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What to watch out for

Would you believe that sick food creates sick people? In this way, we waste very little while encouraging our adventurous little eater to consume as much—or as little—as she desires. I look forward to hearing how you get on. David, About how much calories did you eat per day since you were only eating 1 meal and a snack? The great thing about this is I eat what the familiy eats. I always cook my oatmeal in the microwave.

Hi David I am so inspired by this whole website!!! Actually, I started out first with intermittent fasting to gain the control of when to eat. I did only one 24 hour day to challenge myself.

But I knew sticking to not eating at all, for several days was not my cup of tea. And when I did start back eating I over ate every time so what weight I did lose I gained back and more. In one week I went from lbs. One day at time.

But when u said scales can lie. The jeans is a perfect Idea!! I think that the bottom line is that in order to loose weight, you have to eat less calories than you burn. Unless you want to exercise A LOT, you have to decrease the amount of food you eat.

I like eating good food pizza, fried rice, bacon, etc and I like feeling full, but I can deal with hunger, so one meal a day was the obvious diet for me. By the way, I once lived on nothing but MREs for 2 months and lost 20 pounds as a result. Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing your experience.

Your own results are fantastic! For anyone who really struggles with hunger, then I guess meal replacements would be a good option! I found your site because I just started this diet and went looking for others trying it. Like you say, the type of diet working for every individual probably varies. I know it works for me because I did this ten years ago and lost 20 kg in 4 months, from to This suited me at the time as I could eat at a restaurant next to my workplace and as I then lived alone I could have soup in the evening.

This worked so well because I promised myself I could have three courses everyday if I wanted: Soup, main course and dessert. Which I almost never did but I could if I wanted to. If I was going out to dinner, I just had a bowl of soup at lunch. I think this is an ideal diet for me as there is only one rule. No counting, remembering when to eat next etc. Anyway, I got overweight again so I want to use this method.

I started out yesterday at It will be interesting to see how this works out now. I could easily see myself eating a chicken salad for my evening meal during the summer at least.

I have been toying with the IF lifestyle and doing loads of research for a while now. On Thursday I started the 1 meal a day approach and you know what, I lived! Granted I have only done 2 days with 1 meal per day as, like you I plan to eat lunch on the weekends.

I lie to eat big meals, my husband is a fantastic cook. I love wine as well! I used to exercise hours and hours a day just to maintain my weight. So one meal a day for me it is. I turn 40 in September and I want to be on my way to my ideal weight then. I started drinking spirulina powder with water this morning. It tastes like pond water which I guess it is actually.

It works better for me this way. Kgs are fine by me. I used to do Judo when I was younger and less broken and the weight categories were in Kgs. And now at the end I realise that the Last reply is from yesterday!! I once did this kind of diet, but unknowingly.

I lost 15 kg in only 3 months. Well, today was my First day. I plan on taking a Cup of tea with milk and sugar, If i feel weak. Sorry about the kg and cm, German influence. Yeah, this is a great thread. There are lots of great comments and perspective from others who are trying to make this diet work. Some are definitely doing it! I am 19 years old going on 20 soon.. Smh yeai know almost 6 years. I would say that I need to lose a GoOd pounds. Which just resulted me losing Muscle and not fat.

Because when I stepped on the scale I would weigh lighter than before …. I just have one question …. Are you sure you can eat whatever you want when you have that. One meal a day was a means to an end for me. I wanted to limit the times between which I could eat a meal because it took away any other choice. I pretty much ate anything I wanted, but to be fair I already had a reasonably balanced diet with fruit and vegetables featuring strongly in many of my meals.

And also how big should your portion size be? I did eat some of the things you mentioned but not all the time. Somewhere along the line I think we have to learn to make better choices about our nutrition and this diet has been a great way for me to do that. Portion size is difficult. A plate full of lard is obviously different to a plate full of lettuce.

Thanks for answeing my questions! Alright so ill take it into consideration that certain foods have to be eatin in moderation. And ill make sure that my One meal a day consist of mostly healthy foods majority of the time. Umm… do u think it would be ok for me to drink Diet Coke Zero calories thrum the day? Ofcourse ill drink lots of water also.

Reading some of the other comments and your story I am Super excited to start this. I am more than ready to shed these extra pounds! You can adjust as you go along. Sort of need a bit of encouragement here. Yes, around my waist, clothes are looser, but my stomach looks arwful, much more bloated looking. I look at your pictures and I can see such a difference in your body. I know I do have a lot of body fat around my middle, but I thought with eating once a day , cutting down on carbs and killing myself at the gym would show good results.

