Can a Meal Kit Service Help You Lose Weight? Here's What a Nutritionist Really Thinks

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Rosie — 14th January As the computer keeps flashing the ever-worsening news, people need a PLAN. At this hour i feel gr8. Hi Lynn, thanks for such an intriguing and informative article. She mentioned about how Pisces sun and progressed sun have a tendancy to gain weight for protection. This man courageously started many projects during the course of his life but he added that he needed to feel the pressure of his emotions to propel him into action.


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Cannot wait to start seeing results. Amy — 19th January Results are amazing, I feel like they have helped my portion sizes aswell! The chocolate shake is amazing! Hey, so i purchased the weight loss products, and its amazing the vanilla sculpting whey taste so good! I have that for my lunch. Also i did find the breakfast shake a bit bitty, so now i just put it in a bowl and eat it instead of drinking it… but still does the trick!!! Abbie G — 10th January I bought it as a kickstart to healthy eating In January and this is my 5th day results!

My stomach is smaller and this is only in 5 days! They taste good, it tastes like a normal protein shake with almond milk, however with normal milk it taste like a vanilla milkshake! Miss Preeto — 9th January Ordered the weight loss kit — love the products.

Whey shake is lush, great packaging. Preet — 6th January Ive received my weight loss kit, excited to start using it. Cant wait to use it…. Really great way to lose weight! The hunger tablets helped me stop craving snacks inbetween meals!! Elle Dobson — 20th July I received my order yesterday morning, I got the sculpting whey in chocolate flavour.

I mixed it with water. I also tried the breakfast shake in chocolate brownie. Nicky — 13th July Harry — 31st May Im currently using the sculpting meal replacement shakes and ive loved the results! I take them for breakfast and lunch as part of my gym routine and noticed results within a few days of starting.

My girlfriend loves them too and so my next order will be a much bigger one. Really nice taste and really filling with the supplements, im almost out now and im keen to get my next order in so that i can continue enjoying the great results.

Harkiran — 1st May Rachel — 10th April Alex x — 4th April Chanel — 21st March Betty G — 17th March I just started using it today and it is great so far. The recipe book is very helpful! Lets hope it works!

Alexandra — 8th March I received my package on Thursday last week and I started it on Friday. Lorena — 6th March The vanilla shake tastes fab and them hunger tablets are a gift from god?? Olivia — 22nd February Absolutely LOVE how it tastes, really satisfies my sweet cravings! I usually have it with water and milk almond, soya, oat or coconut. Aimee W — 31st January Monique — 16th January Emma — 14th January I am doing really well.

Nutribuddy sculpting whey has been the only protein shake I can actually drink and enjoy. Stephanie — 14th January I have started on Monday and feeling great. I will try using it tonight as a meal replacement. Would you recommend mixing it with water or with milk?

I personally like the taste of milk better but it would be good to hear what the difference would be. Nutribuddy Support — 14th January However, lots of customers seem to love taking it with water so I guess it really is personal preference.

You can also try it with milk-alternatives. I also enjoy taking it with coconut milk and soya milk. Scarlett T — 14th January Rosie — 14th January Rebecca — 3rd January I feel less bloated and have more energy. Love the whey powder in my shakes and the hunger fix is fab. Will continue to use these products. Wendy — 30th November Paula — 2nd November Merelda — 2nd November The hunger fix tablets are great And the choc flavour milkshake is so yummy!

Would be great to try a strawberry flavour. Chloe — 23rd September Ive just started using it and i defo prefer the shakes with milk rather than water! Claire — 13th September So good so far. Feel less bloated and hunger seems satisfied with smaller amounts.

Claire — 8th September All good so far, I am using nutribuddy as a lunch replacement, very filling and tasty! Looking forward to making a shake using the recipe book! Hannah — 7th September Estelle — 23rd August Only needed to lose about 10lbs Started nutribuddy just under 2 weeks ago and have already lost 4lbs. Lindsey — 23rd August Hey, love my nutribuddy products….. Will keep updated on my weight loss Lindsey X. Siobhan — 12th August Sarah JC — 12th August Feeling great so far!!

Brilliant product, would definitely reccomend! Hollie — 9th August I started the diet on Monday! Nutribuddy is my new bestfriend! Hi ya Been using nutribuddy for a week now and jumped on the scales this morn.

Looking forward to carrying on the journey and getting to my end results. Sarah B — 9th August All going great lost nearly a kg in the first week very happy! I have added my selfie on Instagram too x. Samantha — 9th August Really pleased with this product.

