What Are Some Reasons for Kathy Levine's Departure From QVC?

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Check it out here: When she greets a vendor on camera she bends at the waist like she is the QUEEN she is full of herself and acts like she has a stick up her ass when she leans over so the vendor can kiss her. So who will be joining me tomorrow at 8 pm and who's your favorite QVC host? She has already revealed that she is writing a book, and has said she would like to get back into TV news. It is still one of the best designs that QVC has done in diamonique. Anonymous September 29, at 7:


Kathy Levine Wedding

She was a gorgeous woman. Mom was born on Aug. My Mom worked for a popular department store, H. She was a fashion coordinator and went out with her models to every organization you can name for 20 years and did fashion shows while the ladies lunched.

She was the first woman to use a plus size model and a senior model. She had her finger on the real pulse of America long before America had a pulse. She also taught a charm school to adolescent teen girls. To this day I am approached by women telling me my Mom gave them the only sense of self esteem they ever had. She touched so many with her light. As an added perk to her job, I received clothes galore. As I never could hold my weight, and my size fluctuated like the stock market, she kept me looking my best no matter what.

She never berated me for my problem. She loved me fat, thin, through the ugly stages and the pretty ones. She was in my corner every day of my life and thought the sun rose and set on all of her children. If I was bad in school, misbehaved, sassed a teacher, got caught throwing spitballs or started a food fight, I caught hell. She never expected the school to do her job of manners and discipline, and she allowed that I was guilty instead of making the teachers wrong.

On the first day of Winter, my Mom closed her eyes peacefully for the last time. We were all with her and we thanked her for being her. She will be sorely missed and my heart aches, but she had a fabulous life, a huge far reaching impact, and I will continue to strive to make her proud. There is no filling her sparkly gifted shoes, but I am so happy to have walked along side her for my 60 years. Her pricey couture pricey line has a celebrity following, and last night her clients actress Eva Longoria and reality TV star Khloe Kardashian called in to wish her well.

Loren, a gorgeous cat-eyed brunette, had some striking gemstone and sterling pieces, which host Colleen Lopez showed off nicely. Kathy is currently enjoying retirement with many visits with her grandchildren and traveling the world with her husband.

If you are wondering what Lisa has been up to since she left QVC, she is now selling products on her website.

She features them in her live Facebook videos just as she did as a QVC host. It's fun to see her selling again! I love her voice, it's so calming. She shares stories of her journeys around the world, she reads the comments from viewers, responds to them and she shows off the items for sale.

Currently she is selling jewelry, but stay tuned for home decor and Christmas decor. Last night she previewed two cute little deers with animals standing on their backs. Perfect for Christmas decor or even year round. Another thing, i did not find him to be adorable, smart or funny. He came across as a boyish hick farm boy who constantly mispronounced foreign words croissant he used to say and pronounced it phonetically I remember and appealed mainly to old ladies with southern accents squandering their life savings on overpriced jewelry and figurines that they probably never bothered to open, but ordered nonetheless until senility finally overtook them.

He was not a heart throb by amy stretch unless this type of man is someone who interests you. For most women, it's not.

He did have really cool 18k shows and had impeccable manners. It's just that, as a woman, I do not understand his appeal sexually to other women. There are more important things in life than shopping networks. Get a life ladies! One night when jeff was on air someone called in calling him a fag About a few months later he was engaged to judy, and it ended. I feel sorry for anyone who is riddiculed publically, and i always wondered if the marriage was a cover for him?

As far as judy goes, i think she broke up paul's marriage, but if his marriage was solid it would've been impossible.

Paul acts and presents himself very much like jeff did. Oh, thank you so much! I remember watching the next day and a lady caller commented to Jeff on how terrible it. I always wondered what was said to him on air. No, you are confused. The "fag" comment was an on-air remark to Bob Bowersox.

Judi Crowell married Paul Deasy and is doing infomercials along with her shopping channel sales I hope Jeff is well and the "Stroke" is a fabrication If someone is "gay" so what, as long as they don't hurt anyone, live and let live Tired of Jeff'n'Judy comments. I collect vintage Hollywood autographs but was glad to receive an inscribed photo from Toni.

Believe she had a career as a local tv news reporter in Phiilly area before, or after, her QVC days. Chinese is good for" takeout" only. I agree that a lot of the hosts especially Lisa Robertson talk over the product representative - they should "assist" not dominate.

Despise her frequently used "Sister Sledge" reference. Botoxed lips, fake hair extensions, fake nails, false eye lashes, overly self tanned. Re Lisa Robertson, watch her, she can't go 5seconds without looking at herself in the monitor! She's so pretty but so obviously lacking in self esteem. Quit looking at yourself for reassurance, Lisa, you are very pretty!

I agree, I don't know what Jeffery was thinking when he married Judy. But Jeffery, Judy and Paul all seem gay to me!! I think she looks like a horse and can't believe either one of them married her I think all of the shopping channels are over priced on their merchandise. They rave on about what a good deal they have, you can't buy these items in the brick and mortar stores for these prices, etc. So often, that is just not the case. Their prices need to be cut by 20 percent, given the volume they sell verses their overhead.

