14 Ways to Lose Your Belly in 14 Days

Top 3 Smoothies that Will Burn Belly Fat Fast

25 Foods That Help You Lose Belly Fat
If any one of you, during any phase of the training fail, all four of you will leave the area immediately. Have dark chocolate and berries for dessert. Belly Dancer TnH Men were standing proud with hard cocks and even women were stark naked with hairy pussy showing that they were ready and the cunt juice dripping from them. Busty big belly plumper seduces a masseur 6: Each girl had one of the new recruits standing beside her still buck naked with their eight inch platform shoes that matched the color of the horse that they would mate with.

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15 Easy and Delicious Fat Burning Smoothies

Coconut milk is a natural fat fighter and this smoothie combines coconut milk and other ingredients to create a yummy fat burning treat. Yes, we did say chocolate. Dark chocolate is very healthy and the other ingredients in this smoothie make it delicious and very effective at burning fat. Just add the ingredients to your blender and process until you get the consistency that you like. The banana taste will overpower the pomegranate.

Oz himself offers this smoothie recipe that is supposed to help you to burn fat while you are sleeping. For the Tropical Smoothie, you will need:. Mangos also give you a taste of the tropics and this one offers great fat burning potential as well. This apple smoothie is packed full of protein so it gives you more energy and helps you to burn fat as well.

The almond butter in this one is filled with Omega fatty acids and not only does the smoothie give you energy, it helps you to burn fat and it is really inexpensive to make.

Just put everything in the blender and process until you get it to the consistency that you want. Yogurt is a natural fat fighter so any smoothie that includes this ingredient is going to help you to burn fat.

For the strawberry Greek yogurt smoothie you will need:. Just blend the ingredients together and enjoy. You can add vanilla extract or cinnamon if you want to change the taste a bit.

This yummy cucumber smoothie has the health benefits of cucumbers along with the fat burning qualities of Greek yogurt. Note that you can use whatever type of fruit you want. This melon smoothie combines yogurt with kale and honeydew melon for a fat burning and delicious smoothie. To make it you need:. Just place all of the ingredients into your blender and process until smooth. Images via tumblr , if you were mistakenly published on tumblr and would love to receive credit just contact us.

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Apple Pecan Pie Smoothie 2. Berry Good Smoothie 3. The thought of what was going to occur at the second show was making Harry so aroused that his tool had extended to almost eleven inches and as fat as a big salami. Their beautiful legs went up to full thighs forever to their bare crotches. All four had two jeweled rings in their outer labia lips that were snuggled up half way into the fat pubic mound with a long slit down the middle.

The only thing Harry could think of at that moment was how delicious they would be to lick and suck, such innocent, delightful, cunnies would be ruined for any man after a horse cock entered there. These girls would never be satisfied by a man again after tonight. She could hear all four of the riders screaming out their joy and excitement of being penetrated by the big horse cock. The more she watched, the more determined that she was going to do it no matter how much pain she had to take.

Little Jenny was having the same thoughts but with an added idea. She knew she had to do it to prove to her sisters that she was just as good as they were with just as much courage.

She was determined to do it and the Mistress had promised her that she could do it and stand the pain. They are complete idiots and never give me an orgasm like the two twin Princess are having. Jerry was so sexually excited that her hands were down to her crotch, slowly frigging herself. What a way to fuck. I love it and have to do it. I know I am going to love that feeling!

The belly riding show ended right on schedule and all four riders guided their horses out of the ring and over to the stables. Jose escorted the four recruits over to the training room and instructed them to wait there for the Mistress. She should be uncoupled from her stallion in twenty minuets he told them. He was totally surprised at the very polite way they thanked him when they all took a seat on the long leather old fashion sofa against the wall.

When Jean entered the room they all watched her expectantly as she changed out of her costume and went into the shower.

She returned quickly and donned a brand new vinyl skin tight shocking red body suite that included the head covering with a three foot tall blue feather standing tall on the top of her head. Her pubic mound was even more pronounced with this suit on. We will be right out and you can start the announcement. On your feet and spread your legs wide, hands laced behind your head with tits out as far as you can get them.

Get those lusciously rounded ass out in back. She looked the new girls over and moved behind then and inspected each one closely to see if they had recovered from the first pain test.

There was no damage to see so she turned then and spoke to them. If you do get aroused while the pain test is going on, you may speak to the Master and tell him what your desires are.

Does everyone understand this? Each girl was fitted with a hidden microphone and ear piece with a tiny sending unit so that anything she said or her screams would be amplified through the theater sound system while she was undergoing the test. She could also be given commands with this two way system without the audience know that she was following orders. Just then a sign on the side of the stage, out of the view of the audience, began to flash for silence.