Maybe I need to shock my body into letting go of fat as it seems to be holding on for dear life. Limit your salt intake, because you will retain water on a high salt diet. How I look at it, you have to break down a wall. Fat loss is deceptive. You can lose several pounds and see no real difference in the way you look.. Part of the problem here is we look only where we can see i. Maybe in August try a different approach? Keep in mind that this can be a long process and try to get your feelings of success from sticking to your plan rather than the apparent lack of physical results.

Also keep in mind that doing it the way I did it… guessing about calorie content and paying little attention to nutrition is far from optimal — so results are bound to be slower. I was just surfing the web and found your blog. I myself do a similar diet. I work out twice a day and eat one substantial meal for lunch. This is a routine I follow during the weekday and I have my cheat days on the weekend as well.

I feel fuller doing this vs eating six times a day. I have always found that eating that many times a day to stay full just seemed too tedious. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are right about others saying that I look slimmer. My sister says it, but I always think to myself.. Could you tell me what you eat on your cheat days? Also, do you think that very overweight people trying to lose weight, should have a cheat day at all?

You must feel amazing and look fantastic?! I unfortunately have to change my plan as from today: On the other hand, i hate sleeping hungry! Skip breakfast, have lunch with enough carbohydrates, Then Dinner with Low carbs or with carbs?

I plan on Jogging 7km for two days and Then One day rest! I really want to Take Part in the race, and i want to lose weight too. Having one meal a day the last werk has really motivated me. Anyone have an advice for me? Hi Fatuma, I hope the diet is still working for you. The most important thing for me is that I eat fewer calories than my body needs each day.

I love only eating 1 lunch a day as I feel I sleep better at night without needing to digest food in my stomach. I have a question for you: After you lost the first 20 pounds and waited a while to lose the last 10 pounds, how long did you wait and did you continue with the 1 meal a day? Or did you go back to 3 meals a day during this period of time? Hi Karen, Well done on losing the 7lbs in a month. After I lost the first 20lbs I was pretty much straight into the next 10lbs.

The first twenty took me five months and the last ten took me just one month. Sorry that it took me so long to reply. Last time I weighed a week ago I was down 16lbs! I want to look at this as something I can adapt to for the rest of my life. I used to be on a prescription drug a few years back that seriously suppressed my appetite and it just occurred to me that this was exactly how I ate! I was also drinking almost every night back then too.

Not a good thing. I like your blog David so thank you for sharing! I will let you know how I get on! I want to lose another 58lb by Christmas and I figure I can if I lose around 2.

Aelie, You have done a fantastic job with the weight loss! You mentioned the wild variation in your calories and although I have nothing to back it up, I think that can be a good thing. It keeps your body guessing. Somehow that sinks into my subconscious mind and helps me on the days when I under-eat. I hope it went well. I basically eat dinner only. Every now and then I may squeeze in a small snack. On Monday I feel bloated because I eat more on the weekend. The weight has fallen off. What do you think about my situation?

I have to thank you and everyone who has kept me motivated. I finally saw the scales move. Not much, but it did cheer me up. I have fallen off the wagon for a couple of days, but back on today. So basically I will be fasting till dinner time, but I will be drinking water through out the day. All that matters is that you get back on and keep trying. I hope all is well for you. Sorry again for the late reply. I started this diet exactly a month ago now simply bcos I was tried from carrying excess weight around.

I should add that this was not visible to me in the mirror, am just glad I was not discourage. Thank you again for this blog. The tape measure is a great way to monitor your progress and an inch is a fantastic achievement. I think you will eventually see the difference in the mirror but if not maybe taking photos will help you.

Maybe one day you could describe your food to me, I would love to hear about your diet. I should tell you how am following this diet, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning before going to work and another cup around midday with lot of water throughout the day.

I eat my one meal around 6: I just discover I need to stick to my one hour window by reading some of the comment. I would described my dinner but am African, our food is different. There are just some days when I have to snack.

Keep up the good work!! Thanks for writing this! Iam sure i will be able to contineue. Hi Sonam, sorry for the delay in replying to you. Hi Angela, 4 lbs is a good result for the 1st eight days!

Hi Jose, 85lbs in six months is an incredible achievement! I know that you put the weight back on again but sometimes when life hits you hard you just have to find a way to survive. The key thing here is that you started again and have lost another totally amazing 38 lbs. Good luck as you continue towards your goal. By the way, your English is superb!!