There is little 'Value' anymore and the quality has definitely declined in many product categories. Having to send things back so often shoots down the 'convenience' factor as well. Shame on all of them! They took a great concept and ruined it with greed.

I agree with many writers about the show hosts. Tell me about the product, don't dance to the music, chit chat about nothing, etc. So many of these show hosts are just irritating. They repeat the same rhetoric and their ignorance of the products they are selling is astonishing. For example, Shaun doesn't understand the most basic fashion terminology, always asking Isiac to explain terminology I learned in junior high home ec!

The funniest thing the other day was when a show host was talking about how cheap clothing failed to match patterns on the side seam. She held up a garment to prove the point that their products were superior and guess what, yep, horribly mismatched.

Bless her heart, she just ignored and and kept on talking. At least I got a good laugh out of it. Re a comment a few posts back about jane treacy! Yes definitely noticed a certain bizarre quality since she has returned. The 50 style dresses with the tight fitted bodices and full shirts arent working girl. I agree the dresses Jane has been wearing looks terrible on her. She looks ridiculous and huge in them.

Did anyone ever watch judy on jtv? Jtv has such low production quality. Judy was astounded by how prople kept interrupting her and cutting each other off. She was never a good fit there, but that was JTVs fault not hers.

I am astounded by Lisa R. We have seen her sell Diamonique, Beauty, Fashion, because she can't screw in a light bulb, but yet we call her our expert come on the only thing she is an expert at is being FAKE I can well imagine that she would be totally unreconisable without all of her fake nails, fake hair, fake tan, eye color, and probably her personality is as fake as every part of her. I see from fb she has had stalker issues do think she should have shown a photo of her home on air while saying "these people are good friends" after they shoveled her drive way of her home.

The truth of it is she has become the Queen Bitch and everyone treats like she invented water, she is the same as everyone who sells, jewelry, make-up, shampoo,clothes. When she greets a vendor on camera she bends at the waist like she is the QUEEN she is full of herself and acts like she has a stick up her ass when she leans over so the vendor can kiss her. Watch with Louis Del Oleo is there it looks disgusting we all know they've been talking before they got on camera, so another fake thing from her.

Lisa just come down off of your tower and be REAL for once. Why does she need to brag about her having a professional trainer showing us photos on line of the exercise's she does? It will be interesting to see what her next venture is. Anyone want to take a guess? Wow cannot believe how much hatred is out there. You do know ALL t. They also have makeup, botox, tanning exercise routines. So do Movie Stars.

It is none of the above anymore, so stop bitching you all know way too much about people you cannot stand to watch Either you want to purchase their products or you don't. The rest is all juvenile. My mother taught me the old saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. At the risk of sounding negative, I do wish Shawn would wear something on her lips other than that stuff that looks kind of like sun-block when she is on-air.

I would be so pleased if Shawn would brush the hair back from her face so that she can more easily see and be seen. Wow, so much to comment on!! I have been a QVC purchaser for decades, but no longer. Their merchandise is substandard, an I got tired of having to pay to return things. Yes, there were items that I received damaged, or didn't last beyond their 30 day deadline, so I didn't have to pay to return those items, but the WORST is Bethlehem Lights I have one word for them: I've wasted enough money With regard to the Host's: She is a class act.

One last thought re QVC: Lisa Mason was back on QVC for a while. It was a pleasure to see her and her soft-spoken way of selling. Unfortunately, she became ill and had to leave QVC. Lisa was full of herself and came off as a fake. Jane Rudolph Traecy has totally worn out "thank you very much!

Does Shawn Killinger actually have 2 eyes? She has obviously been designated Lisa Roberston's successor. Sure do miss Jeff. She was soooo full of herself and just couldn't keep her eyes off the monitor as she watched herself selling products.

I just could not bring myself to watch her or buy any product she was selling. The hosts now leave a lot to be desired also. God, if she would only get herself a good psychiatrist HSN has gone to pot. Even after they stress on the air you can return anything if not satisfied during the 30 day period they crucify and black ball you to the point you can no longer purchase anything from them.

Even though you have been a good loyal customer for years with excellent credit. HSN claims you have returned too many items. When asking them how many it too many they refuse to answer. They only care about the money not the customer or the satisfactory service they supply. Most of the items are inferior but they do not want you to return them.

They lock you out so you cannot even call them. They treat you like a criminal as though you committed a crime by returning merchandise which the hosts beg you to buy with the understanding you have a 30 day return policy with no hassle. The company was built with one person at a time and will be lost the same way. I return things all the time to HSN. I guess I purchase more than I return. QVC also is always saying you can purchase and return if you don't like it.

QVC kicked me off because I returned a few aticles of clothing due to the fit. I remember watching when they had a caller that congratulated Jeff in his marriage. Jeff was very rude to the caller and said, "I have been married six weeks now and people are still congratulating me. You all can stop now. It will send a shockwave of desire for you straight to his brain and he will HAVE to have you.