Everything got very quiet when they heard the Master making the introduction to the show. We have four beautiful girls that wish to become belly riders and join our show and we believe the audience would enjoy watching four courageous younger ladies that have the motivation, and eagerness to experience of the thrill of riding beneath a horse while being mated to him.

There is a ritual they have to undergo before they can experience their first mating with one of the stallions and that is the pain ritual. The curtain opened up enough so that Jean gave Helen a short shove to move out in full view of the audience.

She stood in the spotlight and spread her legs wide with her hands laced behind her head. She took the poise that Jean had her do in the training room and was rigid in that pose, blinking in the bright spot light the whole time.

Jerry walked out to the center of the stage and then moved to stand beside Joan and strike the same pose when she heard the command in her ear piece. The audience roared and stood up cheering the young girl when she walked onto the stage and took her place in her own spotlight then moved to stand beside her sisters.

It took a few moments for the crowd to settle down and then the curtain went up slowly, revealing a complete dungeon. It had been set up while Harry was giving the introduction.

He motioned Helen over to a gym vault and had her bend over. There were two big projection videos on each side of the stage showing close up of her ass, her fat pubis, and brownie ass hole. Joan was tied to one long line that had been lowered down from the rafters and she was pulled up to stand on her toes. There was a swivel to her hook so she could be turned any way the punisher wished to turn her. Jerry was spread wide on a square rack with each wrist fastened to one upper corner and one ankle fastened to the lower corner.

The rack was slowly turning as a silent motor rotated the rack with her spread this way. Little Jenny was placed on her knees on an old fashion straight back chair and her head and arms handing down on the back of the chair.

Her caves were strapped down to the seat of the chair and one wide belt around her waist all the way around her and the chair. Kim had a cat of nine tails in her hand ready to give it to Jerry and Earla has a long cane in her hand and ready to use it on little Jenny.

Again the audience went wild and whistled loudly. Harry let them carry on for a few minuets while he was thinking. What a bunch of sadistic sadist we have here tonight. I guess Jean and I are in that category too but I will have to watch Earla. She will be one sweet girl if she get over trying to compete with her sisters.

It might take the girls minds off of the pain they will have. Harry gave the signal, all four belly riders struck at once and four German girls shrieked like banshees. The amplification in the theatre was up as high as it would go and it sounded as if the girls were being slaughtered.

Harry counted to ten slowly and then gave the signal again. Again the Queen and her court struck. Harry was watching little Jenny and he walked around in front of her and saw her sobbing and weeping. Tears were running down her cheeks and her ass cheeks were slowly turning pink from the first two blows.

Some bastard in the audience sensed what Harry was doing and he yelled out. Harry moved back into center stage but when he passed Earla he whispered. Leave her something to sit on, please. The next three strokes went the same as the first and he noticed that Helen and Joan were beginning to wiggle and squirm around in their positions. He moved over and stood beside Jean and she whispered to him.

Helen is beginning to drip her cunt juice and Joan is right behind her. He gave the signal for the sixth stroke and the girls received it almost at once. The girls screamed and the audience roared, but there was a difference in the way the girls all reacted. They were beginning to be sexually aroused.

Harry was watching them closely and so was Jean. She noticed that little Jenny was beginning to squirm and quiver as if she was going to have an orgasm and she spoke into her mice softly and said the word. He never believed his wife would go along with the special that they had talked about while lying in the bed the night before.

Jean was actually endorsing his fantasy. The pause had been a long one and he gave the signal for the seventh stroke and again it was landed with a loud snapping sound that was heard all over the theater. The girls were yelling and screaming even more so now. They had received the command to act like they were being killed, but in all actually the four girls giving the punishment knew just what was occurring to the new girls, so they were pulling their strokes enough not to torture but to accelerate their arousal to be fucked.

This was really part of their preparation to increase their desire to be mated with a stallion. When the girls had received all ten, all but little Jenny were released from their bonds and usured off of the stage. Harry pulled the chair with little Jenny still in it, her ass presented to the audience and the only spotlight then was on her in center stage.

Harry had removed his cock splint and his big tool was standing straight out. He turned the chair sideways to the audience and moved into position behind the sixteen year maiden.

His cock head entered her overheated cunny no more that an inch and a half and he leaned over her, releasing her waist strap and hands when whispered in her ear. I think you should know what a man feels like and then you will be ready for your stallion and not suffer any surprises.

