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Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Beverage
What do you do with the half you have left over? And as I told him, years of excess may take more than a month to clear! My concern is whether this will hold up as the heavier part has. Carole Heaton 28th June at 7: The key is exactly what you said — add in more ice to make the pulp more drinkable. Saute ground beef with onions and garlic!

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What Are the Most Alkaline Foods?

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No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart's got you covered. Sign up for Shipping Pass so you can shop more, save money and live better. Please enter a minimum and maximum price. Length Less Than 6 ft. Width Less Than 6 ft. Watts - Watts. Blender Capacity Under 20 Ounces. Showing 40 of 78 results that match your query. Dear Ross This is just a big thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it. I make my drinks with tomatos, celery, spinach, alfalfa and beets, blend it , add a dash of salt and the juice of one lemon and it is a killer drink and it taste delicious as well, I drink it in the morning and it makes you feel great all day.

Hi Ross, Great article and content for our health. Do you recommend a juicer or place we can create a smoothie or juice like you described above?? Hi Ross, have learnt so much from you, thank you for your wisdom. I now find after only a week of alkaline foods, that acidic foods have lost their appeal.

In fact, I cant believe i once ingested all that acidic stuff, pickled gerkins, etc. My stomach really revolts if i eat any now. Hello Fran, I like to start my day with a cucumber and celery juice — really wakes you up! Ditto…this little menu is awful…one cannot even move it with an apple…. My one concern is regarding spinach. Smoothie and see what happens…! Thanks so much for all of the great information. I echo the grumble about the pop-up. How do you rate organic cider vinegar?

I have a friend who does not have a computer, and is just now getting into better foods by listening to Dr Oz! I gave her an alkaline diet before and she lost it! Is t here a reason. Could you make it available and put print at the top? The twitter thing is in my way also. Can you control that? Or is it from the twitter site. I t hink your article is great in that it is complete as to each foods nutrition.

Meat is very high in acid but it is an important food for we carnivorous mammals. Too much was sais about not eating red meat because it was bad for the heart SO many people left it out of their diet. We get most of our niacin from red meat and I know niacin is the memory vitamin. Now we are seeing a LOT of alzheimers, dementia etc. A good balance is a must! Thank you so much, Ross!

Hi Ross, have been a Fan of your website for awhile now keep up the good work!! I also cannot eat the bell pepper due to the nightshade family as it aggravates my psorasis. Hi Ross, really enjoy your infectious enthusiasm! And all sounds possible to achieve…quite a steep learning curve for me though. Shall rush out to buy that juicer as soon as our current flood subsides! Would silverbeet be an ok substitute for spinach?

Hi Ross Wonderful article- thank you! The only one of the 7 that we dont eat is the bell peppers as they are part of the nightshade family Cheers Gloria. Hey Gloria — thanks so much! Just out of interest, what is your primary concern with vegetables from the nightshade family? HI Ross, I am a week old into learning about eating raw, fermenting, juicing etc etc etc, and am enjoying your clear simple emails.

It seems that one drink will achieve much more than just one small step towards a good eating plan. Hi Ross Wonderful article! I support the comment about the threat of spinach to those of use who suffer from calcite kidneys stones. There is a substantial body of proof and opinion to confirm this. Curiously, brussels sprouts and other brassicas are also detrimental. As I replied earlier up the page, this is misinformation being spread…. The oxalate stones are formed by the oxalate acid combining with calcium, so it is thought that it is caused by an accumulation of unused calcium ,not the oxalic acid!

Please read medical research , not hype on the web. Thanks Ross — great info here. Mike 5th August at 8: Margaret Peterson 11th June at Colleen Foster 11th June at Steve Hyde 11th June at 8: Steve Hyde 29th May at 6: Audrey Evans 24th March at Ana 10th June at 4: Shuk-Ting Chan 6th March at 2: Cecilia 15th February at 6: Vaida 12th February at 3: Hi Vaida Referenced from http: Sebishallsetyoufree 6th February at 7: Cucumber pear and bell pepper are great natural foods.