And the I eat my main meal Actually I have been losing weight with the 6meal plan but all of a suden I just stoped losing for the past 2 months. So my main goal is to lose the last bit of fat 15lbs This type of diet suits my lifestyle perfectly and I wish I had found out a long time ago. I don;t feel I have to worry too much what I order or how much of it I eat within reason. Perhaps what you need to do is give it some more time?

Good luck and sorry for the delay in replying to you. I need to catch up on a few things around here, including replying to those of you kind enough to leave comments.

Sorry for the delay in approving some of the comments, and apologies for appearing to ignore you. Hi Christopher, I think as long as we make some changes to our diet, i. But I have a few more rules. I have lost 9kgs which is around 20 pounds in about five months. The beauty of this diet is that it prevents the one mouthful leading to another effect, which was my downfall and the only reason I ever got fat in the first place.

I am in fantastic health as well. Good skin, hair, nails. Trim waistline and flat tummy. This is the diet for me. Saturday is my cheat day and sunday two meals from monday to freiday again the same plan. Where in Germany do you live? I live in Bavaria, maybe we could share more of our experince about the One meal a day: Bavaria i dont really know where it is? Soman, there are no rules to this diet, you just make them up to suit yourself. I found the best way for myself by experimenting and I still do experiment.

See how it works out for you. Hi Bubbles, I love the way you do it. I love your attitude to falling off the wagon. It really helps to pick the positive angle and just get back to it. I was wondering what types of food you would eat when you did eat. Thanks Sonam, send you an Email………… dj i always say, If its going to be just One meal a day, then ist has to count, i Would otherwise Start craving for stuff that i deprive myself………..

Hi Nancy hope all is well,how are you doing with your one meal,myself in thired week and i have lost only 4 pounds but this time iam not going to give it up.

Hi dj, I pretty much eat anything and everything that takes my fancy. There are certain things I avoid like sodas, but from time to time I still enjoy a glass of cola. I eat all the regular foods like pasta, pizza, potatoes, bread, rice, chciken, fish, beef, pork, pies, pastries, cakes, ice cream and lots of fruit and vegetables. I needed to the time to arrange my return and I wanted to make sure I rememebered my summer for something other than my diet. Now published — click here.

Hi just come accross this, i wasnt looking for a diet, was looking for cheap ways to eat. Anyway decided to read and the more i read the more i got it. Now in my 40s i dont want to be a 6 or an 8 but i want to be a darn lot smaller then i am, so tomorrow will be my first day trying it out, how much i weigh isnt the issue so i am not going to weigh myself i am going to go off my clothes size. Hi Polly, I think you have a good way of looking at it. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Wish I could think of a suitable Arnie quote in response. Ive been reading this website for quite a few days as i googled One Meal a Day diet as this is the only type of diet that has ever worked. First of all i just want to say HI to David and im totally inspired by how much weight youve lost and how youve managed to keep it a secret from your family ie eating normally with them …have they not noticed your fantastic weight loss?

I like doing this diet as i enjoy socialising and i do not want it to affect my life going out for meals with friends etc. A couple of years ago i slimmed down ALOT like 3 stone….

I have planned to change this and decided that today would be the day id finally post on here as i think we could all deffinitely spur eachother on to lose weight. So far i have gone from 11 stone to 10st 4 but i has taken me a couple of months and i dont know whether my metabolism has slowed down or im not drinking enough water but i cant get the rest off. Ive been at the same weight for a while now. I go to the gym and workout but i dont do enough weights to bulk up.

I am doing 1 meal a day and fruit but recently the last week ive not had any fruit. Today i got a bit fed up and had 2 meals non fattening and im scared to weigh myself im going to leave it another 2 weeks before i do! I really love this website and read it everyday for updates and stuff best of luck with all your diets guys would be great if we all spur eachother on and start losing weight!!!

Secondly, what a fantastic job you did in losing 3 stone a few years ago! If the lack of apparent results is driving you nuts, maybe you could take a slightly more scientific approach and count calories for a while? Give it another little while and you may discover that your scale weight drops by a pound or two overnight. Just want to ask a question.. Is it good to have my one meal at 5 pm or its better to have it at night?

The thing is, you have to learn to live with this. I choose to eat aroiund 5 or 6pm because it fits in with family life. I also enjoy the fact that I feel satisfied during the evening so I get the psychological boost from spending a few hours with food in my belly. A big part of why this works for me is how I feel about it. Just another question , i cant always have my meal at the same time for some reasons but always between pm so can i have my meal for ex: And is it better to not drink anything during the day or its normal to drink for ex: The diets sometimes claim that the timing of meals is crucial for optimum fat loss.