Jenny was shaking and quivering like a bowl of Jell-O, but she was so sexually excited that the idea that she was going to be fucked by the Master had her on the verge of her first orgasm.

The whipping had given her the erotic glow that made her cunny want to be penetrated and she knew what it was. She had masturbated many times both with vibratos and her fingers but never had a man. With her answer registering in his overheated lust filled mind, he slipped his big tool in slowly until he hit her barrier. He pushed gently but it held fast. The moment she replied, Harry shoved into her vagina with all his might and his stroke went all the way in.

Jenny shrieked loudly and began to cry with the pain of the penetration. Harry held his position, not moving a muscle and the crowd applauded and stomped their feet when they realized that they had just witnessed a true virgin being deflowered. Slowly Harry withdrew and then slowly thrust back into the young girl.

She was holding her breath but after a few strokes she was hunching back to him. When he felt her responding he reached down and unfastened the strap around her calves and free her completely from the chair.

Then he picked her up and turned her to him. Hold tight around me neck as we walk around the stage and give your wonderful appreciative audience a good view of you.

You are a beautiful doll and a very brave girl. She did as she was told and the whole time she was being fucked while Harry strutted around the stage, she was smiling at the audience. Jean was watching from the side of the stage and smiling, she knew the joy the young girl was having because she had had the same joy with Harry when she coupled with him the first time. He was always gentle and loving and she could see he was being gentle and deep down she knew he was loving her as a daughter too.

Suddenly, Jenny began to squirm and moan, then she giggled, and finally she burst out laughing with the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced in her short life. Oh God… this is heaven…. She is so perfect I wish she were mine. Please forgive me for my sentiments with one so beautiful and young.

Now please give us a thirty minuet break in the program and we will get set up for the climax of our show. You will see each new girl become a belly rider by mating with a stallion for the first time right here in this ring.

The crowd went nuts when Harry made that announcement with Jenny still coupled to his still hard cock. He held her tightly to his chest as he went behind the stage and met his wife waiting for him. They put Jenny down on a cot that someone quickly found so she could rest up and recover from here faint. Kim, Kay, and Earla took over with the smelling salts and sat on the floor next to the young girl. They had concerned expressions on their faces to and Jean and Harry smiled at each other.

I could see it in your eyes when you came through the curtain, my dear husband. She is such a brave little girl and so trusting of me. There was a tiny smile on each face watching Jean and Harry and then moving to see Kim, Kay, and Earla attending to their sister.

Helen whispered to her two sisters standing beside her. Jenny has won the Master and Queen over already. I wish our parents had been as loving as these North American are. Oh how wonderful it would be to be part of their family and received such loving.

Jean looked around and everything met with her approval and then Harry doubled checked the stage and ring. He had changed his costume to the ring master again and was ready. Jean was watching him strut around and give directions and she was smiling lewdly the whole time. She and her girls had something up their sleeve for this performance but they failed to let Harry in on their plans. Jenny had come around and was feeling fine.

Jean had checked her cunny for any blood and found only a tiny bit and gave her the okay to join in on the final act. All four German girls were trembling with excitement knowing that this was it.

This was the last part where they would each get to belly ride coupled with a stallion. Jean stood beside her big black stallion, Kay was behind her with her palomino, Kim had her palomino and Earla had a big black stallion too. Each girl had one of the new recruits standing beside her still buck naked with their eight inch platform shoes that matched the color of the horse that they would mate with.

Harry had made the announcement for the last act and the curtain went up. Jean led the parade out and around the big ring giving the audience a perfect view of the horses, the belly riders, and the new recruits. Harry stood in the center of the ring and watched the parade around him. The stallions had all been saddled with their beautiful jeweled harnesses and his girls were all in their usual harness including the pony tails which he usually inserted in front of the audience, but not this time.

The assistant stage hand stood off to the side of the ring with a big white box with a red cross painted on the top. Everything was in readiness for the new girls to be mated to their stallions. Harry signaled Jean to move to the edge of the stage, close to the audience and stop. She held her stallion stock still. Harry began to talk to the audience about the procedure as he instructed Helen to slide into the harness face down. He was moving swiftly and then he walked over to the stage hand and the box and took out the pre loaded syringe and explained to the audience what he was doing to get a long erection with the horse cock.

He gave the shot to the animal and them motioned Jean to move back into the circle and Kim to move up with Joan. He went through with the same procedure with Joan and her stallion. Jean moved the horse back to the position were the audience would get a good view of the first penetration of this young woman.

Harry had another syringe in his hand, but it was behind him and out of sight of the audience. He aimed it right dead center of her hole and guided the first two inches into her. Then he turned to Jean and motioned her to complete the insertion and adjust meant of the harness.