The rest are sh! Maria 5th February at 3: Sheila 14th January at 5: Teresita 10th January at 2: Not sure what your nutrition credentials are but… 1 No one should eat large quantities of RAW spinach or kale regularly and people may do so after reading this post 2 some people have a problem with spinach oxalates 3 bell peppers can cause intolerance e.

Hi Cis Indeed, I totally agree that all veggies have good in them and absolutely believe we should eat a hugely varied diet of veggies among other things too of course. Isaac harlison 6th November at James renaud 12th August at I agree per cent with you: Ravinddra Patil 7th August at 4: Iris 6th August at 7: Ryan Carty 7th July at 8: Ana 16th April at Romelia Tamayo 23rd April at 4: Dai 14th March at 4: Corey 8th December at Allison Fowler Lindsey 18th October at 6: When I soak my rice would adding slices of cucumber make the rice more alkaline?

Kathie 18th November at 8: Nina 30th September at 5: Ed Fousel 23rd September at How do make a smoothy drink using these seven vegetables Thanks. Blake 7th August at 6: Edith Armson 30th July at 6: Stephanie 2nd July at 8: Carole Heaton 28th June at 7: Travis Kenny 1st July at 7: Nicola Lee 28th June at 2: Jaimel Hill 17th June at Wildrose 16th June at James Martin 16th June at G 16th June at LS 20th June at Rajesh 10th June at 2: I am suffering from acid reflux for the last many years.

Any helpful hints re diet. Suzanna 25th August at 1: Nancy 2nd June at Varun 6th April at 9: Valerie 8th April at 7: Clevon Harris 22nd April at 2: Varuna, feel free to contact me at my e-mail in regards to your mother!

Jools 10th August at 2: Valerie 4th March at 5: Francesca 21st February at Roy 28th January at 6: Energise Ross 28th January at Erin Evans 28th January at 4: Good luck getting any answers here… He rarely answers questions. At least not mine. Darlene 30th January at 5: Jennifer Mayling 28th January at 2: Dear Ross On a Thyroid website, I recently read that raw Brassicas have quite a detrimental effect on an under active thyroid.

Please can you comment! Hi Jennifer There are lots of combinations and interactions when diagnosed conditions come into play. Suzette Guyette 23rd October at 8: Malcolm Fisher 11th October at 9: The short answer though is, yes, juicing is great. Astrid 5th September at 2: Marta 18th August at 2: Energise Ross 19th August at Charles 10th August at 5: Scott 3rd July at 3: Mary 29th May at 6: Ross Bridgeford 31st May at 1: Also, stevia is highly acid forming, definitely not alkaline forming. Mary 11th June at 5: Albert 21st June at 9: Mary 19th July at JK 22nd May at 3: Leslie 4th May at Energise Ross 6th May at 5: Ayesha 24th April at 9: Ross Bridgeford 27th March at 6: Henrique 25th October at 6: Dawngirl 28th January at 4: Elsa 20th March at Peter Sobczak 9th October at 3: Caroline Sadler 6th October at 6: John Carl 1st October at 6: Amber 22nd September at 4: Ross 22nd September at 4: Stefani 14th September at 8: Peter Z 13th September at Many thanks in advance!

Alla the best Peter Z. Jan 26th April at 7: KK Woo 12th September at 3: Tropic 12th September at 2: Lucas 12th September at Paula 12th September at Hoop 12th September at ANT 12th September at 5: Michelle 12th September at 9: Corrinne Dezeeuw 7th October at 6: Hi ross, I am very much interested in this alkaline diet.

Luc mister-no-stress 4th September at 1: Jon 30th August at 6: Mo 23rd August at 9: Happy 14th August at 1: Patricia Stout 28th June at 4: James 28th June at 2: Marni 21st June at 8: Kati 17th June at 7: Bianca 14th May at 6: Hi Ross Thanks for all this great information and the time you take to do it all. Debi 13th April at 3: Pat Pemberton 11th April at 3: Christina ChristinaMakley 10th April at 9: Rachel 9th April at Any ideas on the above would be fab!