The simple idea behind one meal a day is that your task is simply to eat fewer calories than your body needs. I drink tea or coffee with one sugar and milk full fat… because I like the taste throughout the day. Maybe upto six a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

I also drink water. Does that help at all? I started following a similar eating plan about a year ago. Over the following months, I lost about 20 pounds and am now happily in the maintenance phase.

I intend to stick with the one meal a day plan pretty much forever, because it lets me have the body I want without obsessing over calories. So glad to read your story and know there are others out there who are experiencing the benefits of this lifestyle.

And even better… you sound so happy! Dear David, I am very glad to come across your article. I have been asked most by women how to stay slim while I still eat dinner as most of them skip dinner just to stay in shape. I eat very light breakfast and drink coffee, just to accompany my husband and my kids like most of normal people do.

Then, I hardly eat any thing after that until dinner as I never enjoy eatting alone during the day, unless I have a lunch appointment with my girl friends. I do excercise times a week, 2 hour session, but not Saturday-Sunday. Recently, I did gain a few kgs.

I was cm, 57 kgs. They suggested to skip dinner. I was so struggled and never lost any grams. So, I was doing some reseach about age and gain weight. Then, I found your post got me thinking.

For the past months, after we moved to new neighborhood, I was trying so hard to blend in. I would have many lunch appointment with many new moms around here. Until, I guess, I got used to eatting the real lunch. After I have my mind set to loose some weight. I come back to eat very light during the day. My very light is to feel a little hungry but not until gassy.

I would drink lots of water or coffee with no sugar. I too have heard that the older we get the fewer calories we need. I may do one day. I still eat really well, and lose weight and build a little muscle all at the same time. Hey David im 17 years old and i wanted to start this diet. While on this diet i wanted to go jogging or walking everyday to speed up the weight loss process.

I will only be eating 1 meal a day, nothing crazy. How much weight can i lose? Also is it OK to exercise to speed up the weight loss? Will exercising even speed it up? The slow process teaches you something about yourself and helps you to change the eating habits that got you overweight in the first place. You start to make better choices not always but often enough to make a difference.

I had some very specific reasons for choosing this approach and I had tried other methods first. Give it some thought. Hi, Today is my 3rd day of this diet. I will eat night and next day morning Ill motivate myself that I can eat in abt 8 hours time….

I have not check my weight but I feel very light. Thank u for sharing. Hi Sarah, Well done for making it to day 3! Most of the feelings of success from this diet come from sticking to the plan more than what the scale says — because, as we know, the scale readings are often misleading.

Keep at it and please let us know about your porgress. HI evryone today i intend to share this good news to those who have been discouraged in anyway.. That is a fantastic encouragement for me and for others. I can imagine you feel very happy, and so you should, because you did all the hard work, you made the sacrifices and you showed the discipline to stick to the plan.

You deserve all the credit. Thank you for being a fantastic example for others to follow. David, About how much calories did you eat per day since you were only eating 1 meal and a snack?

Hi Jake, I aim to eat around to calories. I try not to worry about it too much. Counting calories is pretty boring but it can be a quicker way to lose the weight. Hello David, seems like a great post.

I have started this diet today. I need to cut out around lbs too, so I hope to have the same experience you had within months from now. I am just wondering though, did you ever have trembles at some stages? I so often feel this and giddy too when I am dieting especially when I tried the one meal a day diet the first time like a year ago and did quit for that reason back in the days.

Is it because of the low level of sugar in our blood or what? How can we bypass this feeling? Because when it occurs it makes you feel so weak… I can bypass the hunger, but I really hate the trembles… What do you recommend?

Yes, there were times when I felt weak. It would be the worst thing in the world to faint while at the wheel of a car or operating machinery. Small snacks designed to fuel not fill. Thanks so much for sharing. I did do this diet just after I finished school and lost 25kg like this, but was too strict…this caused some bad bowel problems.

Thanks so much for all your advice, great post. I remember this being quite difficult in the beginning, but after a while you dont even think about food anymore…I hope I get to that point quickly. Thanks for sharing the important point of being too strict and highlighting that there can be medical implications and complications. The relaxed approach worked very well for me for the first 30lbs. It then becomes much more of a lifestyle than a diet which helps to keep the weight off.

