.

He says at one stage he was writing more than , words a year. Wally was made a Tennessee Ambassador of Goodwill in Australia by the Tennessee Governor following a visit to the area in when he was involved in a lot of media work and also worked with schoolchildren in Alabama and Tennessee. As a result of his visit to Ohio, the Musicians Union formed a group that started off the Ohio Country Music Alliance, based on the SA Council for Country Music with which he was involved from the outset serving on its steering committee and then served as secretary and CEO over a year period.

During this time, he wrote the Council newsletter Prelude. In his working life, Wally worked professionally in sales and journalism.

He had a degree in agricultural studies and had considerable training in marketing. All of his working life was spent in the agricultural chemical industry in sales, research and development. During the latter patrt of his working life he had become a horticultural specialist and wrote a monthly column for Rural Press on the subject. Terry won two awards Slim went on to record more than a hundred albums in his lifetime and has sold more than seven million records.

Members of the public can view records like Slim's copyright application online at the following address naa. A new, live streaming Australian country music channel will launch on Monday. Designed to "put Australian Country Music in the hearts and minds of the fans" Country Music World will bring fans Australian only country music videos 24 hours a day, days a year.

It will be a boost for the whole industry. The CMW app will stream to any device and will help fans discover new artists whenever they are watching. While taking on the "bigger outlets" might seem like a mountain too hard to climb, Mick and Jay are confident their product will provide a point of difference for Aussie country music fans.

Now, these artists that produce amazing music and videos have a voice. Further information, including subscription option, can be obtained by visiting www.

The Channel will launch on Monday evening at 7 o'clock. Mick pictured at left and Jay will be on air via CMW's facebook page — www. Alison has been appearing on stage since the age of three. Among many other achievements, she danced at State and National Calisthenics for many years before turning to fulltime music. Her career has seen her appear on national television, tour across Australia, have a song used in a feature film and perform regularly at country music festivals including Tamworth, Mildura, Bay Of Islands NZ and in Nashville.

Since , Alison and Mark's Stormfront Productions has offered audio and visual recording, songwriting and performance workshops across the state, a popular music tuition service, graphic art, website design and stageshow production for events such as "Carols On The Park".

The city's Western Advocate newspaper reports that despite living with the condition for 13 years, it was only in October last year that doctors could finally give her a conclusive diagnosis. It is uncertain just how she contracted the bacteria, but it was likely from being bitten by a bug of some sort that carried the bacteria, which got into her blood, tissue and muscle fibres and later her brain. They contacted Adam in the hope he would help them, and he was happy to put his name to the cause, the newspaper reported.

Adan said he would also be taking requests. Adam has helped raise money for charity previously, but this cause was one he wanted to get behind as it was a condition people knew very little about. Star Maker Mickey felt the same, saying it takes events like this to help educate people on a lot of issues.

Jaylene said she was "absolutely speechless" and "blown away" that all the musicians were choosing to help her. An auction and raffle will also be held on the night to help raise money. And the Band Played On.

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