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We use fluffy whole eggs, all natural smoked ham, and Swiss cheese, all atop a whole wheat English muffin. Some of the meals were ok and a few were just terrible- two of the turkey based meals were almost inedible- making me wonder if my 90 year old grandmother had been brought in to over roast the turkey. I have yet to require the help of customer service, so I can't comment on that. Roasted and lightly-salted peanuts, almonds and cashews mixed with peanut butter chips and dried cherries will treat your taste buds to a healthy, satisfying snack! I have spent the past 20 years helping people achieve and maintain successful weight maintenance. As someone who could not do it by myself, I am thrilled.

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After some research, I found it would be about half of the cost to put together the same program using frozen low-fat, low-carb frozen meals available from any grocery store. Great customer service online, nice choices, reasonably priced, well packaged, great containers, easy cooking instructions, healthy recipes, quality food BUT out of 21 dinners ordered, I think one or two were kind of tasty.

For the most part, these are the most bland meals I've ever encountered. If I was wearing a blindfold and sampling several of these dishes, they would all taste the same to me. I so wanted to like these, but I have to be honest. They are the pits. Lean Cuisines are delicious compared to BistroMD and much cheaper. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have use this type of service in the past and had a very good experience.

I figured now that I am working 2 jobs and am trying to eat healthier I would give this a try Major issues encountered, did not make delivery promise time, contacted me about delay. Did not communicate that I would not be receiving my customized menu and there was no option or way to adjust it for the week I was receiving. Was not able to set delivery date. And received a bunch of food I did not want and will not eat. What I have eaten so far was ok, but it seems like I can better quality from grocery store frozen dinners.

Contacted customer service about my issues. Never responded just canceled my subscription. Good luck on your business!! Also, the quality of food is quite poor in my opinion. Out of the 21 meals there was honestly only 1 meal that I could force down.

I'm a bodybuilder with a tough schedule so I was looking to make my diet easier and have it prepped. When I first signed up, it looked like I would have a long list of choices each week. Since I don't eat domesticated animals, I checked this carefully and the website suggested there would be about 30 different choices mostly fish, but also some vegetarian. I was very happy with the food I got the first week. I received 10 different entrees for lunch and dinner.

Some of the snacks have artificial sweeteners, but there were enough choices that I thought I could avoid those in the future. Then after the first week of food arrives, only 4 entree choices and a smaller number of snacks were suddenly available.

I was given many different reasons for this from a website glitch to a west coast based shortage due to overwhelming demand.

Then finally someone admitted that not all choices are available every week and there actually are only 4 entree choices in the categories I selected. The same limited 4 entrees were available for the following week. Then because I had limited my choices, they only built a menu around 4 entrees 2 days and left the rest of the week unfilled. The second week I was billed for the full week even though they were not sending 10 entrees.

After many hours researching, selecting this program and being hopeful it would actually work for me I discovered it is not what it appears to be at all. After lots of misdirection and frustration, I finally cancelled. If you are looking for a variety of foods that don't require eating lots of products from domesticated animals, don't choose BistroMD.

If you are looking for a program with honest and informed customer service, don't choose BistroMD. My meals came defrosted. There is no customer service on the weekend only chat. They would not do anything for me. FedEx would not pick them up. FedEx left them in the lobby of my condo building. The dry ice was melted and odor from the box was overwhelming.

BistroMD has provided me with great meals regularly for a good price and I have enjoyed every meal that I have gotten from them so far. Their meals always taste great and have great nutritional benefits for me. They are the best of these services that I have tried so far. But, they could add some more great tasting and nutritious meals to their already great lineup which would bring in new customers for them. Other than that, I will continue to enjoy their services for a long time into the future.

I like the quality and taste of the food that is delivered to me. I can pre plan my meals according to my schedule and what activities I have planned. It is flavored well, and seasoned well. They accommodate my vegetarian diet, and have many choices of meals to choose from to meet my needs.