I started the 1 meal a day a couple weeks ago with a snack too and have lost 6 pounds! And I have kept it off! I am totally amazed at how little food I really need.

The meal and snack I eat are nutritious and nutrient dense. Except for yesterday — which was pretty much a disaster as far what I ate — and I must say — I was miserable! Love your blog — keep the info coming. I often worry that some people think diets like this are a license to eat calories of chocolate every day and end up effectively starving themselves. I just wanted to know if you eat pizza, mcdonalds… And what is the amount that u have when you eat those types of food. I do eat all of those things.

But I try to eat them infrequently. I have been reading your blog for a while now and was so inspired by your weight loss success with one meal a day! I decided to try this, after all, like most other overweight people, I had tried absolutely everything over the last 10 or more years with zero success. I tried eating healthy all the time with the often recommended 6 small meals a day and found myself heavier and heavier and hungrier and hungrier until I caved and ate everything in sight!

Can I tell you that I have been eating this way for around 3 months now and I have effortlessly dropped 15 kilos! I have another 20 kilos to lose yes I really stacked it on over the years! But I feel so much better already, not to mention how much better I look! I have honestly never been successful with losing weight, never been able to lose more than a few kilos and thanks to you I know I have finally found what works! On weekends I still eat pizza, pasta, ice cream and chocolate, not as much as I used to but enough to make me happy and ready to start the week again eating one meal a day, this meal is usually very healthy but sometimes not but I still lose weight despite this.

What has amazed me the most is that it is like my hunger has been switched off, I used to be starving hungry an hour after breakfast each morning, then hungry again after lunch and in the evening I could easily put away another big meal and desert and was ALWAYS craving things. I think half the battle is believing you can do it, seeing your success has motivated and inspired me so much! The best thing, besides the weight loss of course, is the absolutely blissful feeling of freedom from being consumed by food — no calorie counting, no packing healthy snacks, no planning out every single thing I need to eat, no stress with what to order if I am going out for dinner, no one even knows how I am doing this except for my husband who has adopted this too and loves it!

So David thank you for your advice and tips on this method of weight loss and for sharing your heart. I really believe everyone is different so everyone will respond differently to diets, something you have clearly shown and I am grateful to you for sharing. You are awesome and I wish you and your family success, peace, love and happiness! The one meal a day diet, has been working great for me.

I started it in January of this year and my progress is a 70 pounds of weight loss. Sorry Jackson as a nurse I just cannot let that one pass. Bile is not returned to the gallbladder if unused in digestion. The Gall Bladder is a one way organ that stores concentrated bile to add to digestion when fats arrive in the gut. Just out of curiosity i am 57kg and want to drop down to 50kg in preferably a month or two maximum.

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When I have had dinner failures…. We make what my husband calls salsa soup. Any bulk hot sauce you have can save a bad fish stew or similar. I actually save up my scrap vegetables in a freezer bag in the freezer…when I have a couple full bags I make a batch of vegetable stock. Love this post and your blog. Do you ever buy Frugalhound treats? Or do you make them homemade? Dog treats are one of the food priorities in our house. My mother grew up in wartime Europe and these were lessons necessary for life, not just lifestyle.

We are currently working on less packaged food. More of a health choice than frugality actually. I will say you are lucky with your little ones eating habits. My oldest daughter has always been a great eater. We are working with an occupational therapist to expand her horizons. Unfortunately feeding your kids is not always as straightforward as one might think. Fresh veggies are usually cheaper than most packaged options, you can get a lot of vegetables and fruit for less than it would be for prepackaged foods.

The best part of this extremely informative article is the picture of Houndlett licking food off of Babylett.

Yes, you have been upstaged by the younger generation. My desire to eat gourmet food often was my incentive to learn to cook. The restaurant scene in Vancouver was vibrant and expensive! And, of course, the savings have been incredible.

Because food is our hobby, we have no problem with sourcing great ingredients, eating out and generally spending most of our variable income on food. Having said that, there are plenty of things we happily do without to fund that one particular lifestyle choice. Your discussion about babywoods and healthy eating reminds me of our toddler.

On another note, you can freeze flour. I freeze my whole wheat flour to keep it fresh longer, which lets me buy larger bulk amounts than I could use in the normal run of things before it went bad. But, may I point out, there are also things you CAN expect. Not to get too personal, but, every month there are a few days that come where I know I will not be cooking.