And once again thank you for being such an inspiration. Alex Overton 3rd April at 8: Vlaeth 23rd March at 3: Neuropsychologist Clinical Melbourne 24th February at Alex Santoro-Emmerson 21st February at 5: Daniella 15th February at Sharyn 15th February at 1: Jamie 14th February at Jo 7th February at 9: Hi Ross, Can you please tell me is cooked pearled barley alkaline.

Elaine Wade 4th February at 6: When I try to download your list of alkaline foods, your home page comes up instead. Dave 2nd February at 8: Dave aka EditorDave 30th January at 8: Ross 31st January at 5: Moore I state all over the place including below every post, including this one that I am not a qualified doctor or nutritionist and that all information contained within this blog and site is my opinion only.

Merle Drury 29th January at 6: Hi Merle How are you? Audrey 29th January at B V Nemi 29th January at 7: Diane Clarke 28th January at 6: Arlis 12th September at 5: Christina Patrikios 28th January at 4: Linda 27th January at Sylvia 14th March at 8: They have free post anywhere in the world.

Vinni 27th January at Mario 27th January at 7: Jimmie white 27th January at 4: Belinda Lee 26th January at Lucille 15th February at 2: Marjorie 26th January at 8: Rich 26th January at 1: Janet 26th January at 3: Colissa 3rd April at 5: Labayen 25th January at 8: Marie 25th January at 5: Miriam 25th January at 4: Zoom out a little and the bar sits nicely to the left. Colleen 25th January at 1: Rachel 25th January at Kudos for spreading this message and helping people lead healthier lives.

Wizz 25th January at Hi Ross Defo going to try this one! Muriel 25th January at Stephen 25th January at Hey Ross Love the work you do. Great to have a list. Olivia Rojas 25th January at 5: Ross 25th January at 8: A 25th January at 8: Jimbo 25th January at 4: Tamara 25th January at Anyway to make this easier for people is great in my book!!! Ross 25th January at 7: Lawrie 24th January at Roxine 24th January at Would be a pretty big juice if it was after!

Marisol 24th January at Keep the good work Ross.. Scott Brady 24th January at 9: Great article Ross; very informative. Michele buonocore 24th January at 8: Kat 24th January at 7: Ross 24th January at 8: Katie Funk 24th January at 7: Katie Funk 24th January at 6: Jamez 13th September at 2: Hello Denise Tomatoes are very alkaline-forming to the body once consumed similar to lemons.

Miriam 24th January at 6: Jackie 24th January at 6: Hey Jackie Nice one — kale for breakfast is a big step! Hi Carol Just mix it up — some raw some cooked. Gillian 24th January at 5: Congratulations and keep it up! Llew 24th January at 5: Harsh result on Sunday…. Cindy 24th January at 5: Anne Jerome 24th January at 5: Chris Ashmore 24th January at 4: Bre 24th January at 4: Mary 24th January at 4: Greg 24th January at 4: Hi Ross, Thank a lot for your information.

Your article very nice. Aida 24th January at 3: Shelley 24th January at 3: Julie Duff 24th January at 2: Chris 24th January at 2: Miguel 24th January at 2: Joe 24th January at 2: Fran 24th January at 2: Sue 29th January at Greetings from the Costa del Sol.

Ross 30th January at 7: Nicole 24th January at 1: Hey, I really appreciate this post, so thank you. Lois 24th January at 1: Hey ross i suffer with burning throat all the time. What natural foods can help? Phyllis Poole 24th January at 1: Dawn 9th September at 8: Amrut 24th January at 1: Phyllis Poole 24th January at Merle Drury 24th January at Best wishes, and thanks, Ross, Merle.

Janet 24th January at Ross 24th January at Melissa 24th January at Karin Braidwood 24th January at Absolutely — all leafy greens are great! Gloria Jordan 24th January at 9: Ross 24th January at 9: Jan M 24th January at 9: Gloria 24th January at 9: Wayne 24th January at 9: John Hopwood 24th January at 4: Here is a balanced view: Sarah Staerk 24th January at 9: Eileen Bowley 24th January at 8: Hey Eileen — thanks heaps for the comment!

