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Let me first say that the issue with the excess skin on my eyelids has been making me depressed for almost 2 years now I am only 35 years old. I consulted a plastic surgeon, I tried a med spa, I even tried allergy shots thinking maybe I was just reacting to something.

I didn't even think I really had blephoritis, but I was willing to give anything a go. I came across the e. But, I did go in with low expectation because nothing has worked in 2 years, of course.

And I wish I could post before and after pictures on here like there is of the older lady, but mine looks about the exact same just those old eyes on a much younger face. I don't want to look different, I just want to look like my old self. And I feel like now I do. I no longer am even thinking about surgery.

One thing to note. The product really needs to be continuously used it seems. It's not like you use it for 60 days, it gets fixed, and then you discontinue use. Part of the product while not an instantaneous product by any means , actually lifts right upon application. At least that's what I've noticed. Plus, my eyelids just seem to soak up and rejoice in the daily and nightly moisture.

I put on morning and night, and won't leave home without it. My only regret is that not more people know about this product!! Get the word out!! Or don't, and I can just end up being the best looking older person in the room eventually.

Dark circles below my eyes are fading, My lids are slightly more form and lifted. I look forward to continuing improvements. I have a problem with the dispenser. It is difficult to dispense the product evenly, depending on the pressure I apply.

I can either apply a very small amount or way too much with minor variation in the pressure applied. I suggest improving the packaging to improve dispensing.

I have tried many products to lift my eye lids. However, to my surprise E. My eyelids look as lifted as they did in my 30s. I am now in my 70s. I am delighted with the results. I now enjoy making up my eyes. This is an extremely good product. I had bags under each eye and after two weeks of once or twice daily applications they have totally disappeared.

Highly recommend this product. Droopy lids run in my family, also allergies. I have been using for about a month seems to be helping. I have been using for 2 months and my lids have lifted a noticeable amount.

My eyeliner no longer comes off on my upper lid. Tried many different products and this one really delivers. Highly recommend it to anyone who is considering an eye lid surgery. I love the e. I use it daily and when my eyes look droopy I use that and it actually brightens my eyes. Could I please have a bottle delivered once every 3 months. I use it sparingly so I still have 3 new bottles. Thank you for making this change. I have been resigned to the fact that I would need to have surgery to get rid of the "hoods" my eyelids look like to me.

I started using this product and am pleased to say I'm not considering surgery any longer. I've been using the eye control for about 2 months and i can see the transformation on my eyelids. I have been using the eye cream for about two weeks. I had been advised I might need an eyelift for my right eye because it was drooping. I had no peripheral problems with a field test and frankly am a wimp and do not want to have any surgery.

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks and have seen an improvement in my right eyelid. I would advise anyone who is contemplating eyelid surgery to try this first. Love it and will be trying your other products. Many companies make great claims, but this product delivers and I received it in 2 days. I'm on my 5th or 6th bottle of EYE and will use it forever! After many years of hunting for an eye cream that actually helps with lifting my lids and keeping my eye area in perfect shape, I'll never use anything else.

I was skeptical like most of us are when it comes to the claims of how well skin products work, but I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It has reduced puffiness in general and over time has opened up the eye area. I have always suffered from puffy eyes and droopy lids amd while no one has made comments on a difference in my appearance, I do see the improvement over tine.

I have been using for 6 months and will continue to use this product. Its a great product at a very good price point. The product is good but delivery system is not. I lose the excess. The Eye Cream is terrific. I noticed after about 30 days that the dark circles and lines under my eyes had diminished and my upper lids were smoother with less sag.

I recommend the eye cream. This products really works for drooping eye lids. I was thinking of having cosmetic surgery but not any more. I noticed a significance difference in my eye lids after one month of use of this serum. Really like this for the eye. One my 2nd bottle, it took awhile but I feel like I now seen a difference in the crappiness on my upper eye lid so I will continue for now and see if it gets even better. I've been using for about a month now and I see a difference in my eye lid area.

I used to look sad but slowly it's changing. I like using it. I'm 71 years old and sagging of the skin is evident.. I have another bottle. I am very pleased with the results. I have not used it for dark circles, as I do not have that issue. Will definitely buy again.

I had been looking for an eye cream that would actually work to tighten and decrease my eyelid droopiness. The droopiness started during peri-menopause, literally overnight. I have been using the cream for approximately 6 weeks now and I have noticed an improvement in both upper eyelids. There is still room for further improvement and tightening though. The other issue which is really just an annoyance, is that it is difficult to remove only the amount needed since the "button" that is depressed to remove it is stiff and delivers way too much most of the time, creating waste.

Hopefully this is something that can be remedied and fixed. Over-all the product is worth trying. I love this product! I must admit that this is doing wonders for keeping my eyelids lifted I really don't see a difference in the darkness under my eyes, though. I do suffer from horrible sinus problems that this will have no effect on so I do believe it would work better if it wasn't for my sinuses. Definitely going to keep buying. I've only been using this a short time so haven't noticed any lifting yet.

I love the feel of the serum and I do see a big difference in the smoothness of my lids. I don't have dark circles so I haven't used it for that. I intend to keep using it even if I don't get the lifting. It's the best I've tried.

This product does seem to have helped significantly on my eyelids. I see a lifting as I am borderline type 2 diabetic and started having the sagging in the eyelids. I even recommended it to a relative and bought them some. It seems to help to a certain point and then the improvement stops. I have also applied it under my eyes and it helps with the puffiness so I will probably continue to use it but I will only order as I need it as I cannot stand to be put on auto ship programs.

Bought it for my mom for Xmas. She's 65 and been contiplating eye lid surgery for months. When I saw this ad and the reviews, I figured she should exhaust all her alternatives to surgery. This cream is wonderful. She claims it stings when applied but the changes are worth the tingles. I just turned 60 and had no hope for my eyelids ever being lifted again. I was seriously considering surgery in a few years. I saw a tiny ad for this in a magazine and thought, might as well try another product that won't work!

I noticed a difference in my eyelids within the week. I can wear eyeshadow again! This is my new to-go-to product that works so well for me that I can honestly say I do not need surgery.

I am very happy! Love this eye control serum. My eye lids are less baggy and the whole eye area in brighter. I will purchase this again!!! Best eye cream I've ever used.. I have been using the eye control lid lifting for over 1 year.

I like the product much. Unfortunately when TSA went through my suitcase recently zipper left open, lock not resecured, clothing rumpled , several items were missing including the eye serum. To learn more about our solutions click on any module. This is a specialized solution designed to help businesses in the Food Industry to process all of their data. For instance, there is a recipes file that can be loaded with the ingredients, processes mixing, baking, packaging, freezing, etc.

This file is then used to create a work order, that when completed, will update quantities, production costs,and yields for a production run. This data will then be carried to Inventory. Purchasing will be used to order the ingredients used by Recipes and write all receipts to Inventory. Our solution can handle multiple units of measure such as one for orders and one for consumption ordering in bags of flour and consuming in lbs of flour , or in the case of a finished goods, one for a production run eachs and one for sales boxes, cases, etc.

Lot numbers of both ingredients consumed in the work orders and lot numbers for finished goods are recorded for later retrieval and reporting. A planning function is included as part of the Recipes production process. We then integrate this data with Distribution to allow for the selling and shipping of all products. Finally, our Accounting modules incorporates solutions that can record and report all dollars - thus providing a complete Total Solution for the business.

A client site located system that addresses all of the Distribution requirements for the wholesale and business to business market.

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