Like spaghetti, really any type of pasta, with a package of frozen veggies to go along with it. He takes them for lunch too so I never seem to have any full dinners around for those occasions. I do plan on working that in though so thanks for the ideas. Thanks for all the encouragement and the regular flow of ideas. It helps so much!

We have many of the same tactics. We stay regimented with our grocery shopping always on the weekend and always one trip per week. We compile the list as we go throughout the week adding items as we use them up or think of recipes to make. Thank you for all the great posts on grocery expenses!

We do love those Costco pizzas! Grocery budgeting is a fun challenge, but the other big killer of flexible expenses for me is non-food consumables: Do you have any advice on these, or could you point me to a post on it? I would love a comprehensive post on non-food consumables in the same vein as your grocery posts. I love your writing! We also try to use re-usable products as much as possible. We also invest when it makes sense, such as in re-chargeable batteries, low-energy-use lightbulbs, etc.

I hope this helps! Check and see if yours does. Coconut oil makes a divine moisturizer. I also make a whipped body butter I love for winter coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and almond oil in equal proportions, chilled and whipped. I make a whipped body butter too with those same ingredients! Did you get from the Trash is Tossers website, like me? Frugal weirdo toiletry tip: Non-sucky granola bar recipe: Press into a baking sheet.

I tend to think we have the food thing down, but even I picked up some great tips here! I also really enjoyed how long it was, much longer than you usually write. More Frugalwoods is a good thing in my book! My current frugal boss move is to make a giant egg bake for the week. I top with whatever bits and bobs of cheese are still hanging about, then 12 beaten eggs.

I have bought barley, millet, buckwheat, wheat berries, amaranth, and more at Whole Foods and is just insanely expensive. I would love to source these great grains online and see big box. We eat a lot like you do Mrs.

We rarely eat out. It makes a huge difference in our food budget, but we do splurge on the specialty ingredients to make yummy Asian dishes. So we pay a little extra for that good life. Such great advice all around. We had split pea soup last night and there is enough in the freezer for several meals. I want to give another thumbs up for freezer meals.

They have saved me so many times. Monday I got home from a weekend out of town and we had lasagna from the freezer. I make 3 at a time — still one left! Today we skied all day and came home tired and famished.

There was a time this would have meant order pizza or Chinese take-out, but I had thawed a chicken and noodle casserole before we left. That and some steamed broccoli will make a great meal. We are also big on packing lunches for road trips and anytime we will be away at lunch time.

We prefer a homemade sandwich with homemade bread! Food is hard for me, since I have 14 allergies. Onions, garlic, rice, wheat, oats, eggs, peanuts, etc. That does mean that I never eat out, which is budget friendly. I buy only raw food, in bulk when I can. I have a friend who has a severe corn allergy along with concurrent related food allergies. So totally hear ya about how hard it can be dealing with food.

Most of the squash will be the main ingredient in soup. I season with herbs, a little bit of salt, and a dash of chipotle chili, but you could use anything and could make it more sweet than spicy. You would have to skip the few that involve oats.

Potatoes in 15 minutes, brown rice in Beans, lentils, kale, soup — no more standing over the stove — dump in and set. I have brown basmati rice frozen in pint-sized packets for quick meals, too, plus lots of quart-sized soups and stews ready. Our biggest food priority is eating healthy fish sourced in the most environmentally responsible way.

So we invest in shipping pounds of wild-caught Alaskan salmon every year, plus 80 cans of sockeye for salmon salad and fish patties. Some people buy a side of beef, we buy Alaskan salmon and follow a Native American version of the Mediterranean Diet, which is a little seafood, lots of greens and vegetables, and some nuts, beans, legumes, and a few grains.

That quinoa bowl looks yum! Do you scramble the egg? Did I really say that?!? Must have been a moment of delusion was I pregnant at the time? The thing is that Mr. FW is really good at cooking and he enjoys it, whereas me, not so much on either of those. If I absolutely had to cook, I would. But I prefer to clean and do the laundry while he manages all things culinary: Have you considered purchasing an instant pot?

Worth every penny in my opinion. I use it to make yogurt, rice, quinoa, and so on. I currently have frozen chicken breasts in there that will cook up in 15 minutes flat. It helps me avoid to the temptation to buy takeout and premade foods because it is so quick and easy to use. Yes, I agree the Instant Pot is great!! I make yogurt, soups, stews, and breakfast and lunch preps for the week. After considerable research, and hemming and hawing, I finally purchased an instant pot for many of the same reasons.