Not even had it a week yet but it seems to be doing the trick. Grace — 8th August Lindsay — 31st July Loving my Nutribuddy order!! I absolutely love the taste of the chocolate shake, especially with coconut milk. Stella — 29th July Only started using today but really like the products so far. Kara — 20th July Natalie — 14th July Alicia — 11th July As soon as I received my package I started straight away!

Im now a week into the 14 days trial and I am loving it! Emma — 9th July I started the weight loss starter kit in February. Within weeks I could see and feel the difference. My partner had read up on it and got me the starter kit to get me motivated.

Everything there that you need. This combined with a low CARB diet and a free gym at work. I am now two clothes sizes smaller, feeling great and the lightest I have been in nearly 7 years. I have replaced items as I have needed them, and when I needed to get everything again the other month I ordered another starter kit as the bottles come in handy, I now also have the little book a must not only at home but at my partners too.

By June I am hoping to be down to my target weight just in time for my birthday. This really is a must. Ben — 1st February I have lost nearly 2 stone in 4 weeks by using all the products from the starter kit as well as eating healthy and hitting the gym.

I guess each one has their own goals. Guess you achieve that stage, you are happy with yourself! I was waiting for something of this kind ….. Good luck with your weight loss sandhya. One definitely needs someone who could motivate them during the weight loss. Thats always the first and foremost thing anyone should do. I mean see my mum-in-law taking so much care of herself. I mean weight gain and loss would be a part of our lives.

So deal with it calmly. Ratiii, how are you babe? So good to be back on IMBB! You have no idea how timely this article is…I have started feeling slightly heavier recently, although when I measured my inches they are still the same.

So, this article was immensely helpful and inspiring! I think the best part about this post is these are all very easy things to do if you are motivated enough…and one more thing — you looked gorgeous before and you look even more gorgeous now!

This has to be one of your best posts ever! The best thing about this article is it made me accept my body as it is.. I actually started hating it coz of weight gain.. I m super motivated and now positively gonna try for weight loss!! U can be a counseller too!!!

I actually needed this, have become a lazy bum lately…!!!! Komal, i think we all go through such phases. I have been a counsellor for many years. Great tips…best is they are workable if we really want to work on our weight! I have started losing weight, though i have not set down a target of how much I want to lose. Jomo , I ammmm sooo happy for you.

You are one of the most positive people I know. Right post at the right time for me…I have put on weight for unknown reasons. I rarely eat out and I do not have a sweet tooth, guess its my dose of non veg….

I feel good that I wrote this. Guess time for me to get back to routine again. Thanks for writing this post Rati … u will inspire so many women out there who are depressed because of their weight and body shape. Hi Nats, loved reading your comment. Walking has made a lot of difference to me. I know people get overweight because of hyperthyroid. I can only wish that you get better soon.

I met one girl at the gym 2 years back. She had that problem but she mentioned that she could get rid of her weight with proper exercise and diet. I am sure you would too and it is very important to embrace yourself. If you are not happy yourself, you would only spread unhappiness around. Just keep going and things would work for you. I usually just visit the website and go back. I love every kinda workouts… And I loveee ghar ka khaana. And may I make a small suggestion? Why dont u put up posts on Faux Pas abt what workout u r currently loving???

She keeps your momentum up all the time. The article is really very motivating. From , i lost about 12 kgs Though, it did not showed that much in my body. Now this year i got job, and had to stopped moving frequently, not eating moderately etc.

Last June, i started a Diet plan, followed them, again tone a Little bit and now? I am all over a Drum again. Your tips gonna help me for sure.. I gotta indulge too.. I am also cheating during dinner time, trying to eat less or skipping dinner altogether by eating a bit of heavy fruit like papaya….

Dr said me to take things step by step…but it made me more demotivated and stressed…now after going though this article i hope once again i will start my routine with a fresh and healthy start. Because the day i hurt my knee again, i wont be able to work out for next 10 days.

Agree with everything you said and I think the most important thing is to follow through consistently with it. For a lot of people its starting trouble and for some while they they dont have a prolem starting, that break inbetween messes it up and getting back to it becomes difficult. Like you said Rati — you have to get off your butt else it simply not happen otherwsie and the older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight inspite of doing the same amt so its good to get into that fitness routine right away and keep up with it.

I am also struggling with my bulge these days rati.. For me only crash dieting works. Neha……please follow the steps given in the post.

Also, if you can avoid rice completely for a few days, you would be able to see a drastic change. Crash dieting is never healthy, it will harm your body.

Jomol my hubby comes late from the offc and we use to have dinner together. I dont know how to thank you for writing this article.

It is one of the sweetest and the most inspiring article I have read on weight loss and I have read LOT of them!

