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Siddharth you need a detailed diet consultation do that i can provide you with dietplan which will suit you. August 27, at Is there any body energy level test? September 20, at 3: Avoid sugar, sweets and other sugar based products while loose motions. May 27, at

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After moving away from a nutritionist that got me hooked on these, I now have easy access on here! Good price and last my husband and I a couple months. These really work and help by aiding with digestion by breaking down the fats in food.

In the last couple years I've developed an issue with digesting red meat. If I take one of these before I eat anything with red meat I'm fine.

No matter the reason you buy, you will notice a difference! I've been diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis, a condition where the vagus nerve, which controls the contractions in the stomach and lower gastrointestinal tract that move the food through the system, gets compromised by a lack of oxygenation from the bloodstream.

The result is that food sits in the stomach so long it begins to ferment and cause acid reflux and extreme discomfort, especially when you're horizontal and trying to sleep.

I've had a couple of episodes so extreme that I thought I was having a gallbladder attack with waves of sweating, nausea and disorientation. Since my gallbladder checked out fine last spring, I've come to the conclusion that fermented food generated enough toxic stuff to rise to the level of food poisoning. My chiropractor recommended HYPO-D before meals and before bed to aid with digestion and it has worked wonders.

I used to dread going to bed at night, knowing my dinner would wake me up at some point trying to flow up my esophagus. My brother-in-law died from something like this - a diabetic, he vomited in his sleep and aspirated it, so I am very grateful to have found a solution that works. I had my gall bladder removed and couldn't eat much for a long time.

I started taking this product and I could start eating meat products again. Great digestive enzyme combination. This is a great product if you have issues with not enough stomach acid. My husband and I both take these to aid in digestion. We both have problems with diverticulitis and this helps to prevent any flair ups. Product has helped with digestion But an excellent product! Hypo-D is an amazing product to help those who suffer with digestive difficulty.

It can be taken instead of digestive enzymes but, be careful, at first to ease into use of this product. Take one or two pills before you eat one meal a day for a few days. Then, once you're handling that just fine, move up to taking it in advance of two meals a day.

Eventually you should be able to take it in advance of all of your meals. Nutri-West usually has good products. Have used this supplement for 1 mo, see no change. Keep sipping in Electral ORS water. For loose motions eat bread, biscuits, banana, apple, rice, khichdi, tea, coffee etc Avoid fruit juices. Pre workout take fruit Post workout take whey protein after loose motion stops. Hi mam, you said drinking black tea is good during loose motion.

Is it advisable to take black tea with sugar or are we supposed to consume it without sugar. How about green tea? With small amount of sugar is ok. Green tea is also beneficial. Can I eat popcorn during loose motion and tell some more foods that I can eat during loose motion. Hello Karan, Popcorns avoid.

Rest I have mentioned in teh write up: I m in hospital too.. Please follow the same recommendations.. Stomach pain could be because of underlying infection. So pls visit your physician if loose motions have not subsided. Avoid sugar, sweets and other sugar based products while loose motions. Intake of these foods will increase loose motions. I am going to gym. How to solve loose motion problem? Give rest to your body. Do not have so much protein in your diet when you have loose motions.

Take lots of fluids and BRAT diet as explained in the article above. You can take roti if mild loose motions. In case of severe loosemotions eat more of rice and its products. I m very happy for this article,its very helpful for me and its written in very so simple.. You asked to not to eat milk products. But one of the comment you mentioned to eat curd rice which is conflicting. Milk and Milk products will have same content but the characteristics will definitely differ. Milk will increase loose motions whereas curds will help to control loose motions.

Hello mam My baby was suffered from diarrhoea in last 3 weeks. Nw his health is better. I have so much problem like this. So plz contact me on or at whatsApp plzzzz. You try BRAT diet for whole week. And then gradually start with other food. Mam I had drink rumm last night and from the next morning I drank water and did Bommet that whater than I have got lose motion from last night I have gone to bath room only once but lose noting remaining same could please suggest m can I eat meggy ar any soap.

I have consumed fish curry on Saturday night and Sunday morning, I ate lot of fishes, and in noon I ate lots of green peas, and rajma, after few hours. I am getting loose motions, watt should I do to reduce it. Eat white bread and butter, curd rice for meal, Consider eating only banana and peeled apple for fruits.

You majorly had food which are rich in proteins. So too much of protein at a time is difficult for your gut to digest hence there in indigestion. Take care you watch out what you are eating and how much you are eating. Next day I have severely affected in loose motion, around 30 times in a one day.

After that lose motion becomes to the normal in next few days. Is this problem of only energy? In your case I fell you should visit your MD physician and get your health check up done. Let him rule out for food allergies if any.

You can start on any multivitamin supplement to over come any deficiencies. Dear Mam, I have visited Doctors, and they have not taken any tests due to they told that there is no significant problem in my health. I feel so tired and difficulties in each activities and I never feel like this before.

Is there any body energy level test? Add more fruits and raw veggies to your diet and also start a multivitamin supplement. At the most youe can check your levels of Vit D and Vit B12 checked. Physical exercise will definitely improve your bowel health. Keep your self hydrated while exercising. Avoid junk and unhygeinic food to reduce the chances of food infection related loose motions. HEllo I have been frequently suffering from loose motion.

I consulted doctor and found nothing. You should stop eating out. Drink only packaged water or boiled water. Drink 1 bottle yakult for a month. Use less oil and ghee in diet. Eat whole fruits rather than drinking fruit juices..

Hello, I am feeling very bad due to lose motion for last one month. When i eat any thing or little spicy food and on the next day early have motion,Lose motion is once or twice in a day also feeling sound in my stomach……Please help me what should i do…. Please get your stool test done. Till the time reports come follow BRAT diet and other diet recommendation given. Also drink 1 bottle yakult per day and lost of curds and buttermilk through out the day.

Do not eat or drink anything which is very high in sugar. This can increase loose motions. Drink buttermilk, lemon water, ORS, coconut water etc to keep your fluids level high. Eat more of rice preparation but with very less spices. Having severe loose motion taking medicine but unable to control. Whatever trying to eat causes acid.

What should I do. Drink only coconut water, lemon juice and buttermilk. I am at hostel. And I woke up at 5pm and been to bathroom twice, had to sit there for an hour.

I had electrolytes water, a banana. My stomach feels weird and turning a little. What do I do?! Sorry for late reply.

I hope sure your motions must have stopped by now. Eat banana, apple, curd rice throughout day. Your article came as a blessi. How to use ginger? I have loose motions. Can i eat mango or kiwi beside banana or apple. As my throat is pain due to vomitting nothing except gas. Hi jack, SOrry for delay. Mango will aggrevate loose motions. So U can take white bread, dark black coffee, apple, banana, curd, rice, biscuits for regularising your motions. My father has diarhea for 3months.

Hello, If you do not have any medical problems or if you are not overweight then try taking white bread butter every alternate days or days when you have loose motions. Apart from that add one bottle yakult to your diet daily. Rest information is given in the blog. I hope it will work I feel like having it but. Otherwise it can also lead to constipation. Thanx for this valuable advice neha mam. You gave best solution for everyone you help us god helps always you……: Thank you so much.

I would like to express my appreciation for this post. I liked the first part so much as the information are detailed and clear.

I will keep visiting you. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tips to treat loose motions. Black Tea — Organic. The following two tabs change content below. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. Latest posts by Neha Kava see all.

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