One big purchase we feel has paid us back tenfold. A friend, however, makes them regularly and said the secret is brown rice syrup. She buys it from a co-op grocery store, it seems to be the kind of thing you either find at a health food store or at an Asian supermarket. I bake them, shred off whatever meat I can, and then turn the bones lots of bones! I priced it out as being about 50 cents per quart of broth made to store-bought strength, though I do reduce it for the freezer to save space.

The meat is useful for soup, casseroles, chicken salad, etc. Other protein— the cut of meat called top blade steaks, or Spencer steaks in the midwest, or flat iron steaks. They are usually rather thin cut, oblong shape well-marbled meat with a line of gristle down the middle.

The other cut I get is called chuck eye, only one of my local grocery stores carries it. I use that to make homemade cured salmon, aka lox. We also use that salmon to make salmon sandwiches, basically eaten just like a burger with a piece of salmon instead of beef. We have a lot in common when it comes to food and groceries. My wife and I buy mostly whole foods, and organic when it matters. What we put into our bodies is very important to us. Sure we splurge every now and then on unhealthy food, but we keep it to a minimum.

Making meals ahead saves us big time during the week. After a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is think about making food. Having something frozen that I can heat up is a life saver during the week.

I loved reading this article! Hey guys, Apart from all the great tips from Mrs. Frugalwoods, I have a great tip I came up with while shopping for groceries. Say NO to one of the products in your cart! I am saying this because I, as probably many of you, love to just throw in ingredients or foods that we love, that are not necessarily cheap nor healthy.

It saves you money 2. What a super, easy way to save money on groceries. Thanks so much the the great tip. If spinach is cheap in your area you should really try it out! So much great information here. A cheese sandwich tastes so much nicer with a good green tomato chutney, or dill pickle. And it is very empowering not to mention cheap to make your own.

My homemade mango chutney is streets ahead of any of the sugary commercial stuff, and a lot spicier too: PS Totally off-topic, but we gave our greyhound puppy the empty peanut butter jar to lick this morning and she was in seventh heaven: This is the first time I ever saw this. Way to go frugalwoods. My parents did teach me plenty, mostly about the importance of home-cooking and having food on the table every night. From the Food Network watching, I learned a lot about how to do different techniques, like butterflying a chicken breast helps avoid the super thick and bland problem.

Sometimes, I do one sauce in a big thing a Le Cruset or a casserole dish or pyrex. The other night, I used smaller ones and did two different sauces, but it gave me three nights worth of dinners where all we had to do was prepare a side veggie. What are some of your favorite brands of box wines and styles-cabernet, merlot?

I was wondering, do you guys have an opinion on the zero waste movement? You guys have offered a ton of great zero waste options—Sodastream, make coffee at home, make hummus or bread by hand. Your article gave some great advice but I had to laugh out loud when you suggested hummus and veggies is enough for dinner. My husband would absolutely freak out! It was the only part I thought was completely unrealistic expectations and points to why you guys are so thin and America as a whole is overweight.

Eating whole homemade food in small quantities and snacking on fruits and veggies is what the majority of American would call a diet! I made the epic-ly frugal lunch recipe yesterday. Eating it while I type. Curious as to the use of canned black beans vs. This post was very informative. I agree that bringing snacks and your lunch to work can save you SO much money.

There are several people at my office that eat out every day or go pick up fast food. We also purposefully make too much food for dinner so that we can have leftovers for lunch the next day. My husband and I also like to drink alcohol, but we limit that to the weekends now because it is so expensive.

We are doing the low carb diet so I have to limit wine intake. My favorite drink is a chilton club soda, lemon, salt, and vodka.

Food has always been my struggle. I love food and spend way too much money satisfying cravings and experiments. I make a batch of this every Sunday and eat throughout the week. I also pack them when my toddler and I are running errands to keep hunger at bay. The base of this is the nut butter and oats, and you can really play around with the rest. I sometimes add dried fruit or chopped nuts to it. If I find chia seeds on sale I will add a tablespoon of those.

Mix all ingredients together your hands will work better than a spoon and then mold into a glass dish and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Cut into the portions you want. I keep these in the fridge all week and take out as I want to eat them. You can also just mix all ingredients in a bowl, refrigerate, and then mold into balls. I am getting better I eat red sauce! We have reduced it to every other week. Our friends also love to host and vice versa.

We pick a theme and everyone brings dish. We also do grilled pizza in the summer which is a steal! Makes 12 wedges at approximately calories each. A yummy oatmeal variation is what I call my banana bread oatmeal.