The same thing was performed for Jerry and Kim took over when her father backed away and moved to little Jenny. Harry began to croon lowly to Jenny, talking all the time, telling the young girl to be brave and keep her courage up.

She replied to him and her voice went out to the audience over the speakers. I will do it. Once he had ten inches in her, he began to adjust the harness so that she would only receive ten inches when the horse began to trot.

When he had little Jenny all set, he moved back to the center of the ring and all four of his family nodded their heads that their riders were ready and the harness adjusted. He snapped his long buggy whip over the tails of the horses and they began to walk slowly around the ring.

The cries of all four girls were mixed so much over the loud speakers that it was hard to tell what they were saying. Holy shit this is so fucking good, I loveeeee…. It was easy to know that the audience was filled with a lot of Germans. They were answering her back and encouraging her to have her orgasm.

Each girl was broadcast to the audience and each girl was crying out the first of her pain and soon after the joy of her sexual release. They were having orgasm after orgasm.

Little Jenny was having two orgasms to her sisters one. Harry could see the smiles and giggles on her face as the big fat horse cock moved slowly like a piston in and out of her young hairless cunt. She was hunching back and forth, wanting more and deeper thrust into her wide open vagina now. He switched the stallions and they began to trot after walking for ten minuets and then the girls went wild with their continuous orgasm. The horses seemed to enjoy it to. She was yelling for more and wanted him to get back to trotting.

Again these two girls had the most astonishing surprised expressions on their faces when they felt the hot liquid flowing around in their vaginas and out to drain down over their anus and dripping in the ring.

Jenny was Cumming as much as the stallion and crying with sexual joy and release. Harry was watching her closely to see if she was going to pass out, but she was much stronger and braver that he realized.

She took everything the harness would allow and loved it. The audience was going nuts and when Jean invited them down to be stroked by the new recruits there was a stampede to line up. Clothing was going everywhere. Men were standing proud with hard cocks and even women were stark naked with hairy pussy showing that they were ready and the cunt juice dripping from them. Jean motioned for only one man to approach the ring and she leaned over and instructed Helen what she had to do.

The new belly rider knew exactly what she had to do, she had watched the show before and she too the offered hard cock in her hand and stroked in as her animal trotted around the ring.

All four girls had a cock in hand and suddenly they were covered with white hot sperm from the excited men. Women were being finger fucked with as many fingers as the new riders could insert in the eager cunts. The women would orgasm within one circle of the ring they were so turned on by the show.

Harry watched closely and when he saw that his new belly riders were tiring, he motioned that the line be stopped. Once the last man and woman left the stage he motioned the stage hands to lead the horses back to the stables and they knew what to do to assist the girls. Jean and his three young girls lined up before the audience and bowed, but Jean motioned the audience to keep their seats.

There is one thing that the Ring Master had never participated in…. The girls were almost busting out laughing at him and their mother. Two of the new girls had uncoupled from their horses and had joined the family also. Jose had told them to go and join the family with a twinkle in his eyes when he said. You may even help her if he resists. When all four girls had lined up with the family on the stage Jean moved over to her husband and turned her back on the audience.

She slowly put her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her face and to kiss him. Suddenly while she was kissing him all seven girls grabbed them, turned Harry around and then bent him over by the waist and held him in this position.

She shoved the syringe of Aqua-Glide up his anus and filled it with half of the load. She then took her bull whip and backed away from him and snapped in right on his ass.

Harry jumped and began to run away from his wife. The audience was cracking up with laughter at the Master of the ring trying to get away from the Queen with the dangerous bull whip. Jean gave him two good crack on his ass and then passed the whip to Earla.

She gave the Master two solid cracks on his ass. Each girl got a chance to give him two good ones on his ass and thighs until all eight of the girls had their turn. Harry received sixteen strokes of the bull whip, but he never cried out, just cussed like hell. All of the girls gathered around him and began to hug and kiss him and each took turns jacking his now rigid cock off until he shot a load of his white cum over their bodies. The audience realized that they were witnessing something that they would never see again, the love and complete dedication to each other as belly riders.

The lights were dimming and the audience was still clapping and applauding while standing up as they left the area. After the spontaneous extra show was over everyone pitched in and helped with grooming the eight stallions that had been used in the show.

Once they were fed, watered, and secured in their stalls everyone took showers and headed to the Lounge. Jose was talking to a tall good looking middle age man in the Lounge when Jean with her troop of girls entered and took a booth large enough for the whole family. He smiled over at the girls and walked over to them and introduced himself to Jean.

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