Organic products are extremely important to me for environmental and health reasons. And they accommodate that for me. It's easy to make meal plans, affordable, and reliable. So if I am going hiking, my meal plan is not something to heat up, but is easily ready to go on a picnic. This is an affordable service with great dinner options.

Easy to use and very convenient. This was my first time using a service like this. I would highly recommend to anyone in the near future. The prices are a bit high, but so is the quality of the food. The food also takes a while to ship out. It's not same day delivery, which can lower the quality of the food. The food was great and appetizing.

I chose this because I got tired of cooking. I came home late every day and needed an easier option. I didn't want fast food, so I looked into other options. She also loved the variety of food that was offered. My mother is happy and so am I. Every diabetic looking for affordable, filling, tasty, diabetic friendly food, drinks and snacks, check it out.

You only live once, treat and take care of yourself. They delivered the food in a box right to her front door. How kool is that? They won't tell you when it will ship, so you don't know what else you need to buy. Web chat can't do anything and you have to call a customer service phone line during business hours to get anything done.

Amazing they can bill my CC over a week in advance and still not tell me when I'll actually see a shipment. Trying to find entrees I like 2nd week in. Having a hard time! All fish is awful, Way Too many green beans, need to have more variety in vegetables! Thus far almost everything tastes like cardboard or is inedible. I just signed up, but the process was smooth, and the meals look absolutely delicious. The customizable menu was the kicker for me!!

I got to choose from over 25 meals each time! I ordered over two week ago and never received any food. The chat function is completely useless and customer service is open only during the week from 9 to 5. I went to using a service because I am busy, not to have to chase down over priced food. Going to try euphebe instead. Almost finished with first week and down almost 4 lbs. It could be more in the next few days!

Normally it is so hard for me to lose, and I have been steadily gaining in the past few years. To be losing and feeling like I put little to no effort in is great. The food is definitely clean tasting--even though, as someone mentioned, there are a few "iffy" ingredients in some of the meals--malic acid, hydrolyzed soy protein, etc.

There isn't a lot of that though. I am trying also to figure out why all of the chicken I have had said it has "potato starch" with it. Not sure what purpose that serves--but it's good chicken. I was blown away by the chicken.

I guess I was preparing myself for a slightly better version of chicken that you get in most frozen meals in the grocery store--but NO. It is so fresh, tender, and meaty. The food often tastes as if you made it the night before at home and popped your tasty leftovers in the freezer. My husband is a great cook but I like their beef stew better than his!

I did have one meal that gave me tummy issues and I am not sure what was in it that caused that, or if, by some chance, something in it had gone "bad"--sure hope not. But now I will probably steer clear from that. It was a seafood chowder. I also had a chicken meal that, while the chicken was well prepared, I personally did not care for the flavors Cajun-type. That is a personal preference though. Some meals do definitely need salt. But I tend to love my salt.

If the sodium content is high like someone said it must not be the case on many of the meals. I feel like I am getting way less salt than I normally would eat--and I do add it if I really want it. As soon as I taste something I really love I make sure to go online and put it in my next week's menu if I want it again--same goes for the not so good stuff--I can drop it out of my menu and pick something else. I don't know if this was not an option in the past but maybe that is why people complained about not enough variety--but you can definitely create your own variety!

One other side note--I love omelets but I just don't think those freeze well--frozen egg turns out odd--in the b-fast sandwiches too. Not bad, but not super good. It wasn't like those yucky jar brands in the grocery store.

This plan is pricey and I know I will have to drop from 7 days to 5 soon, and also probably drop the breakfasts. I don't want to yet though because my weight loss is good. Very happy I found this program!! Not a good plan if you travel or have two residences. The schedule and deliveries are very confusing to follow. You must follow their schedules or the shipments are sent to you regardless of your ability to choose your plan. The stews are barely edible, the fish entree's don't smell fresh.

The choice of green vegetables are over cooked and tasteless. The snack choice is mostly inedible. Although there are many styles of cuisine most would not be something you would choose to eat. Don't get me wrong you do loose weight if you care to follow the rules. I'm posting this review a couple places because I had difficulty finding recent reviews about their GF program and I hope this might help others. I'm only on my second week so this may change if I have any negative experiences later.