I normally do not write a review, but was unexpectedly surprised by this product. This is the first product where the replacement not even original was far better in quality than the original. My wife ruined the original base when she placed it in dishwasher and it fell to the bottom.

But this replacement product is way far thicker. The top one is a replacement and the bottom one slightly cracked is the original. I was wondering that that thick base might make it unfitting in the blender. But actually it fit more snugly than the original.

Looking at this spare I wondered why cant Oster use some quality component like this. But I guess they cannot be spending so much on each component. Fits like original base for my Osterizer speed I bought these when my original base got cracked.

I had had the original base for more than 10 years and when I took it apart to get a new blade installed, somehow something fell on it and cracked it. Oh well, I guess it's a good idea to replace all of those spare parts together anyway base and blade since they are the same age. I'm glad it was just the base that cracked and not the glass jar. This base fit on my Osterizer speed like the original. I counted the spikes on the base and saw that it was six like mine not five like on some other spare Oster bases that I had seen.

I think that the base with five spikes would have fit but I'm happy with my choice because it's just like the original part. Fits Oster Fusion perfectly About 5 years ago my little brother spent what to him was considered a lot of money to buy me a really nice blender. He was a kid and had to save up. I love the thing. It's an Oster Fusion 6 cup and i use it from milk shakes, margaritas, smoothies to salsa. It has a nice food chop function that makes needing a food processor unnecessary.

The base that connects the pitcher to the bottom broke, and i was so upset. I was sure i wouldn't find a replacement part since most manufacturers churn out new models so quickly. The people with the older ones get left behind if something breaks. This piece is exactly what i needed. Great idea to save a really good product this is a great way to save your Bullet blender.

This makes sense because as the product spins. It will not unscrew. When you are removing the original one remember to turn it in the opposite direction. You have to turn it to the right to get it to others. Lefty Loosey righty tighty does not apply here. Product worked like a champ with no issues I used the replacement part as soon as i got it in the mail. Product worked like a champ with no issues.

I work my bullet really hard with such tasks as grinding coffee beans, pureeing beans to paste for making delicacies, and for making various fruit with ice drinks. Plastic appears to be more durable than the ones that originally came with the bullet mixer.

This is not a bad deal when you consider that you now have spares for the part that would normally break with wear and tear. This part is also hard to find in any regular store or elsewhere online. Worth the Money to Extend the Life of Your Magic Bullet A lot of other people have written about how to install these, so I won't bother repeating that information, other than the fact that these are reverse threaded, so 'Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty' doesn't work.

You have to go the other way. I will also echo that it's unfortunate that you need these, but they work like a charm! I wish I had known that the gears were going to eventually fail, because I wouldn't have torn up the two extras on my blade attachments I had in my original kit. Once that clear, plastic gear on the base unit starts to fail, it's just GOING to chew up the rubber gears on the bottom of the blade attachments.

I didn't notice the clear, plastic gear was torn up on the base, so I switched rubber gears on the blade attachments. Like new again These replace the gears worked perfectly, and the magic bullet is working again! There are two tricks to replacing these parts - and there are several videos on YouTube that show you how to do it.

The first trick, after you unplug the motor unit, is that there's a small hole on the underside of the motor unit. You stick a small flat head screw driver under there and find the slot. Then you take a rag and use it to grab the blade to unscrew it. It took me no more than 5 minutes to disassemble and reassemble. They Screw on Backwards from what you think. I thought I was in big trouble when I stripped out the machine.

Then I found these, great price and now I have spares. If you are having a hard time getting the old ones off, turn it the other way! In this case it's Righty Loosey, Lefty Tighty! To remove the one from the base, insert a straight blade screwdriver into the slot on the bottom of the unit to hold the motor in place while you turn the clear piece CLOCKWISE to loosen.

