Can You Use Herbs to Treat Acne?

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I have been advised dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, cleavers, cats claw, high quality turmeric and Matagenics Inflavanoid Intensive Care. It is an effective detox agent for a congested lymphatic system. Echinacea is an extensively studied herb, supported by many human clinical trials. Detox Safely how to detox your body safely and naturally. This item is not eligible for international shipping. Best wishes and God bless! Hi Bonnie my daughter also had a breast thermography and has inflammation and toxins.

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The Best Herbs to Cleanse the Lymphatic System

Despite the lack of research on many herbal solutions, anecdotal evidence is plentiful. Herbal remedies tend to have fewer side effects than modern treatments. Some herbs have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

These properties may help reduce acne-causing bacteria and inflammation, and heal blemishes. Manjistha rubia cordifolia is a perennial herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine.

Research shows that manjistha has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiandrogenic abilities that may help prevent and treat acne. Neem azadirachta indica is another popular Ayurvedic herb. According to a study, neem oil contains compounds that are:. Traditional therapeutic uses of neem include treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. According to a study , neem has antibacterial activity against several micro-organisms. Tea tree melaleuca alternifolia is an herb used to treat skin problems and wounds.

It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities that may reduce the number of acne lesions. In a study, a topical gel containing 5 percent tea tree oil was compared to a topical cream containing 5 percent benzoyl peroxide.

Both preparations reduced the number of inflamed and noninflamed acne lesions. Though the tea tree oil took longer to work, it resulted in fewer side effects. These included dryness, itching, irritation, and redness. Witch hazel contains astringent tannins, which may treat acne by removing excess skin oil.

It also has anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce redness and bruising. Witch hazel is often used alone or as a base for homemade acne remedies. Witch hazel may be applied directly to your skin using a cotton swab or cotton ball. You can also combine it with a carrier oil and other acne herbal remedies. You should not drink or inject witch hazel.

You may use witch hazel as part of your skin care regimen to remove makeup and clean and freshen your skin. Neem oil should be diluted with water or a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, before application. Neem oil soap is a great way to try the herb. Look for it at your local natural health store. Be forewarned that neem oil has a strong odor that many people find unpleasant.

Manjistha is often used in powder form and combined with other herbs such as neem. Possible side effects associated with most herbal remedies for acne include allergic reaction and skin irritation. If you experience inflammation, itching, or burning, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Tea tree oil has been known to cause blistering rashes. This includes eucalyptus, allspice, and clove. Some people take herbs internally in an effort to treat acne systemically. Many herbs are fine to use on the skin but are toxic when consumed, especially in large amounts.

Tea tree oil is poisonous when swallowed. Acne treatments depend on severity. Grade 1 is mild and grade 4 is severe. In the case of grade 1 acne, products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid may work. If your mother warned you that eating junk food causes acne, she knew what she was talking about.

According to the AAD , eating a low-glycemic diet may reduce your acne risk. This can cause acne. Dairy may also be a culprit.

A lymphatic drainage massage is one easy way to detoxify your lymph system as a skilled practitioner will stimulate circulation and drain fat, fluids, toxins, and other waste products away from your cells for proper elimination. Acupuncture, an ancient and effective TCM treatment, also helps open up pathways meridians in your body to help stimulate lymph flow and help remove toxins from the body.

An infrared sauna is also an excellent and easy option, as the sweat excreted through your skin can help release the toxic burden on your lymphatic system and allow it to work more effectively. Although it may seem a little sadistic, a hot and cold shower has merit when it comes to benefiting the lymphatic system. Since your lymph system has no central pump of its own, this therapy and others which stimulate this type of action are great solutions to get it flowing properly again.

Using a natural bristle brush, brush your dry skin in a circular motion before showering. Start with your feet and move towards the torso, and do the same from your fingers to the chest. You want to flow in the same direction as your lymph circulates, towards the heart. This stimulates the lymphatic system into action as well, and helps open up the pores for easier toxin removal a hot and cold shower after this dry brushing session would be ideal.

Learn all about dry brushing and how to do it properly for maximum cleansing effect on your lymphatic system. So, ensure you are investing in a filtration system proven to work well, or look to get spring water from an approved source free of these types of contaminants. The Thrivers Lifestyle will help you dramatically improve the health of your lymphatic system. This can cause blockages to occur and toxins to build up in different areas of the body. Bras with underwires are especially problematic due to their constriction of lymphatic flow.

Since our bodies have 3x more lymph fluid than blood, this exercise becomes increasingly important in order to get the toxins into the blood so they can be detoxified by your liver and kidneys. Eating a clean, nutrient rich, and mostly raw food diet rooted in produce is the first step to promoting healthy lymph flow. Some particularly cleansing foods for the lymphatic system include:. In addition to that, avoiding the following foods are critical to improving your lymphatic health:. For a short list of the worst and most common toxic ingredients to avoid like the plague , read Ingredients to Avoid — Top

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