You can't see the menus or ingredients until after you order which is a real detriment. I bet they lose a lot of potential customers because of this. I had read an old review of the GF plan where the reviewer had gotten oatmeal for breakfast most mornings and I prefer eggs.

After I could see the. I used the online chat to request this and it was changed right away. I live in SoCal and ordered on a Sunday night. My food shipped that Tues from Nevada and arrived on Thurs still frozen with lots of dry ice left in the box. My second shipment left Mon and arrived Wed.

Everything was exactly as ordered, in good shape, looking just like the website photos, with menu and other information in the box. They also emailed me a lot of "getting started" information. It appears to be freshly prepared food that is frozen, not meals that have been in the deep freeze for months like a Lean Cuisine. The food tasted very good. It's a lot better than Jenny Craig and not quite as good as what I make myself from food I carefully source from local farmers.

I would call it similar in quality, quantity, price and ingredients to the late MyFitFoods, if you're familiar with that. Protein and vegetable portions are larger than I was expecting. The only item I haven't really liked is the chicken ala king; it was fine, just not good. The tilapia red pepper coulis sounded gross, but was my favorite item so far.

I did not order snacks as I try to avoid soy. So far only 1 main meal has had soy - gf tamari. The sodium levels of a full daily menu of meals and snacks are within USDA guidelines mg.

They will be too high if you're on a low sodium diet, but I've added salt to most of the food since I am not sodium restricted. I do not have a microwave and the food has been delicious when I place it in a baking dish and bake for about 30 min at It is meant to be microwaved in the plastic dish. The plastic and its cardboard sleeve are recyclable.

I've spoken to customer service on the phone once and online once. For the phone, I left a message and they called me back within an hour. I had hoped to change my shipping date as I travel often; they said it wasn't possible, but the second shipment did arrive a day earlier when I needed it to. That may not happen every week apparently. I've also changed from 7 days to 5 days and back to 7 again.

I found I prefer to make my own breakfast and snacks, following the calorie and macro guidelines on their website. So far, BistroMD is far better than I was expecting. I deducted a star because their website could use a lot more access to information prior to ordering the first time.

And it does cost about 4x more than I usually spend on groceries, but half or a quarter what local gf fresh diet meal delivery would cost. A little nervous about bistroMD after reading reviews. So far the chat feature has been really helpful. It frees up time that I would normally be stressing about what to cook or eat.

I don't have to go through the annoying process of counting calories. I get to just live, knowing that my diet is healthy and designed for weight loss. Fast and easy to order with a wide menu. Just starting on the diabetic plan and it works so well for me that is both busy and lazy with eating. Customer service is very easy to get access to via the website and online AND they offer a military discount.

I love how easy this program is. I don't have to cook or go to the grocery store which saves hours of time per week. The food is nutritious and low sodium, which works with my goal of staying off medications. The food is tastes great and you can remove items that you do not enjoy from your delivery. The variety is fantastic- I do not get bored with eating the same thing all the time. On this program, I have lost about 1 pound per week, as I do have some "cheat" days, but it is a maintainable lifestyle for me that will help me to reach the weight I want to be at in a healthy way.

I'll have to wait to see if and how much weight I'll lose. So far, I give this an excellent rate. So, for people complaining about variety: Some dieters also used this diet food plan in the maintenance phase of other diet programs that they were following to include variety.

Another positive aspect cited by Bistro MD users is that they say that they have saved a lot of time in their meal preparation — making this perfect for the busy person. Most importantly, those who have lost weight through this diet program swear that this diet plan is really a delicious way to effectively lose weight.

If losing weight while eating delicious yet nutritionally-balanced and healthy meals appeal to you, then you might like to seriously consider this weight loss diet program. Bistro MD is our Editor's Choice for chef style, pre-cooked meals delivered right to your home.

Now that you know the pros and cons of the Bistro MD diet program, the choice is now up to you. Lisetta Davila loses over 30 lbs. Actual user feedback We searched the web and found the following feedback on the Bistro MD diet. Most Bistro MD users have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week.