I always cook my oatmeal in the microwave. Great post and comments, too. For example, I bought a bag of fresh turmeric for a few bucks at an Indian store. Compared to the health food store super cheap. At Asian stores, I get teas for much cheaper. We have been doing it for years and have no children. We try to do bigger portions so as to do multiple lunch meals which we take for our respective offices and soups for most dinners of the week. Do you have any other ideas come to mind?

Thank you very much and keep writing! Have you thought to purchase garage sale a pressure canner?. Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for great granola bars. You can use whatever nuts or dried fruit you have on hand.

Bring water to boil Gently add a dozen eggs Boil 6 minutes Take off heat, let sit 20 minutes Drain hit water, add cool water,ice 20 mins. Similar to above, we call them power balls not granola bars: Store in fridge and grab when you need them. I usually add T of flax seed meal for omega-3s and vitamins.

Can add choc chips, coconut flakes, raisins, etc. But I usually make them plain. My kids LOVE them. The recipe is on my website. I cut them into bars and freeze each bar. I totally agree that finding a workable granola bar recipe is tough. What I do is make loose granola to top our homemade yogurt..

I like the crunch it brings to the meal. I have found that it is much easier to save on groceries, eat clean and healthy and not to throw away food when ordering all food via e-shop.

For few months now I have planned our meals family of 4 , ordered the stuff online and my husband just went to pick up the prepacked goods from store. Much less destraction and impulse bought items, much better planning and lots of saved time.

S- where we live it is free of charge to preorder and pick up groceries. I love that you keep weeknights simple. That is something I try and do also. As for granola bars. I love having a simple snack and this recipe has been my go-to for years. Out family of 3 can polish off a pan in a week or so and they taste simply amazing on top of a little bit of plain greek yogurt.

Melt peanut butter, honey and butter together. Then add any ingredients you want. Looks like you guys do consistent lunch and breakfast and then a more varied dinner. We are in Milwaukee, so we shop on Sundays during the Packers game.

It is like a ghost town. Do you have an average cost per meal per person that you try to maintain? We are mostly utilizing the recipes link from BlueApron, but rather than use their service we go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients ourselves.

This might sound like an odd one but it worked for me and when I pointed it out to my colleague she noted the cost savings too. I rarely eat meat but when I do I eat halal meat.

We have a very large Muslim community in my city — large enough that there is a section at the grocery store for the halal meats and products in a very basic sense like kosher for Jewish. The overall price point is different and when they do markdowns they are more substantial.

Food has always been my easiest area to tackle with frugality. I then go back and write a new list, re-ordering my items based on my path around the store. If you are NOT familiar with your store, ask customer service for a map. Seriously, most grocery stores have a map. Anyway, write your items down in an order from door to register in one straight trip.

I have saved SO much by doing this because I am a HUGE compulsive buyer and my persuasive snack side is far stronger than my practical frugal side. The other thing I do is buy whole raw chicken.

Out grocery store usually has them for. With the leftovers, I can usually squeeze out more chicken meals that are all cheap. Then with the bones, I make my own chicken stock and throw that in the freezer for other meals.

When my freezer starts to overflow with chicken stock, we just have chicken soup. I make the stock, but after straining out the bones, I just add onions, carrots, rice or whatever tiny pasta is in the cupboard. Last, ask if your store has markdown sections. Ours regularly has a bread markdown randomly located in one of the frozen food aisles…. I make it a point to always browse these. It was about 4 times the amount I usually buy for my daughter for only about half a dollar more.

I wonder what do the Frugalwoods use to store some of the bulk items, such as the big bags of oatmeal, quinoa, etc.? Homemade bread is also a good place to add good stuff.

Just blend twice as much whole flax seeds as you would use oil. Flax seeds keep for years. For real whole wheat bread, add in wheat germ. It can be bitter, so add as much as tastes good to you. I totally agree with your view on the judicious use of proteins. My wife tries to use meat with every meal, but eating too much protein can be costly and even unhealthy. Keep up the great work!

We eat out a couple of times a month. Yes, it costs more than cooking at home but we have some strategies to keep the bill reasonable. We always portion out at least half the meal to take home and take any leftover bread to use for breakfast or lunch the next day.

We also try to avoid buying coffee or tea out. I have good travel mugs and will make drinks at home to take with us when we go for walks in the park. Other than that we do cook at home from scratch as much as possible. Soups are one of my favorite things to make since you can often add in odds and ends and it still comes out good.