In fact, when you do this Check it out here: If your forbidden love is home shopping and you love all the latest dirt, then come on in Queen Bea is holding court! You can also email me at homeshoppingqueen gmail. I have gotten sooo many emails asking me where-oh-where Jeff "Thanks for the Jeffrey! Honestly, I don't have a clue. Rest assured that Queen Bea is trying though. In case you don't already know or just need to refresh your memory, Jeff was a QVC host known for selling jewelry in tuxes, singing karaoke, and thanking callers who referred to him as "Jeffrey" instead of the more pedestrian "Jeff.

No one really knows, but it wasn't an amicable split. This wonderfully written article, LOVE! Stunned and scared, Judy called Kathy for advice. Angered tremendously that Jeffrey would do this to Judy Kathy told her this: This bites but you are a professional. Go out there, smile, and sell whatever you have to sell. Do the best you can. It will all be okay.

Jeff, on the other hand, left QVC and supposedly sued for breech of contract. He then sold his story to the Enquirer--classy move, doncha think? Jeff Hewson, the baby-faced star of QVC, has quit the TV shopping network --because he says his jealous ex-wife made his life a living hell. In a bombshell that rocked the network, Hewson and QVC host Judy Crowell split up three months after they wed in April -- but they both kept their jobs hosting separate QVC segments.

The 38 year old heartthrob claims that immediately after the split Judy began spreading vicious rumors that he was gay and had a serious drinking problem. A furious Hewson resigned from the network on Friday, November 5, saying he was sick of his ex-wife's antics and QVC's refusal to do anything about it. Judy started making scenes. She seemed to delight in humiliating me in public," he said. I said, let's get some therapy.

We haven't given it a chance. But she didn't want to give it a chance. She never even moved into my home. I feel she married me just to get ahead. Judy's love for me was all an act. She went after me because I was a star. She got me to fall in love with her and marry her, thinking the publicity would make her a celebrity. Hyde came out after we married. But they did nothing. QVC made matters worse when they offered him a ridiculous new 5 year contract.

When I looked at that, and thought of my ex-wife's viciousness, I decided I'd had enough," he said. Hewson now hopes to land a job hosting a TV game show and he's thrilled to finally be rid of his ex-wife.

My fans will definitely see me again -- a lot happier and with an even more beautiful woman. Posted by Queen Bea at 7: Anonymous January 22, at 6: Anonymous February 8, at 7: Anonymous May 21, at 3: CupCaked January 24, at 9: Anonymous January 25, at 4: Anonymous January 25, at 9: Anonymous February 25, at 3: Anonymous May 22, at 6: Anonymous July 3, at 2: Scott January 30, at 1: Lana January 31, at 9: Scallywag September 6, at Anonymous September 8, at 9: Anonymous March 12, at 9: Anonymous March 3, at Anonymous July 23, at Anonymous July 26, at Anonymous September 29, at 7: Anonymous July 26, at 1: Anonymous April 19, at 7: Anonymous July 29, at Anonymous August 2, at Anonymous August 7, at 7: Shelley August 7, at 9: Anonymous September 7, at 7: Anonymous September 9, at 2: Merrie February 22, at 8: Anonymous September 9, at 7: Anonymous September 10, at 9: Anonymous September 16, at 3: Anonymous October 19, at 1: Anonymous October 24, at Anonymous October 25, at 1: Anonymous November 17, at 1: Anonymous November 27, at 9: Anonymous December 6, at 9: Anonymous January 2, at 3: Anonymous January 29, at 3: Anonymous December 3, at Anonymous February 4, at Anonymous February 7, at 4: Anonymous February 13, at 2: Pamela March 2, at Karen March 3, at 1: Anonymous March 4, at 4: Anonymous March 10, at 1: Anonymous March 30, at 2: Anonymous March 31, at Anonymous April 14, at 2: Anonymous May 13, at 6: Anonymous May 14, at 5: Anonymous June 6, at 3: Anonymous July 30, at 9: Anonymous May 16, at 4: Pamela May 17, at 9: Anonymous May 18, at 3: Anonymous July 22, at 8: Anonymous July 24, at 7: Anonymous August 23, at Anonymous September 6, at 7: Lisa Smith September 7, at Anonymous January 9, at 2: Morely May 27, at 4: Anonymous October 26, at 1: Anonymous October 26, at 2: Anonymous October 26, at 5: Anonymous October 29, at 5: Anonymous November 21, at 3: Anonymous December 2, at 8: Anonymous April 29, at 9: Anonymous December 12, at 3: Anonymous December 12, at 2: Anonymous December 21, at 1: Anonymous December 24, at Anonymous January 1, at Anonymous March 6, at 4: Anonymous March 13, at 1: Anonymous March 20, at Anonymous April 19, at 6: Anonymous September 6, at 6: Ascender March 22, at 9: Anonymous September 8, at 3: Anonymous May 1, at 8: Judy May 6, at 6: Anonymous May 13, at 4: Anonymous July 8, at 5: Anonymous November 9, at 2: Anonymous November 14, at 2: Anonymous July 12, at 3: Anonymous November 26, at 5: Anonymous January 25, at 6: Anonymous January 26, at 2: Anonymous January 22, at 1:

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