You have to replace both gears for best results. The rubber these Blade Gears are made of is much softer than the original part. The original lasted me several years, but these replacements only lasted a few days. I think my original assessment was a too harsh. I originally replaced the rubber gear on the blade but did NOT replace the hard plastic gear in the mixer. I discovered after I burned up a couple rubber gears that the hard plastic gear was also worn, although the wear was very hard to see.

When I replaced the hard plastic gear, the rubber gear then lasted much longer. So the moral of the story is to replace both gears at the same time for best performance. Buy this Oster product instead of fake knock-offs I originally purchased a bogus replacement jar for my Oster blender.

It did not sit all the way down so you need to hold the jar with one hand to prevent tipping. Later, I bought this Oster jar and Oster blade kit I ended up with two lids, but not complaining. The large clover-leaf design is easy to clean and the lid fits well like its supposed to. Good design and brand-name quality It's nice to see that Oster hasn't forgotten about its decades of blender-making and still designs its newest versions to be compatible with the older ones.

I recently bought a small new Oster blender that came with this round-cornered squat 5-cup glass jar design. Now I've got two complete 5-cup glass jars with lids through blades and bases, both made of top-quality Oster-labeled parts. I can use one to blend up a sauce while I use the other for a main dish or dessert, and they all go in the dishwasher afterward. Wide bowl with a floppy lid; watch out for mishaps!

It's a wide blender bowl which works well to add a multitude of ingredients with minimum spilling. Lots of room for your concoction to blend through, whether it's pancake batter, milkshakes, creamy salad dressings or a batch of pesto. Unfortunately, the lid is soft and floppy, unlike the harder plastic from my older blender top model.

This created a mishap where the blender cap actually flipped sideways and fell into the blender while I was processing salad dressing. Luckily, since the dressing was a liquid consistency, I could strain it to catch every last bit of plastic shards. I purchased a new blender cap that is deeper with better side catches to prevent it from falling into the blender again. Otherwise, a very useful blender top. Mine came with a 48oz container and I wanted to replace it with a full 64oz one.

I did reach out to Vitamix to ensure that this was compatible with my base and this was their response If you were looking to purchase a larger container for your machine it would be the Classic 64 ounce container. Thank goodness- now I can make perfect smoothies again! It arrived in a sturdy box and in perfect condition. After my original VitaMix processor container's blade assembly wore out again I decided I wanted to not only replace the defective blade assembly but also the container itself.

After over 14 years of service it had become cloudy. VitaMix apparently redesigned this container and Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply still had the previous design in stock. Ploycarbonate Container Needed to find a Vita-Mix container for our machine that I purchased in It works great and now our frozen fruit blends well again. Vita-Mix - model , 64 oz. I like the new low profile container I like the new low profile container.

I use my vitamix daily for mostly smoothies. I like the wider opening. The new size container seems to blend icy drinks much easier. I would suggest keeping in mind, that although it is 64 oz like the old container, it looks like less because it is wider and shorter, and may result in adding too much product and therefore potentially overflowing. I like the fact that is low profile and can fit I currently have the low profile 48 ounce container, but I needed the container to be just a tad bit larger for some of my smoothie recipes.

This one fits the bill. Fits under upoer cabinets! I've had my Vitamix for several years, with the original container, so it would never fit under the upper cabinets.

Now, with this lower profile design, it fits! It's easier to remove thicker sauces and hummus, too. And, easier to wipe dry! I accidentally ruined my original tamper and needed a new I checked a number of tampers and although this product got a few 1 stars for it being too long, I still bought it hoping they were wrong, and they were!

This is just the right size and the blades do not scratch or cut the tamper at all. I would buy from this company again if I ever needed another one. Can't tell the difference No issues with this. Our original one broke since someone accidentally put it under the lid and the blender got to it no issues with the blade!

Bought this one and compared it next to the original one. Can't even tell the difference. I almost feel like they're made at the same or similar factories, and one is branded and one is not. Avoid this cheap knock off Lasted a month. I am assuming poorly made and cheap plastic.

It is also just a touch too long so it nicked a blade and was immediately shredded. Love these for my Ninja I love these stainless steel blender cups for the Nutri Ninja.

They hold up very nicely and are easy to clean.

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