Please be aware that results may vary depending on the individual and other factors. I have just about given up and then I read about BistroMD online and decided that their program made more sense than anything else out there. To date I have lost 25lbs and 20 points off of my cholesterol. I never in a million years thought that could happen but it did! I am getting ready to tackle the second 25lbs and know that I will be successful as this program works!

When the food arrived, I was impressed. It looked like everything was prepared in a gourmet kitchen and simply vacuumed sealed and frozen. Not to mention that it all looked great. The food is absolutely delicious. Within 2 days the swelling of my feet vanished. By the end of the first week, I was down 10 pounds. Talk about motivation to stick with the program!

The program is so easy. It completely takes the hassle of counting calories and worrying over portion sizes completely off the table.

I still have a long way to go but I have no doubt that with Bistro MD as my partner in my weight loss journey, I will finally reach my goal They taste good but some seem to be very similar to items that could easily be purchased at the supermarket. For example, frozen waffles with sugar-free syrup.

There is one breakfast that is super-fantastic however — phyllo dough pastries with fruit filling. I will be spending some time at the supermarket to really see if I can get quality 'substitutes' for the breakfasts with as much protein and fiber before I make a decision whether or not I'll continue to order the breakfasts.

I may keep ordering the breakfasts just for those pastries! I am only on my second week but the convenience is just amazing, I LOVE being able to to put something in the microwave and walk away and having breakfast, lunch or dinner ready in a couple minutes The food itself is fantastic, it is truly restaurant quality.

My favorite so far has to be the crepes for breakfast and the meatloaves for lunch. The snacks are excellent as well, i happen to like jerky, so when i found the 50 calorie very low sodium jerky in my box, it was an awesome day I highly suggest it for anyone, it is definitely not hospital food, and the portions are HUGE compared with lean cuisine, yet still the same calories I dont know how they do it, but i'm loving it I had to quit kidding myself.

I need 'someone else' to keep track of the calories for me. But Bistro MD does more than that. If anyone would have told me that I could eat gourmet food AND lose weight I would not have believed them. The food is incredible, the service has been great, and after week 1 I can say I am under pounds for the first time in 5 years. So excited to continue and enjoy the food and weight loss. I can't believe that the food is actual food and it is so yummy I am never feeling like I am missing something.

So, I'm a big fan, obviously. I love the taste of the food. I was pounds and want to get to Without the help of your program, I could never have lost this weight! I did not like Bistro MD very much, although they had some nice low-cal bagels and tasty muffins and pastries They also have a decent high-protein hot cocoa.

I don't want to eat chicken THAT much, and especially pre-cooked chicken Since March 1, , I have lost 65 pounds. On March 1, , I weighed pounds.

Today I weigh I went from a size 42 waist to size My jacket size is currently 42S…down from a 48R. I needed the length to cover the tummy I look 15 years younger and feel 20 years younger. I share the BistroMD story with them and anyone who will listen. Thanks for being the catalyst that got me started to a new way of life. It's way better than nutrisystem, and is actually the lunches and dinners are very good better than i might cook for myself Since you are already working out, I would suggest watching your diet.

Counting calories can be a hassle and a waste of time. You can try using diet food. I used Bistro MD diet meals for about 5 months and lost a good amount weight with it. Bistro MD is low calorie food prepared by experts and they used to deliver it to my door and it surprisingly tasted good. I recommend Bistro MD, just because the appetizing pre-made meals are something that not many other diets have to offer You get what you pay for, or so they say, and frankly your body, health, and happiness are worth every penny.

Sent it back and requested a refund. I had almost given up when I ran across BistroMD. BistroMD Meals are delicious. I am steadily loosing weight pound by pound. I look forward meals. Give it a try. Especially if you are a mom who never does anything for yourself. It is worth it! The only thing I just couldn't bring myself to eat after I heated it was some fish blackened tilapia.

I ate the veggies and tossed the fish. Everything else has been pretty good.

Doctor-designed gourmet meals delivered to your door.