This article instantly made connection with me and I am sure it would connect with many thousands of women here.

Mostly because we all are so much in awe of you.. And I really liked what you said about dont stop dressing up! I guess I did that and it gave me more stress. I promise I am going to stick by your advice and will continue to groom myself very well. I am so glad surabhi. I guess the motivation comes form both the sides. I hope you do dress up more and since you are shifting to delhi, I guess it would give you a ton of opportunities to dress up.

The main thing is jus love ur body, this will enhance self-esteem… After a long time i read such inspiring article…. Its inspiring tht u hve put in about yourself. It takes lots of strength to put in pics of before and after. I think u shld start a section on weight loss where all of us can give weekly updates on exercising and weight lost. I was always infront of you guys.

These write ups always motivate me. I am not a gym kind of girl, but from past months i always used to walk and I made a habit of brisk walk when i attend a call etc. I find it soo hard to note down everything. But it is super useful. Good luck with your weight loss. I love this post! You know, most of the weight loss stuff that you read treats the presumably fat reader as if she were Ajmal Kasab and must be publicly flogged.

I love that rule about not listening to people. The best thing is to just imagine them being Avada Kedavra-ed by Lord Voldy and keep smiling. Keep with the awesome new health resolve. And by the way, despite your ultra glam avatar in the picture on the right, I still think the left picture is very cute. I wrote such a heartfelt comment and I was rudely thrown into moderation. I have complete punjabi genes with a major sweet tooth.

Imagine the tough luck. Even water works like a ghee sometimes. I never though I had to deal with such people as well. I learnt my way of dealing with them.

I dont find my old clothes are of any use to me. Dr said me to take things step by step…but it made me more demotivated and stressed…: I alos learnt this lesson the hard way.

Hope you get well soon and are able to lose weight super soon. Have put on 18kilos since. Trying and taking baby steps to being fit again, overall I have a good kilos to lose. Dont know how I ll do it, but want to do it for sure. Your baby steps would take you a long way naina. Mine were also baby steps only. U are not alone naina.. Keep ur old pair of jeans which doesnt fits u now.

P and keep trying them once in a while. Will do it every week now, to keep track. Sounds too goo to be true.

I recenly started yoga and with that I follow the mantra of eating 5 small meals inplace of 3 big ones… I am yet to improve on my water intake, working on it. Same , you get used to of cooking. Thank u soo much for this article.. U r such an inspiration for me in more ways than one.. I really needed this to get me going..

Last one year i have been putting on weight for health reasons.. N now this last few mths cos of the medication im on.. I have put on just four kilos due to the meds.. Bt have bloated up immensely esp on my face.. To the extent i look awefully ugly.. I hv been on portion control n mostly hv ghar ka khana.. Bt wht i needed ws motivation to get my butt moving n work out.. I have just been lacking on motivation..

Evn my old pics wud nt inspire me.. This goa trip has been an eye opener in many ways.. Making me realise hw badly im doing on my fitness too.. After going bak i have made a pact to work out seriously n get back to yoga n walking.. Thanks once again for this article.. Just the right motivation at the right time…: Never even think like that. Always feel good about yourself and keep doing what you are meant to do. It shows through your lovely comments.

You are always inspiring Rati.. Tell me more about it. We are open to new ideas. Well Rati I do agree with you. All your above rules are really golden one. I also follow above things in one way or other specially Love your Body, Inches count, Stop listening to people and ask someone to help. I would like to add few tips … Drink 1 to 2 glass of warm water , one can add lemon or green tea bag … If we can do it in morning empty stomach that would be great as it cleanses the entire stomach.

I Reached 55 Kgs which is ideal weight for my height 5 feet 4 inches. I was 63 kg before …. I am going to try your tips from now on. I agree on all points. But the point on dressing up everyday despite your weight is something I never read anywhere before.

And its so so true Rati. I was 84 kg in and had joined gym in With proper gym trainers and a good dietician who didnt ask to starve but actually made a healthy diet plan which allowed to eat everything properly , I came down to 68 kg. I have reduced 10 kgs after my delivery. I wish my time comes soon too…. I had put on a lot as had to sit and study for my CA exams last yr.. I joined a gym in march.. I guess health is always more imp than everything else.

Rati chalo ek fat donation camp chalate hai… hihihihi!!!! I still love dressing up and I know and feel good about who I basically am as a person just like you mentioned in your article: Being a stay at home mom only adds to weight gain.

So, taking one thing at a time is the best way as you put it. Setting achievable goals first will bring about motivation!! Guess take out time to atleast go for a little walk to a near by park.

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